6 Business Ideas that Students Can Depend on to Earn Extra Income

How do you feel about extra income? Most students get excited about extra income because it saves them throughout college life. Whether you have a job or are depending on your parents for money, a few more dollars may go a long way in making your life more comfortable.

You will afford to go to the movies once in a while and pay for all expenses without taking student loans that come to haunt you later in life. So, which are some of the business ideas that you can embrace?


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Start a Website and Earn from Ads

It is very easy to start a website today. Buy your domain name and host it with the company of your choice. Then you design your website and start writing articles that people want to read, such as how they can solve their daily problems and how they can earn extra income.

Once you have a substantial reader base, you can subscribe to Google Ads and start earning a commission. Google places adverts on your website and pays you commission for every Ad. If you are serious, you can get a huge following and earn a decent income while you hire the service that provide an essay writing help.

Get Hired to Walk Pets in Your Neighborhood

If you love dogs, how would you feel about being paid to walk dogs? Good, right? Don’t waste your love for dogs by waiting until you go home to be with your family dog. Go to the nearest park and watch the people walking their dogs.

Do a background check and find out if there is a demand for pet sitters. Some people may be working tight schedules, and they don’t get enough time to walk their pets regularly. If you find there is a demand for the service, hang around the parks and hand people a business card with your name and number.

Introduce yourself before giving the business card as it is a courteous way to start a conversation. Also, you can post on social media in groups with people who would benefit from the service around your college.

Sell Your Services on Creative Markets Online

Are you good at something like designing logos and business cards? Utilize the skill by looking for customers who need your services online. First, decide what you want to do, whether it is to do graphic design, write, or create videos for your customers.

Join online market places such as Fiverr and create an account on the platform. Make your services clear so that customers may know what you do best. As you wait for customers to buy your services on the platform, you can advertise to other students through your social media profiles.

Working online may help you a lot as it can support you after college before you get a permanent job. It may also equip you with the skills to start a business if this is what you want to do after graduation. Ensure you please your customers by exceeding their expectations so that they request for your services in the future.


Start a Delivery Service within Your College

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Nowadays, everyone wants to buy products online and have them delivered at their doorstep. Students are also shopping online at a high rate. Hence delivery services are on high demand. The demand will continue to rise past the Covid-19 pandemic as it has more people staying home than those going out.

Buy a bike and start delivering pizza and burgers to your college mates in their dorms. You can make use of a route planner app so you can ditch traffic, make convenient stops, and have faster delivery. Maybe they are too lazy to go shopping at the nearest store. So, why not take advantage and charge a small fee to do it for them? It will be a good experience that you can include in your resume after graduation if you want to get a job fast.

Teach Other Students Language at a Fee

If teaching is your calling, you can also make money out of it. It will be beneficial if you know a certain language well. Maybe English is your first language, and your college has students who are learning English as their second language. Offer yourself to teach them how to write and speak like natives. You will be surprised to know that even natives will hire you so they can improve their speaking and writing skills.

In summary, college life should not be about books only. You can start a side hustle and earn income while you study. Consider starting a business that you have skills in and start finding customers immediately. It is enticing to earn that extra buck!


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