6 Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining Sites [Up to 500% More Income]


With cloud mining, you may mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using mining contracts with providers rather than physical hardware. As a result, you won’t need to worry about managing or setting up hardware because you won’t be purchasing any. That is often a challenging task for new miners. You can mine as you rent hash rate or power from the site, which has its own hosted equipment and servers.

To determine which bitcoin cloud mining sites are legitimate and which are simply scams, we need to look at the profitability, fair pricing, and actual payouts on their contracts, presuming that you may acquire hash rates with which you would earn a profit. This guide will assist you in finding legitimate platforms.

Quick Overview: The 6 Best Crypto Mining Sites

If you’re looking to mine, you can choose from several legit cloud mining companies that offer a wide range of services and guarantee the safety of your resources. Here’s a quick overview:

  1. ECOS: Best for its Legal operating system
  2. IQmining.com: Best global hash providers
  3. Hashing24.com: Best for accessing Bitcoin mining
  4. LetMeCloud.com: Best for daily payouts with instant withdrawals

Note: The following two platforms have temporarily stopped accepting new registrations by cloud miners, which means they can’t provide the proof of profitability necessary. However, the first four platforms still provide access to all of the features cloud miners need.

  1. Shamining: Best for miners with minimal crypto knowledge
  2. Crypto Universe: Best for miners seeking profitable plans & contracts

5 Things To Know About Cloud Mining Before Getting Started

Many crypto enthusiasts are curious about the potential advantages of mining crypto. The idea of crypto cloud mining is an alternative to the conventional method. It’s become well-liked since even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy may use it to create digital cash.

That is a viable alternative if you want to mine cryptocurrency but don’t want to deal with setting up and maintaining your hardware and software. Although cloud crypto mining sites offer miners a transparent guarantee of cost-effectiveness and numerous other benefits, the process has been subject to several scams.

Why Would You Want to Mine Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are one of the most prominent and promising electronic currencies on the horizon. This electronic currency is mined and circulated electronically using Bitcoins wallets. Individuals and businesses can set up their accounts to buy various products and services for bitcoin cloud mining. With increasing businesses and charities accepting Bitcoins, users have great flexibility in terms of spending options.

Satoshi Nakomoto proposed bitcoins. He envisioned a currency that could quickly transfer electronically with minimal fees. The idea was to produce currency based on mathematical proof that would be independent of any central authority.  

Bitcoins, since their introduction, have seen their fair share of controversies and triumphs. Even though it is independent of any government influence, Bitcoins are still operated by their rules. One of the founding rules of Bitcoins is that it cannot “mined” (printed) more than 21 million coins. These coins, however, can be divided into smaller parts or denominations. The smallest part of the coins is named after its founder and called “Satoshi.”   

Many factors influence regular “printed” currency. Due to these factors constantly fluctuating in value, this fluctuation causes the prices of products and services to increase and/or decrease over a certain period. The value of any currency is determined by its purchasing power. When there is an increase in inflation, the currency’s value goes down as its buying power weakens. Price inflation also causes people to lose their buying power over certain goods. Those economies facing inflation in product prices but not in wages may face stagnation as people stop or decrease their spending. Many experts believe that this monetary system gives an unfair advantage to the wealthy and encourages the unfair distribution of wealth.

Bitcoins behave like a currency, but their predictability sets them apart. Bitcoins operate on the principle of transparency. The number of BTCs that can be created is known and fixed, unlike its paper counterpart. All of the transactions are recorded in an open ledger. Anyone can track and calculate the future of this electronic currency. 

How Is Cloud Mining Special?

One of the most distinctive advantages is that it outperforms more conventional approaches based on physical hardware. The best cloud miners are required to put up capital when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mined via the cloud. In cloud cryptocurrency mining, miners merely need to put up the cash. After that, the service runs the farm, including all the hardware.

Cloud cryptocurrency miners typically provide cutting-edge gear and work to locate their data centers in areas with lower temperatures and cheaper electricity. Miners can lease or buy into the company’s hashing power. Lower operating costs for the mining farm are indicative of the overall profit. Miners, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about throughout the entire process.

