4 Things That All Freelancers Should Know


In the coming years, it is expected that over 50% of the population will work as independent contractors. In many cases, this reduces the overhead for companies while increasing the salary for employees. There are dozens of positive and negative components of being a freelancer. Thankfully, the growth of the industry over the last five years has provided a lot of insight for how to make this career choice sustainable in the long run. In this article, we will share four things that everyone should know before becoming a freelancer.

1. You Must Be Bold

When launching a career as an independent contractor, you have to be bold and set standards to ensure that you receive fair compensation, can take time off, and can cover your expenses. When you launch your career, it is easy to take one-off jobs that are not aligned with your overall vision and goals. In addition, it is easy to overwork so that you can ensure you will have enough work to support your lifestyle. Although it is nice to get your first few clients, you must stay true to your mission in order to see true success.

2. You Need Outside Help

During your first few years as a contractor, it is important that you seek guidance from outsiders. Initially, it is beneficial to talk to people who have worked independently for an extended period of time. These individuals can tell you unexpected challenges and opportunities that you should be looking out for. In addition, work with a trusted tax accountant. These individuals will help you manage finances so that you are prepared to pay self-employment taxes at the end of the year. By searching “tax accountant nyc,” you can be connected to amazing firms like AHAD & Co.

3. There Are Numerous Opportunities

Once you get into the world of freelancing, you will begin to understand that your options are endless. There are millions of companies that are looking to hire a specialist that has experience in a certain skill set. These companies often are willing to pay a steep price for quality services. Based on the efficiency and quality of your work, you will likely have more demand than you can handle as the word spreads about your business. Take the time to vet opportunities to see if they are worth your time and energy. 

4. You Can Develop New Skills

When you have regular clients that you freelance for, they may begin to ask you for services that are outside your normal range of expertise. Although it can be intimidating to try something new, it gives you an opportunity to diversify your knowledge and offer a wider range of solutions to clients in the future. The ability to continue learning and developing as a professional will continue to refine and improve your ability to incur new clientele. 


When you begin your career as a freelancer, it is easy to feel intimidated about the logistics of the setup. From the details of accounting and invoicing to the pressure of being commission-based, many people become overwhelmed easily. Thankfully, there are many experts who are trained to help individuals remain financially savvy as they launch an independent career. In addition, there are so many opportunities to grow both professionally and financially. Although there are challenges associated with this line of work, the rewards are worth it.


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