6 of the Largest Construction Companies in the World Right Now

6 of the largest construction

Construction is a huge global business. By 2025 it is expected to have a market worth of around $16 trillion worldwide. The big players in the industry are dotted over the globe and are building a wide range of projects. From real estate, commercial projects, to huge infrastructure projects, if you see heavy equipment such as one of these crawler excavators from around the globe, then it may well belong to one of the following companies.

Kajima Corporation – Tokyo, Japan

Earning revenues of $249bn a year, the Kajima Corporation is one of the oldest and biggest construction firms on the planet.

Arguably they are best known for building the Kansai International Airport and Suez Canal Bridge. The company specialises in civil engineering projects building everything from dams to airports to real estate.

The company employs 15,000 worldwide and was also the brainchild behind the DIB-200 project which if constructed would be a mixed-use skyscraper where around 50,000 people would live, work, and spend recreation time.

China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) – China

The CCCC operates out of China working on projects across the world. It owns or has stakes in several other construction firms such as Australia’s John Holland group.

Notable projects include work on the Hong Kong Airport Platform, the East Coast Rail Link, Gwadar Deep Water Port, and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. The company generates $54bn annually and employs around 10,000 people.

VINCI – France

VINCI is one of the biggest construction firms on the planet and operates on a global scale. The company employs over 185,000 people to get projects done.

The company takes on a variety of projects such as renovating hotels, see the London’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel, together with infrastructure projects such as Denmark’s Femern Tunnel. It generates around $44bn annually.

Power China – China

Power China’s predominant focus is on Asian construction projects but the company does take on projects outside the continent. In fact, two of the biggest projects are a hydroelectric power plant on the Zambia, and Zimbabwe border and a massive construction development in Kenya.

The company generates $45bn annually and employs around 15,000 people.

Bechtel – USA

Bechtel works on projects around the world employing just over 50,000 people. It is the 8th largest privately owned firm in America and operates out of San Francisco. The focus of Bechtel is mostly on infrastructure projects such as airports, mining and power developments, railways, water stations and renewable energy facilities.

To achieve their goals they, like other construction companies utilise an array of specialised mining machinery and other equipment.

Annually they create around $32bn.

Skanska AB – Sweden

Specialising in important infrastructure projects such as roads, hospitals, and schools, the Swedish firm generates $18bn annually and employs over 43,000 staff worldwide.

They own stakes in other construction firms around the world, and their American arm is a market leader in the country.

American projects include 82,500-seater MetLife Stadium —where the New York Jets and the New York Giants ply their trade and the redevelopment of the LaGuardia Central B Terminal.

Construction is an ever-ongoing process and a global industry worth trillions.


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