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While every website builder claims they are the best, not all of them will be right for you. There are many website builders that are too difficult to use and others that don’t offer all the features you need. We can guide you with the best website builder for personal trainer.  

A gallery of images to show past clients’ amazing results or integrated marketing and SEO tools that help you grow your client base might be a good idea. A members-only section is possible where you can upload workout videos and exercise guides.

Choosing the wrong website builder could lead to you spending time and money building a best website for personal trainers. 

A great web resource seems to be the most effective tool to grow your business considering tough competition in the fitness marketplace. Forget about brick-to-mortar methods of selling training services. They are much different from what we are used to. Today, flawless fitness knowledge and great interpersonal skills are not enough.

What We Look For in The Best Website Builders for Personal Trainers?

  • User-friendly iness These builders provide simple, intuitive site editors that you can use to personalize your site and add your content.
  • Media integration You’ll be able create image galleries and upload video, so that you can show your results or host online classes.
  • Marketing tools These builders have built-in features that will help you reach more clients like SEO strategy and email newsletters.
  • Ecommerce: Your clients may be able to book sessions online. These builders are all designed to support secure ecommerce.
  • Visual attractive graphics All these builders provide well-designed templates as well as libraries of free images that you can use to make a professional-looking site.

How to Choose the Best Website Builder for Personal Trainers and Fitness?

Let’s start by talking about the essential features that every personal training or fitness website must have, particularly if you sell memberships or offer personal training.

  • It is essential to have a way to effectively share contact information. They won’t be able to find you if they don’t know where to find you.
  • This is a great way to share testimonials and reviews. People won’t believe what you say unless others confirm it.
  • It is important to have a website that looks great on all devices, as clients often access information via mobile and desktop.
  • Integration with social media is also crucial. Website visitors can be directed to the social media accounts of personal trainers or fitness studios to keep in touch.
  • Another key to success is member management. Personal trainers can share their goals, progress, as well as other information with clients.
  • Personal trainers or websites that offer fitness training should make it simple to book classes online or in-studio.
  • It is becoming increasingly important to offer live streaming classes and on-demand content.
  • Since long, the best fitness studios have offered a variety of health products, clothing, and other services. This is possible thanks to e-commerce.
  • Search engines must find your site, so you need to optimize SEO for it.
  • All of these fitness websites have strategically designed calls to actions that ensure visitors are converted to clients.

We suggests these five website builders for personal trainers you might find useful:

1. Monster Reach

Monster Reach brings together world-class eCommerce and internet marketing technologies, making them accessible to all businesses. Our platform empowers all businesses, whether they are sole traders, start-ups or franchises, to achieve their goals without compromise. Businesses can easily create professional websites, apps and eCommerce stores that generate leads and increase their revenue through advanced analytics and marketing integrations. We are dedicated to our customers and never stop learning.

Monsterreach offers three plans as a primary plan:


Maximum 5 Products

One page

Perfect for small businesses

Start online.


GROWTH ($14.95 per month)

You can get up to 100 products

Unlimited pages

Advanced ecommerce

Growing businesses


UNLIMITED ($99.95 per month)

Unlimitted products

Unlimited pages

Enterprise grade features.

All you could ever need.

2. SITE123

SITE123 is an online platform that offers great web design for fitness. It is one of the easiest online platforms that allows you to create and manage professional websites for personal trainers and fitness studios. The cloud website builder is free and features a simple and intuitive WYSIWYG editor, responsive templates, and a wealth of customization tools to give your project a personal look. Here are the top features of the website builder.

Responsive templates for specific industries. You can choose from multiple templates that fall under the Health & Wellness and Recreation & Sport sections of the all-in-one website creator. To customize the chosen theme, you will need to give your website name. Then, use multiple tools in the dashboard to edit the project. All templates are available for free. You can also choose a blank theme to start customizing your own website.

Multilingual Support. SITE123 offers multilingual support. You don’t need to create separate websites in different languages depending on your business and web design preferences. Instead, you have the opportunity to launch one project that has multilingual functionality in order to reach your target audience overseas.

Social Media Integration. This platform allows you to increase your website’s popularity by updating and adding industry-related content on social media. This is how clients and partners can find out more information about you, your business, future events, news, updates, and other relevant info.

eCommerce Engine. SITE123 is well-known for its eCommerce platform, which allows you to create and manage online shops. It is a great tool for owners of fitness websites who want to start sales via their website to offer their clients the best deals. You can create and modify product collections in stunning galleries, set shipping and payment parameters, launch and adjust PayPal options, and perform other essential web store-related tasks.

