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What do you do when you have an assignment that you cannot complete? Do you give up and wait for your lecturer to give you a zero or drop that subject entirely? Well, those who are wise would not consider any of the options above. With the many essays writing websites available online, it would be absurd to sit and wait for a zero. Finding the right essay writing website is key to attaining those top-tier grades that you so greatly desire. This article delves into essay writing websites reviews that will compel you to make the right decision. The selection criteria for this review is as follows:

  • The quality of work produced by the paper writing website
  • The price 
  • The turnaround time
  • Freebies and additional services offered by the website that writes essay for you

With this criteria, we scrutinize five of the best websites for essay writing. Read on to find the best website that will write essay for you and suit your needs. Before discussing about essay writing, let us also tell you that the safety of your documents, emails, drafts and other mail items are very important. Students, professionals commonly use Microsoft Outlook to communicate with their teachers, professors and as a result if Outlook data file or .ost gets corrupted or you are not able to access it, you will need a specialized converter tool such as EdbMails convert OST to PST software. Now you can concentrate on your assignments and also ensure that all your emails and documents are safe.

1. PapersForge.com

No doubt, PapersForge.com is the best essay writing website in USA that contains all you need in one box. This service has an excellent online reputation with a 4.8 customer rating out of 280 reviews on Trustpilot. The site has happy clients who keep on coming back because of their brilliant services. PapersForge.com is known for its fast services with a keen eye on quality, as mentioned in the numerous reviews. This site is not your ordinary online essay writing; it is the best website to buy an essay. 

Services provided

Many essay websites claim to offer various services, which turns out to be a scam in the end. However, PapersForge.com provides students with legit services that other essay editing websites do not offer. Some of the popular services include:

  • essay paper writing, 
  • research paper writing, 
  • coursework help, 
  • thesis assistance
  • term paper writing, and 
  • dissertation writing. 

You can also find help with assignments on any of the following subjects: Accounting, Business, Marketing, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Statistics, and Technology, among others. Why should you overwork and wear yourself out, yet an online essay writing service can do that for you? 


This professional website that writes papers for you has many perks that you cannot overlook. Many of those who have used this service before can attest that their unique approach to assignments makes them stand out the most. Some of the advantages of using this custom website offering essays for sale include:

  • Free add-ons such as title page, bibliography page, outline, plagiarism check, and unlimited revisions
  • Expert helpers with proven academic backgrounds from Harvard university
  • 24/7 Customer care via email, phone, and live chat
  • Fast turnaround when you need it
  • Transparent policies and money-back guarantee
  • Clear prices with no hidden charges
  • Its website is relatively easy to use with eye-friendly colors. 

If you are looking for affordable writing help with trusted nerds, PapersForge.com should be your top pick. You will also get a 15% bonus on your orders. They also have a summer heat promo with a free plagiarism report ($9.99 value!) 


Although this is one of the best essay writer websites, some of its services may be unavailable for some college students in the U.S. Notable cons include:

  • A 3-hour high school paper will cost $31.00 which is not that cheap 
  • There are only positive reviews which makes it hard for one to know their pitfalls.  


This website that helps you write an essay offers top-notch services at reasonable prices. You can trust its writers to help you complete a paper within the shortest time possible. Its services are a sure bet for top-tier grades at any academic level. With a balance of value and affordability, you will get more than what you pay for on this site that writes essays for you. Try this service today for impeccable quality and original papers. 

2. Pen.Camp 

Pen.Camp is definitely one of the best websites that write essays for you, and considering how important academic writing is for students, it should be your go-to choice. Pen.Camp is a pro when it comes to crafting original and unique papers for any academic level. Many students applaud the site for its quick turnaround time and excellent customer support. It is the best website for writing papers for students who want to see results twice as fast. The site contains experts and reasonable prices highly. They are also great at explaining complex concepts! The site also incorporates social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to follow instant writing updates. 

Services provided 

This best site to buy college essays offers various services tailored to meet all students’ needs. They offer services such as:

  • Custom writing: Pen.Camp offers plagiarism-free custom essay writing starting from $11 per page.
  • Dissertation writing: Their dissertation writing assistance starts from $11 per page and includes a free plagiarism report. 
  • Admission essay writing: Their professional assistance helps you make that first impression that will make your application. 
  • Essay editing: Apart from being among the top rated essay writing websites, it has excellent editing and proofreading services. 
  • Coursework writing services: It is a trusted coursework service that takes the weight of the assignments off your shoulders!

Pen.Camp is the best website to buy research papers. You can try their writers today and see how far they can go with your technical writing. 