Many potential advantages over conventional hardware mining become apparent upon closer inspection. Individuals interested in crypto mining cloud needed to invest in a rig — they can make mine together or do it alone. 

Individual miners must contribute to the pool’s hashing power to participate in a pool and receive a portion of the pool’s payouts. However, miners must pay for hardware costs such as repairs and updates.

How Does Cloud Mining Work?

The advantages of mine this way versus the more conventional hardware methods should have piqued your curiosity beyond its simple definition. 

Anyone reading this should be keen to learn how cloud crypto mining sites function. The short answer to the question “How does cloud mining work?” is that it uses the processing power of remote servers to create a cryptocurrency. It would appear that all a miner has to do to participate is give over some cash to the service providers operating the farms. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how cloud cryptocurrency mining functions by dissecting the process into its component parts.

  • That allows miners to pool their computing power at a mining service provider’s data center, or “farm.” A mining farm is a specialized data center, typically located in a distant area, used only to mine cryptocurrency. Purchase of a ‘hash power’ share from the mining service provider grants accesses to the hash power.
  • Miners can participate for a cut of the profits and prizes based on the hashing power they purchase from the service provider.
  • Everything is done on the cloud, saving miners the trouble and expense of maintaining and powering their computers.
  • Choose a reliable service provider and select the contract type and term best suits your needs. Remember that miners must offer an initial digital or fiat payment. Therefore, the service provider may set up the miners with everything they need to begin.
  • Contracts are available to the best cloud miners with hashing power ranging from 500 GHS to 1000 GHS for one year. However, some services provide 6-month and 24-month contracts for cloud cryptocurrency mining.

Risks Involved When You Invest 

Most users are so focused on the profits that you’re willing to ignore the potential downsides. For instance, that “mine” gear is not yours to keep. Thus, when you mine cryptocurrencies in the cloud, you have no say over the hardware you employ. However, the potential for making money is contingent upon many conditions.

Moreover, cloud cryptocurrency contracts imply that the service provider would supply a certain amount of hashing power for a predetermined time. Unfortunately for the miners, the contract does not guarantee a return on investment. 

Additionally, miners’ profits may be impacted by extra costs paid to the service provider during the contract’s duration. 

How Can I Identify Scams?

The possibility of fraudulent activity is a major threat to cloud mining for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A large percentage of the time, miners pay a significant sum in advance to service providers but receive no benefits in return. However, not all miners will discover the promised treasures. 

Complete blueprints for these farms may be listed by some service providers, albeit without accompanying photos or proof of address verification. Consequently, miners need to be careful while choosing a service. Some helpful hints are provided below to help you avoid being scammed and ensure you make more profits.

Stay away from mining pools and service providers that guarantee huge returns on your investment with little to no effort. Claims of high returns for a small initial outlay should raise red flags, and you should probably steer clear of the offer.

Before signing up:

  • Ensure you grasp the fundamentals by doing your due diligence.
  • Check the legitimacy of the service provider.
  • Verify the ownership and physical location of the service providers.

Cloud Crypto Mining: Expert Advice for Beginners


You pay a service provider (often a large organization) to use their hardware (called a “rig”) and conduct the operations on your behalf. For the length of the rental agreement, you will receive a percentage of the rig’s net profits in bitcoin. 

Legit cloud mining companies that provide these services are experts in cryptocurrency mining and typically have large facilities with several farms (tens or hundreds of rigs stacked and operating concurrently). People who don’t want to invest in their rigs or don’t have the capital to do so can still participate in the cryptocurrency market by renting hashing power.

You can mine for free or for a fee. The “free” choices usually get the most attention, and it’s only natural that many people looking for ways to mine cryptocurrencies would choose them (very slow mine speeds, different conditions, etc.). The typical procedure for a paid service is as follows:

  • You evaluate the host’s plans, often four or five, ranging from the least expensive to the most expensive. Some hosts even let you design your own plan from scratch.
  • Once you’ve decided what you want, you can easily make the first steps on how to mine bitcoin by completing the transaction (by paying the host) and signing up with your cryptocurrency wallet code.