Online form builder. You might want to incorporate a specific online form into your website depending on your site’s specialization and goals. The integrated Form Builder allows you to choose from many layouts and design customization options. You can also integrate elements.

SITE123 is affordable when it comes to pricing. You can explore the system’s key nuances in detail with the free plan. To enjoy the many benefits it provides, however, it is a good idea to upgrade to a paid subscription. You can get the lowest SITE123 subscription starting at $10.80 per month. This will be affordable for you.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is a great page creator with a lot of sites already created. This bundle contains a lot of useful goodies that can be used to create any kind of website. You can also choose from a variety of modern, stylish and elegant website templates to help you get started quickly. Start your own business and grow it with a stunning website. Squarespace is a website builder that allows you to quickly create a page.

Squarespace also offers web hosting and domain registrations. You can manage your entire online presence in one place. Squarespace’s team can help you with any questions or assistance.

Squaresspace gives you a 14-day trial.

These Squarespace features are just a few of the many.

Social media integration You have the option to link unlimited social media accounts to your website. This means that when you publish new content, it will automatically be shared to your social media channels.

Built in marketing: Squarespace offers a number of marketing tools that will allow you to reach more clients, including email newsletters, SEO tools and other marketing features.

Quote blocks If you have testimonials from clients past and present, adding Quote blocks to your website is a great way for your visitors to see that your training has results.

4. WordPress.com

WordPress.com offers almost unlimited functionality but is a bit more difficult to use. It’s worth the effort to learn WordPress.com.

WordPress.com offers over 250 themes for free, but none of them are designed specifically for personal trainers. If you have a Business plan, you can either choose one that you like, customize it, or download a theme from ThemeForest.

WordPress.com comes with basic SEO tools. However, if you have the Business plan or higher you can install Yoast SEO plugins to improve your SEO strategy. You can add the Follow Blog widget to your blog if you plan to offer training and other tips. This will allow your clients to receive your posts directly to their inbox.

These are just a few of the WordPress.com features that make it an excellent choice for personal trainer websites:

E-commerce: Easy to make bookings online and accept payments online.

Social sharing: WordPress.com offers built-in social sharing buttons. These buttons can be added to your media posts and media. Your followers will then be able to share your content via their social media accounts.

5. Weebly

Weebly is an online website builder for personal training. It does not require any programming knowledge. The system can be used by both non-techies as well as web designers. Both groups will find the tools and features that best suit their needs and skills. HTML embedding is also available. Below are the most notable Weebly features:

A powerful eCommerce engine. After its merger with Square platform, the website builder gained an eCommerce focus. It has enabled its customers to create feature-rich digital stores with varying sizes, functionality and complexity. Weebly is an excellent platform for selling products and services via your fitness website.

Blogging. Weebly was originally created with blogging in mind. It offers a wide range of features and tools that can be used to create and customize blogs. It is easy to connect a blog with your project.

Responsive themes. There is no separate category for templates related to sports and fitness in the website builder. There are many themes available. You can choose any one of these to create your own website design. To save time and effort, you can order personal website development from third party experts.

Video/Image Integrations. Niche videos can be embedded to make your website more interesting and attention-grabbing for your target audience. Weebly’s integrated video hosting makes it easy to accomplish this task. Here you can embed YouTube videos and upload them directly to Weebly hosting in order to add them to your website. There are many options for image editing and embedding. You can access multiple image-related tools and features via the HTML5-based Image Editor in the website builder.

Cost: Weebly offers a free plan that you can use for an unlimited time. You can also upgrade to 4 premium subscriptions to get a feature-rich web project. These plans are affordable. You will pay $6/mo for the most basic plan.

Why does a personal trainer need a website to succeed?

A website can be a great tool for personal trainers to market themselves and attract new clients. You can also offer online lessons, which will help you expand your reach and business.

A website shows potential clients that your are serious professionals. It tells potential clients who you are, what your work is, and how they could benefit from working with them. This can help you to build your client base and reputation.

Competitive fitness marketplaces rarely reserve any opportunities for those who do not yet have a website. It doesn’t seem like a problem, considering the number of website builders. You can easily build a decent website resource without any additional costs, special skills, or involvement.

The benefits include cost-efficiency, ease-of-use, effectiveness, integrated service and plugins, and no need to hire developers every time you require upgrades. You can create a professional website with simple tools.

When it comes to choosing the right web builder, there are many options. You should adhere to the following requirements: ease-of-use and extensive feature set; convenience; intuitive web building nature; affordability.

Source: https://reach.reviews/

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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