Good essay writing websites stand out for what they offer and what they do not offer. As such, Pen.Camp uses a more student-oriented approach in its service delivery with the following benefits:

  • It has proficient writers with a 100% success rate
  • They keep your data private and secure.
  • You can communicate with your writer and negotiate the most suitable price.
  • They provide custom coursework writing from scratch and can attach a free Turnitin report to confirm the uniqueness of your paper.
  • All their sweet features are already in the final cost of your order.
  • You can contact their support team any day and time to get immediate assistance. 

It is one of the cheap essay writing websites that will deliver top-of-the-mark work. I have tried it before, and I can tell you that they are thorough in all that they do. 


Some of the shortcomings of this service that I have seen from the reviews include:

  • Their prices are considerably higher than other cheap writing services
  • The website is rather slow
  • They do not have negative reviews on their page

Despite these pitfalls, Pen.Camp still stands tall among other trusted essay writing websites. You can trust it for a top paper. 


It is not enough to read the reviews on a website and develop a perception of it. For instance, I saw many negative reviews, but they were top-tier when trying out their services. One negative review does not rule out the over 20 positive reviews. Dig deeper before venturing into any essay service in the U.S. 

3. JustDoMyEssay.com 

When it comes to the best essay websites, JustDoMyEssay definitely scores 100%. Though not familiar and common among most students, this pay-for essay website gives you stellar services for academic writing. Whether in California or any part of the U.S., you can use this essay service with Ivy League writers and excellent benefits. The site boasts over seven years of being in the academic writing arena with unmatched experience and excellence. I have a friend who has tried it out, and he says that their services are impressive. The name suggests that they offer unique services that other essay writing websites in UK do not. 

Services Provided

I realized about JustDoMyEssay.com is that their services strive to help students swamped with writing assignments of all kinds. It’s like the developers of their services are recent students who understand the dire needs of students when it comes to academic writing. With over 426,834 orders completed, you can be sure that you won’t walk away empty-handed. Some of their services include:

  • Research paper writing New York: They show you how perfection looks like in any research paper.
  • Essay writing: One of the top websites to help write an essay with a unique approach.
  • Term paper writing help: They offer flawless term papers with a 100% guarantee of quality and content.
  • Article reviews: If you want a professional peer reviewer for your article, these guys are the best in town!
  • Business proposal: Are you stuck with your urgent business proposal? Try these guys out. They ensure professionalism in every sentence.

These and many more services from JustDoMyEssay will land you on the top of the leaderboard. 


JustDoMyEssay.com has proven to be a rising star in academic writing. They have incorporated several perks in their services that draw you back now and then. Some of the most outstanding benefits of this service include:

  • Variety of payment options including PayPal, Visa, Discover, and American Express
  • They have a secure and protected website (McAfee, DMCA, and Comodo security plans)
  • They have samples that you can review before ordering a paper from them 
  • Top writers from Yale, Massachusetts, Cambridge, and Chicago universities
  • You can get a price statement before ordering your paper
  • They have an allowance for free inquiry on any order made
  • They also offer local writing services in the US

Getting essay writers for hire from JustDoMyEssay will give you a chance to excel in any type of paper. My friend scored 98% on the last piece that he got from this essay service. 


Some of the cons include: 

  • You may face a difficult time navigating through their website
  • Some of their statistics are unrealistic such as 100% orders delivered on time

Nonetheless, they still deliver excellent services for superior grades. 


You can use one of the ENL writers for money from this site to outsmart your peers today. 

4. EssayQuake.Com 

Do you want to mine grades from one of the best essay writing websites? EssayQuake should be your first stop. They have been here for decades now, and they are good at what they do. I have personally worked with them, and they gave me a top-class paper I will never forget. EssayQuake.com have continued to perfect their skills, and they are proving to be one of the best essay writing services globally. Looking at the reviews from most essay review sites, you can tell that many students admire it because of its world-class service delivery at affordable rates. Listing it number four doesn’t demean its place on the top leaderboard. 

Services provided

They are known for their high-quality services in any paper. EssayQuake offer assistance in over 25 subjects which guarantees help to anyone seeking their services. You can get quality approved documents in the following disciplines:

  • PowerPoint presentation: They help you prepare a tip-top PowerPoint in record time
  • Lab reports: This service provides you with a professional guide to writing a unique scholarly paper. 
  • Thesis writing help: They have experts ready to tackle your thesis in minutes.
  • Proofreading services: Their professional proofreading makes your papers better almost instantly.
  • Resume writing: They can help you develop an excellent resume for your first job interview. 

