6 Reasons Why Ancestry Kits Make a Great Gift

Researching your lineage is not only fascinating but, as a hobby, it is beneficial to your health and wellbeing too. Family Tree Research not only provides you with all the benefits that other hobbies do such as giving you feelings of accomplishment and success, providing opportunities to interact and bond with other people, and encouraging mindfulness or being fully present in the moment. It also gives you the feeling of being part of something bigger and understanding your place in the world. 

  1. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it give the receiver the initial results of their DNA test (these will depend upon which company you use and which package you select), such as what ethnicities and parts of the world your ancestors are from and DNA matches of close relatives, extended family, other DNA matches, genetic characteristics. But it is also the beginning of the exciting journey into researching their family tree. Whether it’s any of the points mentioned in this article or somewhere else. An ancestry kit is even more than an experience day because it continues day after day, even year after year. It also gives the person you give it to the opportunity to give something back to you, to their children (if that is not you), and their grandchildren. It is opportunities for connections with either already known family members or those who have never heard of each other before let alone met.
  2. Giving an ancestry kit is like giving someone a new hobby; researching lineage can be a time-consuming effort. However, it completely depends on how much time and energy someone wants or is able to dedicate to it. Making it flexible too. The hobby of heritage research is perfect for people who love mysteries, puzzles, and those who perhaps lack constructive things to do. Tracing your lineage opens up other doors too, perhaps as a result of their finding someone may choose to visit a place from their ancestors’ past, giving the gift of a new adventure. Many people have said it can become quite addictive because it is so interesting on many levels and so much fun.
  3. It opens a dialogue about heritage, family stories, and keeps it open. Perhaps you’ll do some research together. Perhaps they’ll call or text when they get a significant breakthrough. It can be a real bonding experience for the recipient and everyone they choose to share their knowledge with. It can also create new bonds and friendships with the relatives you meet or even fellow researchers. 

  4. To give an ancestral DNA testing kit as a gift is giving someone a legacy, a wonderful gift that they can then pass on to their children or grandchildren. This provides more than the bonding experience of sharing. Research has shown that children who know about their family history have better emotional health. It also is a wonderful way to supplement a child’s education, once a child can imagine someone like them, a great, great auntie or grandfather did something, experienced something, achieved something, wrote something, painted something, designed something. This may not only encourage a child to learn about the thing their ancestors did but perhaps try something new themselves. 

  5. It shows someone that you are interested in them. That you are interested in their roots, their culture, their history, in what makes them who they are. This is what makes an ancestral DNA kit a truly special gift.
  6. It’s better than socks or bubble bath! An ancestral DNA kit is unusual and unexpected and definitely not boring. It’s an active rather than a passive gift. Something to do rather than something to sit on a shelf gathering dust.

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