3 New Ways To Wear Jeans This Season

3 New Ways To Wear Jeans This Season

By John Fisher

Jeans are probably the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. They are never out of fashion, and you can’t go wrong with them regardless of your style of preference. The challenge, however, with this denim-clothing is that most quality pieces come at an exorbitant price. But you can save yourself an extra cent by using the Ounass Coupon.

Now that you have your jeans, you’ll probably be faced with problems such as – how to wear them and what to couple each wardrobe piece with.

To help you skip this indecisive stage and rock your jeans as soon as possible, we compiled three fashion trends in 2022 below:

But first, as much as you prioritize your fashion sense, you also need to consider a few things before visiting your favorite jeans store.

1. Things To Consider Before Hitting The Jean Store

Like every other fashionista piece, you need to tick off some charts before hitting your favorite market store. Quality opinions, such as your shape, event type, and the season matters when deciding on what type of jeans fits better.

  • Body Shape

One of the beauties of this body positive era is that there is a perfect material for every body shape. So whether you are on the plus side or fall into one of the other body types, there is a perfect pair of jeans for you. The question now is realizing which one suits you best.

It would be a shame to strain your hourglass body into a beautiful pair of jeans and realize that the two don’t make a perfect pair. So the first question you should ask when getting jeans is, “What type of jeans suits my body perfectly?” Jeans should not be too tight or loose unless tight or loose-fitting jeans are perfect for you.

  • The season

There is no way to sugarcoat it; Jeans are perfect-looking for all seasons. But your choice of jeans must be suitable for the season. For example, a jean jacket in summer might be stylish, but how comfortable would you find yourself in a heat wave?

Of course, beauty is pain, but let’s be smarter about it. You can save your jean jacket for a colder season, while your jean shorts would be a more stylish (and comfortable) option.

  • The Event

It is alright to be an outlier and choose to wear your jeans anyhow. But unless you are Steve Jobs, black turtlenecks and blue jeans are not universally acceptable daily wear. You should pay attention to why you are wearing the jeans, where you are wearing it to, and the type of impression you’d love to leave on the people you meet.

One should always consider the circumstances of the meeting. Would your jeans shorts fly as business casual? Or would your ripped jeans be as acceptable at your work conference as your friends would accept them?

Sometimes it is not about the jeans; it is more about the impression you want to leave and the people you want to impress.

2. Three New Ways to Wear Jean This Seasons

Wearing a pair of jeans is not a big deal, after all, you just have to put them on and parade the streets or light up your workplace, right?

However, if you’re the really sensitive type and you dislike attracting awkward gazes, then you need to spend a couple of minutes exploring some of the  simple yet effective combinations below.

You can slay all the looks you want with these top styles and rock your jeans-day hassle-free.

  • Tight Fitting Jeans with Work Blazers

Tight Fitting Jeans with Work Blazers

Yes, it is 2022 and you would rather wear something less formal, but Blazers are still one of the most effective and time-tested displays of class. Pair a sleek blazer with your beautiful jeans to give a balanced cool classy vibe.

It is even better if you had a patterned blazer or anything other than a plain color. Men may have a limited range of jeans, but the options are endless with women.

Blazers look gorgeous if you pair them with cropped jeans and Trilby, Derby or Panama hat. The best part is that you can wear sneakers or heels and still look like a million bucks.

  • Button-Down Shirt With A Bump Jean

Button-Down Shirt With A Bump Jean

Shirts are probably the closest to jeans on the scale of versatility. You can wear your button-down shirt with literally anything. So imagine pairing two versatile clothing materials, you would be on top of your game.

The only challenge you may have with pairing your jeans and a button-down shirt is deciding how the colors match. But, again, this is jeans we are talking about. Colors would not make much difference if you style it correctly.

Pairing your button down shirt with some boyfriend jeans or even a high waist or mom jeans are not very popular options but there is no easy way to say this – Go For It!

  • High-loose Jeans Plus a Casual Top

High-loose Jeans Plus a Casual Top

A high loose jeans features very spacious fitting down the leg while staying a bit higher on the waist. Given its casual look, you can pair it with any type of dress – be it a chic no-shoulder singlet or an unbuttoned spousy shirt.

Interestingly, high loose jeans can go with almost anything so long the event you wear it for is also casual. Another common pairing is with an off shoulder sweater which is perfect for cold weather.

How Do You Like Your Jeans?

Don’t forget; there’s no one-size-fits-all style for wearing your jeans. Try out new combinations and be creative.

Regardless of if you want a sloppy, casual, formal, or spicy look, so long as you have enough jeans in your wardrobe, then it’s all possible.Stock up some exciting jean arrivals with Ounass Coupon Code and make sure you never run out of options this season.

About The Author

John Fisher is an experienced stylist in the Fashion industry. He is so enthusiastic about digging out new fashion trends that work. And aside from writing during the day, you can find him watching the fashion shows at night or documenting the latest vogue styles.


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