Among the websites that write your essay, this one stands out prominently. Their brilliance is unmatched in every aspect!


Some of the benefits of using EssayQuake are as follows:

  • Secure Payment Methods: They only take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover online.
  • Anonymous Chatting: Students can chat directly with their writers on a no-name basis.
  • Strict Quality Control: Professional editors check every paper with a paid double-check option for demanding clients. 
  • All their writers have expert experience in their areas of writing.
  • Their writers are on standby 24/7 to attend to your needs.
  • With many years of working experience, their writers have in-depth, industry-relevant knowledge.

You can power up your academic success with this professional paper writing website. If you want the best essay websites, EssayQuake tops the list. With realistic statistics, you can ensure that you are not walking into a suicide mission at EssayQuake. 


Well, even among the most beautiful roses, there is always a thorn. Most people say that the thorns make it more attractive, but that is a subject for debate for another day. Some of the cons of EssayQuake.com include: 

  • Graphics on their website that may not work well with low bandwidth 
  • Poor in terms of website aesthetics
  • There are times when you will pay the above-average price 

The service still prides itself in helping students succeed despite these setbacks. They are not disastrous as they sound on the overall quality and price. 


EssayQuake is a legit and trustworthy service that you can count on for academic problems. The many promising positive reviews should tell you that it offers the best essay writers for hire. 

5. USEssayWriters.Com 

USEssayWriters is the best website for writing papers that do not require much work, such as essays and reviews. As the name suggests, they are good at delivering papers with perfect grammar and diction. Most of their previous users do not complain much in terms of typos and spelling mistakes. USEssayWriters.com is outshining other legendary essay help websites that have been in existence for decades now. They give their all in everything to guarantee every one of top-class quality and brilliant grades. I tried using their services once, and I was impressed with their customer service and turnaround time. It is a good catch for those of you who want to excel in your essay papers. 

Services provided

This global source for professional writing services at all academic levels is perfect for all your essay solutions. But on top of essays, they also offer the following services to students:

  • Assignment writing services: They can assist you with your routine homework and academic assignments. 
  • Dissertation writing services: Their advanced degree writers can help you complete your dissertation with their years of experience. 
  • Editing and proofreading services: With this service, you can be sure of perfect grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting, and composition.
  • Other custom writing services: They have seasoned internet blogging, business, and social media writers who are true professionals with vast experience in turning words into action.
  • Research paper writing services: USEssayWriters experts have sufficient knowledge in MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago citation styles for research papers. 

You can count on this site for essays that work – not the mediocre papers I see online nowadays. 


Since their team is in the USA, you can ensure they do not grind out questionable research with lousy writing. With a 4.7/5 rating based on 2079 reviews, you can see that they are legit. Here are some of their pros:

  • Faster load time: Their website loads faster than any other
  • I admire how they have arranged the details on their website; everything is where it should be
  • You can get your money back if you do not feel satisfied with what they gave you
  • They have native writers who graduated from reputed U.S. universities and are subject specialists. 
  • They are good at delivering top-quality essays. 

USEssayWriters.com also offers simple payment terms which guarantee you an easy time. They allow you to pay half the money upfront and the remainder after they submit the work. 


The service also bears its downfalls which may turn you off. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Their prices are slightly higher despite the discounts
  • Some customers complain about slow response from customer support
  • Their font type and size on their homepage may not favor some people

Even though there are drawbacks, USEssayWriters.com still strives to give you an excellent essay. 


USEssayWriters.com will help you get rid of all your essay blues and give you a perfect paper. Give them a try today and gauge for yourself. 


Having looked at five of the top essay writing service websites, you can see that it takes much effort to arrive at a service that fits your academic needs. The name of the website and the fancy styles and information therein should not lure you into getting a service that will do shoddy work. That is why even after reading this post, you will have to go back to the drawing board and closely analyze each website’s effectiveness. Remember that it is not just about getting an essay-writing website but finding a professional who will steer you towards your academic goals. That says you should be extra careful and double-check every fact I have listed above. 

