5 Patriotic Apparels To Have If You Are an Army Lover


Have you ever felt a great sense of pride and loyalty to the army whenever they are marching down the street during an event? Or do you have a friend or relative currently serving in the military? 

Many army lovers develop an interest and a great sense of pride and patriotism if they know somebody in the army. Although there are many ways to show patriotism, there’s no better way than wearing military-inspired apparel like caps. Besides the cap, you can also wear various other military-inspired apparel, some of which are mentioned below. 

Continue reading this article to learn about five types of patriotic apparel you should have if you are an army lover.

1. Military T-Shirts


If you are looking forward to showing support and patriotism to your military, then wearing military-inspired t-Shirts would be an excellent way. 

Military t-Shirts can be worn on various occasions, such as National Memorial Day, election day, and homecoming for military veterans, to mention a few. Again, you can wear military print polo shirts during formal meetings and occasions.

Since many national holidays in America happen during summer and involve fireworks, wearing military t-Shirts would make a perfect outfit for these occasions.  

Military t-shirts are also great patriotic apparel that can be worn on other different occasions. For example, if you are a member of the Veterans Service organization, then you can wear military-inspired veteran apparel during meetings.  

2. Hats and Caps

Regarding patriotic apparel, hats and caps are the best options for all Army loves. What’s interesting about the caps and hats is that it compliments every outfit, whether a trouser or a shirt. 

Again, hats and caps are very affordable. Depending on your budget and taste, you can get lovely personalized hats for your organization with a badge of the American Flag. Also, customized caps can easily display the service you are in.

While some people prefer hats and caps, you can save them for special days such as Flag Day or the Fourth of July. Patriotic caps are also perfect during concerts and casual celebrations such as barbecues. You can find the best made-in-America mesh hat in the market at an affordable price for high-quality hats

3. Military Neckties

One major example of patriotic apparel you should have if you are a big army lover is the military necktie. You can wear it during formal events such as weddings, but it is mostly worn on military ceremonies such as promotions or memorials.

The military necktie is a veteran apparel that comes in different prints and colors; hence you can choose the one you like. You can also attend casual ceremonies while wearing the military necktie; however, you need to style it well and ensure that it matches the theme of the ceremony or party.

4. Cargo Pants


Another patriotic apparels you should have as an army lover are cargo pants. 

Originally, these  pants were made for British army troopers in World War 2, where the American army copied the design and made a few adjustments to fit their needs. However, they became more common among civilians in the 1990s, especially among people who admired the army.

Today, little has changed as cargo pants are still in fashion and are much loved by army lovers as they show their patriotism and love for the military. The practical design of the cargo pants also makes them comfortable and practical for everyday wear. 

Furthermore, cargo pants are rugged in nature, so you can use them outdoors. You must have seen many adventurers wearing cargo pants while in the wild. 

5. Military-Inspired Jackets

Military jacket

If you are a true army lover, having a military-inspired jacket is a must-have in your wardrobe. Such jackets often feature flags, unit crests, and branch insights associated with military units. They also have different prints and shades so you can choose one depending on your taste.

Military-inspired jackets are also a great way to show you are patriotic. Hence, you can wear it on holidays such as Veterans Day, celebrated to honor the sacrifices made by Americans who served in the U.S army. In addition to that, military-inspired jackets can be found in many physical and online shops at an affordable prices. 

Wrapping Up

Wearing patriotic apparel such as shirts and caps is perfect for showing love and support for people who serve in the army. Depending on the weather, budget, and taste, you can also wear cargo pants or military-inspired jackets.

Furthermore, you don’t have to break the bank to get these clothes; you can get customized ones at online stores. However, you should not limit yourself to just clothes and caps to show you are an army lover. You can get yourself camouflaged boots or even an army backpack.


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