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More than 7099 languages are spoken around the world. But the main question is what are the best languages for gaming translation. The first thing you know about any video game language is that it has one. And no, I don’t mean English as a second language, because most of them are so well-written and complex it could be difficult to translate them into a modern language like German or French. 

There are plenty of resources online where you can find various translation companies in US, where the people speak the language that you want to learn to play games with. However, since there are many different genres of games available in each country and so many people who speak these languages, it can get overwhelming if we expect a perfect match. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are five of the best languages for gamers translated into your native tongue.

List of Languages for Gaming Translation

1. Vietnamese

The official Google site offers this search bar at the bottom of the page with all the top results containing the word game that can be used in a certain genre. If you type “game” you will see an option that says “English Game” and an arrow pointing over to it on the box that also contains several other words like American TV series, Australian movie, British movie, etc. 

Note that this doesn’t contain the entire vocabulary of a language, but only some of the terms in it. You should be aware of what words you translate into your target language and focus more on the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary than anything else.

2. Chinese

Before diving into the real article on the best languages for gamers, let’s go over one step before we start: knowing the basics of why language is important because there are plenty of articles on why language matters from the likes of James Clear, Robert Kiyosaki, etc. But let’s quickly get started and understand the language barrier of language itself. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in life when you get bored or out of place.

It takes effort and practice to gain confidence and not only a good understanding of your destination language but also their culture! So before you start reading this article, try to memorize what words you want and then fill up those buckets with any phrases or sentences that you want to use. This means trying to make sure that your translation accurately conveys the same meaning for every sentence that you use. 

When you do, the rest is easy! Now, as stated above, although bilingualism isn’t something new and might look cool, it can cause issues when you read reviews of mobile application localization apps. 

3. Japanese

The fact that Japan’s currency is called the yen makes it very easy to make money playing it. That being said, it is one of the most densely populated nations on Earth and when you add it up you will realize how easy it is to make money playing video games. Even the locals would love to play. Not surprisingly then, almost every game released this year is made in Japanese. Of course, you need to know some basic understanding of the language and grammar to play properly, but for the majority of us, the whole experience is pretty seamless if not slightly challenging. Some people can barely speak, while others can easily decipher characters from another language. Don’t worry though, if you know how Japanese works then you just need to brush up on your grammar and take advantage of these easies that help pull the strings. 

4. Spanish

 This one is kind of unfair because English is considered to be the standard language and Spanish needs a little bit of extra support to do its job. Thankfully, there are lots of learning apps and sites that will teach you the fundamentals of Spanish on autopilot but that is probably not enough to help you with getting past the basics. It is pretty hard for anyone to grasp everything, especially someone who has been struggling for years with learning Spanish just by focusing on just one single sentence.

 So the best thing you can do to help yourself is to check your local newspaper, either English or Spanish-language versions, and look for interesting stories that include information in the two languages. Reading through them thoroughly will give you a better understanding of both languages and will open your eyes to the world for the first time.

5. Thai: 

I remember back when I was 14 I was visiting Thailand and I was impressed by the number of foreigners that I saw in all parts of my visit. Most of them were Thai-speaking people, which was pretty awesome. Then I asked myself – why couldn’t I talk to them? Why couldn’t I understand what some of their problems were in their way? Why isn’t there more knowledge among the population? Well, the reason? Because we aren’t able to use that knowledge yet. As mentioned earlier, we need to hone our listening skills and become adept at translating knowledge into native languages. 

Therefore using this article as the guide on how to do that, the biggest issue with getting closer to the natives is that their cultures are still a mystery. Fortunately, there are tons of apps and websites, and forums on the internet that help you along. My personal favorite one is called Asian Exchange Online (AEO) and I recommend taking a few minutes to read through the whole website to get acquainted with the diversity of the community.


 In conclusion, when you finally have an idea of what you want to learn in your next adventure, you may also think that once the translation process gets underway, the odds are against you, but the truth is that once you have a knack of choosing what you can understand, the chances are fairly high of finding out something valuable for your future self. 

Since everyone learns the same material, you just need to adjust your preferences and approach the journey in the right way. So after reading this article you will come to know that you can translate your games into the above 5 best languages. You can even hire professional gaming translation services to get the best results.


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