25 Pros and Cons of Dating a Russian Woman 

Online Dating

Let’s talk about Russian beautiful women and how to find them, how to start a relationship with one? 

1. Places to Find Russian Women Online Besides Dating Sites? 

In gyms 

Are you looking to start dating a Russian woman? There is a whole army of girls who go to the gym just to find themselves a man. Seriously. They can be recognized by the presence of makeup and a neat hairstyle instead of a banal ponytail.  

At training workshops and courses 

Looking for a beautiful Russian woman? There is a whole unpaved field for searches. Cooking classes? Fine. Call and ask who visits them more often: couples or singles. And if singles, then whether they are divided into pairs and what is the contingent that visits these classes. 

At concerts 

Want to meet real Russian women? Visit concerts. The upside here is that at a live performance of your favorite band, under the influence of the moment and emotions, makes it so that making a new friend is quite easy. The downside is loud music.  

2. Top 3 Ukrainian Bride Dating Sites 

Here are the three best dating sites for meeting beautiful Russian women: 

https://bebemur.com – a rather new site that has a large following of men looking for Russian hot women. 

https://mamba.ru – are you interested in dating a Russian girl? This is one of the biggest dating websites in Eastern Europe. 

Loveplanet.ru – a great website with a lot of features for finding Russian women for dating. 

3. Ukrainian Women Dating: Main Pros (13 tips) 

Be the initiator 

It is believed that the invitation should come from a man, because making decisions and being responsible for them is the prerogative of men. 


Here’s a thing about dating Russian women. Even the richest men set up first dates in neutral places to check how worried the girl is about the boyfriend’s creditworthiness, look for what she values in your relationship, you, or your money.  

Have sound expectations 

Another thing about pretty Russian girls. Girls often abuse beauty filters, so on the first date, men are surprised to find that in reality, the lady looks a little different. So don’t be surprised, but also, don’t tolerate blatant lies if you know what I mean. 

Avoid “interviews” 

Don’t ask questions like “How old are you?”; “What do you do?” and “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” so that way you don’t fall into the “like everyone else” guy category. Follow the conversation, avoid asking questions like this, and you can go a long way. 

Have a proper conversation 

If you feel like the conversation is getting boring (you’ve started talking about work), don’t be afraid to take control of the conversation. Just say, “Enough about that. Let’s talk about something more interesting.” By doing this, you can make a boring conversation (respectively, a boring date) more exciting. 

Make eye contact 

Not all advice applies to the conversation itself, i.e. you speak/listen – she listens/answers or vice versa. When addressing her, look carefully into her beautiful and sexy eyes. Hold eye contact a little longer. This will show her that you are confident and know what you want. 

Remember what glamor magazines write about 

Don’t be afraid to ask her what she thinks about the latest fashion awards, or what she thinks about the latest news from the life of a particular movie star.  

She is watching you 

Did you know that when you talk to a waiter, taxi driver or bartender, the girl listens to you and evaluates you? Treat the person with kindness and respect. 

Be cheerful 

Women love to interact with guys with whom they have fun and it is interesting to spend time with. So, to turn the conversation around and make it fun, ask her an unusual and playful question that no one usually asks. 

Avoid certain topics for conversation 

Yes, we are talking about politics and religion. You’re asking for trouble if you start talking about it. Forget it! 

Don’t worry about the uncomfortable silence 

This is a sign that you are pleasant and comfortable in the company of a person, when you can enjoy the silence in the company of this person and do not feel uncomfortable when no one is saying anything. 

Don’t try to impress her 

Women know enough to understand that if a guy is trying to show off, then he is just trying to hide his other flaws. In fact, a woman is already tired of this kind of behavior and is trying to check if you are one of these guys. 

Avoid “fatal questions” 

Most guys don’t understand that by asking a girl questions like “Am I your type?”; “Do you like me?” or “Do you want to hang out with me?” you make her want to run away from you immediately. Why? 

Because it will show that you are not at all confident of a person. Remember, a confident man doesn’t care if he is “her type.” He knows that the girl will definitely like him and she herself wants to be with him. Think about it. 

4. Main Disadvantages of Ukrainian Women Dating (13 tips) 

  1. These ladies pay too much attention to their looks which can be annoying. 

2. These women are way too emotional which can be an issue to some. 

3. There is a certain cultural barrier which is hard to overcome to some men. 

4. These girls aren’t cheap, and they like to spend money. 

5. Relationships with Ukrainian ladies develop slowly. 

6. There is a language barrier, as a lot of Ukrainian people are not that good at English. 

7. The cuisine of Ukraine is tasty, but it is not very diverse, so many dishes are going to taste similar. 

8. You’ll have to pay for her in basically everything, this is expected of you. 

9. Waiting for them to get dressed and do their makeup can take a long time. 

10. Talking about politics is going to become a part of your life, whether you like it or not. 

11. These ladies are afraid to leave Ukraine, but this is something that can be overcome. 

12. These are very jealous ladies, so know your limits and don’t provoke her. 

13. Their desire for independence can be too strong for you, and it doesn’t suit all the men out there. 

5. Why Is Everyone Mad About Russian Women? 

They have an attractive appearance 

What are Russian women like? As even the most enviable bachelors of the planet admit, Russian women are indeed the most beautiful in the world.  

Family reference 

If for European and American women, self-knowledge and building a career play an important role, then for Russians, family comfort comes first.  

A more faithful wife cannot be found 

In some European countries, it is considered perfectly normal to introduce a husband to a lover. Those who do not accept such relationships run as fast as they can into the arms of Russian beauties, who, in the opinion of the same men, will devote their whole lives to them. 

6. Are They Truly Most Beautiful Women in the World? 

Sure, and that’s why:

  • They are Very Sexy. Why are Russian women so beautiful? No one really knows. In terms of sexuality and appearance – no one is on the level of beautiful Russian girls. 
  • Easy-Going and Open. These are great women who are very open and easy-going. 
  • Well-Educated. These are women with a great education, they are smart and intelligent. 
  • Feminine And Family-Oriented. These are feminine ladies who love their families and husbands. 

7. How to Attract Real Russian Women? 

Get to know her 

Talk to her and listen to her. Ask the girl about her family, where she grew up, what she likes and how she has fun.  

Be a good friend 

Russian ladies dating is your thing? No one can guarantee that friendship will necessarily grow into something more. But being friends with a girl and showing her how beautiful she is is the best way to get her attention. 

Don’t be weird 

Don’t stare at her or look away immediately, avoiding eye contact. Do not whirl around her in silence. Don’t stare at … certain parts of her body (as much as you want to). Don’t make weird sexual innuendos if you don’t know her well, and certainly don’t act like a pick-up artist.  

8. How to Court a Russian Girl: 5 Tips 

Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence 

Self-esteem and self-confidence are very attractive qualities. Girls will go crazy for a guy who is confident in himself and in what he can do. Do things that build your self-esteem, such as volunteering, learning, or traveling. 

Be interesting 

Be the man girls want to date. You don’t need to be super smart, but at least be curious about different things. Be the kind of person who works hard to improve the lives of yourself and that of the people around you. 

Be kind and cheerful 

Try to help her and always smile when seeing her. Your smile will make her day more enjoyable. Don’t try to act like a tough guy or talk exclusively to your friends if she’s around. Take time to talk to her in private, and be kind and understanding in your conversation. 

Rules of humor 

It’s fun to joke and tease each other, but be careful not to go too far. Some girls like to be flirted with in a playful tone, but never allow yourself to be cruel or offensive. 

Be open 

You should not give the impression of being angry, eternally sad, irritated, or despising everything and everyone. 

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