6 Tips to Build Confidence to Travel

The decision to travel is usually very personal, especially because people travel for different reasons. It is a way to disconnect from your normal routine, to take a break from work, to find peace and tranquil especially after suffering a loss in life, to unwind and re-think before making a major decision in life like getting into marriage, for adventure and appreciating yourself, to learn new cultures and languages, to make new friends, or to make memories and get closer with your loved ones. The motivations behind traveling are many and diverse.

However, making that decision to travel can be worrying and tricky at the same time. First, travel isn’t cheap- you will need to be well prepared financially, which can be challenging with the endless bills you have to pay. Secondly, leaving your work and responsibilities doesn’t add up at times, especially when you’re chasing promotion at work. Thirdly, there is the fear of getting out of your comfort zone to go hang around people who are very different from you, from their culture, language, and their food. There is also the fear of getting lonely when traveling alone.

One thing is for sure, though. Regardless of your reasons to travel, it is definitely exciting and a wonderful experience. Taking some days off to take a tour once in a while is good for both your mental and physical health. That is why you need these 6 tips to build confidence to travel.

1. Make proper and adequate preparations early enough

Traveling means you will be away from your daily duties and responsibilities. You will need to leave behind someone who will stand in for you without messing you up. You need someone to take care of your home, your plants, your pets, and probably your workstation at the office. Prepare them in advance, teach them some basics of what they are expected to do. Also, get your travel documents in order early enough, and consider getting multi-trip travel insurance for more confidence travelling.

Preparing also means creating a travel schedule i.e. where exactly will you go, the amount you are willing to spend, and how you will get there (by road or take a flight). Most importantly, make preparations for where you will be staying during the vacation. Researching online or consulting a travel agent can make it less hard for you. It is advisable to stay in a place which feels just like your own home. For instance, if you wish to take a vacation in the beautiful state of Florida, you can consider staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel. They are cheap, your privacy is guaranteed since you won’t need to share the bathroom or the dining table with other people, the security is high because you have the sole access to the house unlike in hotels where you have no authority over who comes in for housekeeping, you can still make your own food, and, generally, the whole experience feels just like home. If you are not short of budget and want a truly memorable experience, consider St Martin Villas where you will get all the amenities and the perfect location.

2. Consider traveling locally for starters

You can gain the confidence to travel by first touring your local cities and natural sites. The people you interact with probably speak your language too or a language you can easily understand unlike traveling abroad and having to deal with communication problems. Local touring is relatively cheap too. You will still eat your native food and it is still convenient to be gone even for just a weekend.   Once you get to master your own borders and experience the beauty of traveling, you will be eager to go beyond and experience the rest of the world.

3. Do thorough research of your intended destination

One thing that brings about hesitations to travel is the fear of personal safety. Before you settle on an overseas destination, it is good to be sure of the environment out there. Research about the weather- it is too hot or too cold for you? Do they experience hurricanes or landslides? Is the place prone to terror attacks? Be sure the place is free of infectious diseases like the coronavirus or malaria and if there is, how well are they able to keep them under control?

Get to know whether you use the same currency and if not how to exchange your currency for theirs. You can also research the language basics like greetings and how to ask for directions in case you get lost.

4. Make short travel timelines first

Being away from your home for long can seem impossible for you. You can start by traveling for one or two days then progressively increase the number of days. After you are gone for a day, you will be able to point out if anything went wrong while you were away and you will be able to fix it the next time you wish to travel. It is also a way of getting your mind and body used to being away from your comfort zone.

5. Consider getting a travel companion

The thought of being alone in a strange place can be scary. It is not easy to take your own pictures or to capture everything you would like to remember. Also, in case of an accident or an injury, a friend will always be around to help you. Bringing along at least one person you are close to maybe a friend or a relative, can help boost your conviction to take that trip.

6. Think about learning a second language

For instance, if you only speak English, you might consider learning French or German. The process of learning a second language will definitely create the urge to travel to those countries and get to dig deeper into their body language and cultures. Traveling also becomes easier for you since you wouldn’t need to be accompanied by a translator. Making new friends away from home would also be easier for you.


Traveling around the world is an opportunity to broaden your perception of life and increase your creativity. You also learn to appreciate your own cultures and others too. It is a sure way of building solid relationships and bridging rifts among people. That is why this should be an easy call for you: Make that bold decision to want to experience the world yourself.


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