Plans range in price and duration, each with its pros and cons. The typical policies cost between $500 and $5,000 over two years or a lifetime. You might profit once the first year has passed, if not sooner. That is the typical break-even point. However, no one can ensure 100% certainty because cryptocurrency prices are volatile and subject to large fluctuations.

Before investing in these contracts, you should do your homework on the bitcoin market. Remember that the value, volatility, and complexity of using different digital currencies vary greatly.

Remember that choosing reliable cloud crypto mining sites is essential if you want to generate money with cryptocurrency contracts. It all focuses on the supplier you go with and their impact on the process’s profitability and security. Consider how long you’d like your hash contract and go from there. Short-term (six-month or one-year) contracts are more relevant for beginners looking for the best choices.

Lastly, never neglect to keep an eye on the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies frequently. Given that the profitability of these services is directly related to the price of cryptocurrencies, this information is crucial.

6 Best Cloud Mining Sites

1. ECOS: Best for its Legal Operating System — 5%


Noteworthy Features:

  • You can use the website’s handy contract mine calculator.
  • Beyond its capabilities, ECOS also serves as a wallet, exchange, investment portfolio, and savings tool.
  • Easy access to your account and its features means you can get more done in less time.
  • Additionally, ECOS offers a mobile application for IOS & Android users.

Ecos is a complete cryptocurrency investing platform that features a wallet, exchange, hosting, and all in one convenient location. An easy-to-use mobile app for the platform is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

  • With the best cloud mining sites, you may earn Bitcoin passively without having to purchase costly hardware. Ecos has simplified this procedure, so anyone can begin to mine with just two clicks.
  • The Ecos platform’s massive data center runs on 200 MW of energy and is stocked with Antminer S19j Pros. Bitcoin miners who use Ecos can rent this specialized hardware at competitive rates, simplifying their operations while increasing their profitability. No miner has to worry about buying, maintaining, and setting up the mine pools when renting hardware.
  • The hub may be found in Armenia’s Free Economic Zone. Companies that set up shop in Free Economic Zones do not have to pay local taxes, including those on profits, sales, property, or imports and exports. As a result, those savings are the consumer’s, who, in turn, enjoys increased profits.
  • Ecos’s solution includes a built-in leasing payment schedule that pays consumers daily. Furthermore, users can select contract periods between 24 and 50 months.

Lastly, equipment and server space are also available from Ecos. Customers can buy rigs and pay Ecos to store them in their data centers.

2. IQmining.com: Best Global Hash Providers — 10%


Noteworthy Features:

  • Daily Bitcoin and Ethereum payment.
  • Boost income for automatic reinvestment.
  • All deals are eligible for a 30% discount during the promo.

Users of IQMining.com, a cloud-based cryptocurrency mine service, may mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies without installing any special software on their computers. Variety is the spice of life, and the company recognizes this by providing mine packages optimal for various skill sets and budgets. 

  • Stay on top of your mine activities with the help of the site’s real-time statistics and round-the-clock support.
  • Investors in the cryptocurrency market can take advantage of the company’s best-in-class price flexibility to purchase cryptocurrency contracts that yield above-average profits and regular payouts. 
  • Please be aware that the platform’s minimum deposit quantity varies with the type of hash contract you choose. A one-year, two-year, or five-year contract is available, giving you the flexibility to meet varying needs. The average price per 10 GH/s for lifetime contracts is $0.322.
  • Several account tiers include varying minimum hash rate requirements, maintenance fees, and cost per GH/s. Cloud contracts labeled “Pro” come with an annual 20% interest rate premium. 
  • In addition, the pledging functionality of hash contracts is a useful addition. The service provider allows holders of various cryptocurrencies to pledge their hash contracts for reimbursement of up to one hundred percent of the contract’s price.

Finally, there are a few ways in which you can turn a profit. To begin, the daily cost of the company is modest at 0.65%. Moreover, its mine speed is so high that users can begin making money in as little as a few days. There aren’t many great choices, but IQMining is one of them, and they provide lifetime contracts without requiring you to invest in expensive mine hardware.