Some of the pointers when choosing a good essay writing website include:

  • Its general website structure: Most students and professionals neglect this crucial component of research. The website talks a lot about a particular company, and if there are any red flags, you should notice them here. Look for anything odd in the font, graphics, and general layout of the website. 
  • Go through all the reviews: Some will only look at the negative reviews to point out the weaknesses of a writing company, while others will only major on the strengths. However, you should try to strike a balance between the pros and cons to get a reasoned opinion on whether to choose the essay writing service or not. 
  • People who have used the site before: Nowadays, websites are fond of fabricating reviews that may not accurately represent their offer. Most of the reviews are misleading and may make you fall into a trap. If you want to sail smoothly, look for someone who has used the service before and get first-hand information. 
  • Avoiding jumping into rush decisions: Since most of these assignments are urgent, you may face the temptation of picking on any essay writing service that comes your way. It may be detrimental, especially when you land on a bogus site. It is better to take your time and find a legit writing service rather than to rush and get a suspension or dismissal letter altogether. I know many who have been victims of such rush decisions. 
  • Try out the work by yourself first: Some students are generally lazy and tend to give out a job without checking what it entails. They are the same ones who will submit the work as it is without going through it. The consequences of such a practice may include having plagiarized work or content that does not meet your professor’s instructions. You should go through the creation and identify what the professor wants and what you need from a professional paper writer. 
  • It is also good to consider how long a particular essay writing website has been in existence. Most people also overlook this critical aspect with the excuse of not having the time or trusting any essay writing service online. However, the number of years that a particular writing company has been in existence matter a lot. It determines their expertise and approach to your academic assignment. The more years a company has been in existence, the better the expertise and service delivery. 
  • Consider asking questions before ordering a paper: I have heard of many students who blindly fell into a trap just because they did not ask questions at first. It is good to clear any doubts beforehand to know what you are getting yourself into as you make your order. Remember, in one of the reviews above, an essay writing service purported to have a money-back guarantee only to decline such requests after students place their orders. 
  • Make the best of Google: Use this review to scrutinize every writing company you find online. Trust me; if there is anything odd about a particular company, Google will let you know without a doubt. It is like that lastborn who does not know how to hide secrets, only that this one is for the best. It has helped me identify red flags on essay writing services I thought to be legit. Make Google your friend in finding the best essay writing website. 

I could mention over a hundred pointers, but these will do the work perfectly. 

Benefits Of Using The Best Essay Writing Websites

If you land on the exemplary essay writing service, you will enjoy the sweet benefits. There is more to it with a professional essay website. Some of the benefits of using such a service will include:

  • Premium quality: You will have world-class native English-speaking writers at your disposal. 
  • Meeting tight deadlines on time: You will not have to worry about penalties for late submissions. 
  • Client service and communication: You will have an easy time passing your requirements to the writer and following up on your project. 
  • Originality and attentiveness to details: You will have a 100% unique paper with no instances of copy-pasting. 
  • Affordable prices: You will pay reasonable charges for top-quality work
  • Additional services: You will have other benefits that complement your initial order, such as discounts and free pages.
  • Maintaining integrity: You will not be a victim of plagiarism or unethical practices in academic writing. 

All these and more are only possible with a legitimate website that writes essays for you. Anything short of this is a total disaster. 

FAQ On Best Essay Writing Websites In USA (and UK as well!)

Is there a website that writes essays for you?

Yes! There are many essay writing websites that help students write their papers from scratch. These services use top-notch writers to research and develop a piece that suits the professor’s instructions and the student’s requirements. The final report will reflect what the student will have written, only that this one will have a professional touch. Some of these websites include PapersForge.com, Pen.Camp, JustDoMyEssay.com, EssayQuake.com, and USEssayWriters.com. All these will develop your paper from zero to 100%. You will only provide them with the necessary details required during the ordering process.

What’s the best website to order an essay on?

The internet contains thousands of top essay writing websites. However, you will have to choose one that matches your specifications to not get something way overboard or below the standard. Nonetheless, one of the best websites to order an essay on is GetEssayToday, which offers excellent essay writing services on all academic levels. Their writers are nerds in what they do, and they help you achieve top grades at reasonable charges. The site also has a great mass of experience with years of academic writing necessary for brilliant results. 

How legit are essay writing websites?

The legitimacy of essay writing services is in the balance because of various institutional and state laws. However, all these come from a misconception that essay writing services help students cheat in assignments or online tests. It is not the case since assignment writing services are only there to inspire students to write. Furthermore, almost all essay writing services have disclaimers at the end indicating that their services are for inspirational purposes only. Therefore, these services are legit and essential in the success of any student. Even professionals are using essay writing services. 

How do I find the best essay writer for hire?

There is always an avalanche of essay writing services to choose from, which leaves most students confused. However, some key pointers will help you land the best essay writer for hire instantly. They include looking at the quality, turnaround time, originality, the website’s overall appearance, and customer reviews. You can also check the site’s ratings from trusted and balanced review sites, which will help you make a candid decision. Do not let the price fool you into choosing a bogus website or shunning away from an excellent writing service.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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