3. Hashing24.com: Best for Accessing Bitcoin Mining — 2-10%


Noteworthy Features:

  • Daily payments are available on Hashing 24.
  • After signing up, you’ll get access to a free contract for a full calendar month.
  • Registered users can take part in weekly promotions and auctions on this platform.
  • A calculator on the crypto mining site will help you choose which contract is ideal for you.

The organization has gained a reputation as a premier provider of BTC cloud mining services. Hashing24 abandoned the creation of any additional virtual assets in favor of Bitcoin, the most widely used and scalable cryptocurrency to date.

  • Simple to operate, this service offers round-the-clock assistance to its users. With this program, you may mine cryptocurrency without spending money on specialized hardware. It allows you to connect to physical data centers. It can transfer the coins you mine straight to your wallet.
  • H24 is one of the highest-performing BTC cloud-based service providers, and the company regularly updates and enhances its offerings. 
  • The company has many impressive features, one of which is using remote data centers’ hash power in these contracts. The Trading Desk is at the top of the list.
  • Lastly, its one-of-a-kind software facilitates order-based trading of Bitcoin mining contracts between users (this reverberates the conventional exchange trading). 

Traders submit trading orders for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and managing portfolios as they see fit. The participants drive the market proposition, and the trading commission is merely 5%.

4. LetMeCloud.com: Best for Daily Payouts with Instant Withdrawals  — 5-20%


Noteworthy Features

  • Real-time stats.
  • Straightforward UI.
  • Simple management from any electronic device.
  • There’s no need to get the software installed on your computer.

In 2016, LetMeCloud, a company based in London, England, began providing legitimate services. Like other trustworthy hash providers, LetMeCloud runs its business out of a commercial building that houses a big tech park full of crypto mining sites and hardware. The data centers are in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Canada.

There is a wide range of options for initial investment and annualized return among the company’s Bitcoin plans.

  • Standard Plan: The initial contract is for 24,000 GH/s of hashing power. An initial 180% ROI is offered. The net income is $1,800 after considering the $1,000 deduction. This agreement will be in effect for a full calendar year.
  • Start Bonus Plan: The hashing power for the top tier contracts is 48 000 GH/s. To begin making a profit, one must reach an initial break-even point of +20% to the initial rate of 100%. A return of $2,160 on an initial investment of $1,000. This agreement will be binding for at least a year.
  • FT Bonus Plan: A hefty 96,000 GH/s of hashing power is included in these profitable contracts. An initial yield of 183% is offered. A $2,394 gain from a $1,000 investment. This agreement will be binding for at least a year.

Another advantage of the LetMeCloud platform is its around-the-clock availability of helpful customer service agents. Even more importantly, you will love how easy and welcoming their website uses.

Signing up for a LetMeCloud account, getting verified, and renting a miner to start mining cryptocurrencies takes just a few clicks. Payments are processed daily, and funds can be withdrawn quickly and securely at any time. The company offers a 20% referral commission scheme.

5. Shamining: Best for Miners with Minimal Crypto Knowledge


Noteworthy Features:

  • Real-time stats.
  • Animated miners.
  • Minimum Investment of $150.
  • Offers an intuitive UI.
  • Secure high-level encryption.
  • There are numerous deposit and withdrawal options, such as Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer, and more.

When Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies first appeared, millions of individuals immediately began purchasing rigs. Many online services may assist you if you are interested in mining crypto but don’t have the capital to do so. E.g., best cloud mining sites like Shamining. Those interested in cryptocurrency mining will love this.

Anyone with little investment and no prior experience in mining cryptocurrency can do so. Experts in the field of information technology launched the company in 2018 to make this accessible to everyone. It operates farms equipped with high-powered computers and provides miners for hire. Organizationally, we have three data centers based in San Jose (California, USA), London (United Kingdom), and Capetown (South Africa).

There are currently over 8,000 investors in the project, all of whom are reaping daily returns on their capital. There is a low entry barrier of only $150 to begin mine, and the average income multiplier is 1.43x. The process is entertaining because Shamining incorporates aspects from the gaming and animation industries.

6. Crypto Universe: Best for Miners Seeking Profitable Plans & Contracts


Noteworthy Features:

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Miner Perks
  • Free Account Registration
  • Digital Currency Wallet
  • Purchase and Sell Hashrate
  • Smart Automated and simultaneous mine options
  • 99% Pool Uptime

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have created a new digital platform known as the CryptoUniverse. It’s a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency buying, selling, trading, and investing.

CryptoUniverse offers a novel approach to mining bitcoin. This investment type doesn’t need you to set up any specialized software or gear. Further, it’s a good chance for cryptocurrency investors to gain financial rewards.

More than two hundred digital currencies are available for trading on the CryptoUniverse platform. Despite its issues, CryptoUniverse is not a fraud. Customer service, for instance, may, at times, be slow and unresponsive. Because of this issue, traders may face difficulties making withdrawals and deposits. Additionally, based on the results of several SEO analysis tools, their crypto mining sites are rather successful and attract a sizable number of unique visitors each month.

Wrapping Up!

Using the cloud saves you the trouble of setting up and maintaining your own hardware. If you are in quest of a passive income stream that requires only a minimal initial investment, the best cloud mining sites will make your dreams come true and you can check it out at sites like ORDB.

To begin to mine bitcoin, you only need a strong desire and a few hundred dollars. Finding a reliable platform with secure and lucrative possibilities is crucial if you want to make a quantum leap toward financial independence.


1. Is cloud mining profitable?

Cryptocurrency may or may not be profitable depending on several factors. It’s important to note that costs associated with electricity, hardware, etc., can significantly impact the bottom line for cloud miners. The remote data center and pool of the service provider may also be at stake.

In addition, your approach will determine how lucrative your venture will be. If executed properly, it can generate significant returns for the investor. As an illustration, you could use your gains to purchase other contracts to mine a different cryptocurrency, spreading your risk and offsetting any losses you might incur from your first investments. However, your entire portfolio may become less profitable when you cannot mine without making yet another significant investment.

2. What is Proof-of-Work?

Proof-of-Work (PoW) is a data token representing the work, energy, and calculations put into creating a block in a blockchain. The term “proof of work” refers to the action of one party (the miner) producing and delivering to another party (the recipient) a proof of work that meets certain criteria (verifier). The Proof-of-Work system verifies that the miner has completed its task.

These days, Proof-of-Work consensus methods are widely utilized in blockchain networks. Bitcoin employs this algorithm to generate new blocks, which are then added to the blockchain through a process known as “mining.” Further, it incentivizes users to validate transactions, produce new blocks, and store them in the blockchain by offering monetary rewards. The production of blocks, their verification, and the distribution of Bitcoins to miners as a reward are all essential parts of the Bitcoin protocol that ensure the currency’s safety.

3. Can I cloud mine bitcoin for free?

Due to high cost, this is currently not a free service. If you decide to invest this way, it can be expensive, but some legit cloud mining companies offer their services for free. Still, these businesses are usually untrustworthy since they may trick you into paying for “free” services or acquire your personal information under pretenses.

4. What cryptocurrencies can I mine?

You can mine many different coins. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Monero are just a few examples. Best cloud mining is currently only viable for cryptocurrencies that use Proof of Work as their consensus protocol to ensure the integrity of transactions on the blockchain.

5. Can I sell a contract?

Agreements to mine in the cloud are not tangible goods. They are what the company offers, and as such, they are bound by the stipulations of the sales contract. These contracts can be sold primarily while the contract has not yet been activated. The contract purchaser can activate it and begin receiving benefits immediately.

6. How to identify common scams?

Scams are common on the web. They attempt to entice their victims with unrealistically high returns on crypto assets. Before entrusting your money to any company, you should learn everything you can about how to mine first. Consider their business’ longevity and level of success. Remember that there are warning signs that could indicate an investment scam, and make sure your questions focus on these issues. Feel free to inquire about any prospective firm’s safety and security measures.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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