11 Strategies to Get Organic Backlinks from Good Websites

11 Strategies to Get Organic Backlinks from Good Websites

The digital landscape is increasingly becoming a competitive arena. In this race to rank higher on search engines, backlinks remain one of the most potent tools in your arsenal. However, the quality of these backlinks is as vital, if not more, than the quantity. Garnering organic backlinks from reputable websites isn’t just a matter of chance, but the result of a strategically planned approach. Here are X strategies you can employ to obtain these valuable backlinks.

1. Create High-Quality Content

Before thinking of attracting backlinks, it’s paramount to offer content that’s worthy of being linked to. Infographics, in-depth articles, case studies, and original research often attract natural backlinks. The better the content, the higher the likelihood of reputable websites wanting to reference it.

2. Guest Blogging

This old-yet-gold strategy never goes out of fashion. Find industry-relevant blogs that accept guest posts, and pitch them your ideas. However, ensure the site is reputable. Guest blogging not only gets you a backlink but also helps in building professional relationships. Leverage Existing Business Relationships.

Often, the best opportunities lie closer than we think. If you have partnerships or affiliations with other businesses, see if there’s a scope for a genuine backlink. Perhaps they can feature a story about your business, or you might co-author a piece.

3. Consult with an SEO Expert

While the strategies above offer robust ways to gain backlinks, the expertise of an SEO consultant can provide an edge in this competitive arena. These experts understand the nuances of search engine algorithms and can tailor strategies to your unique business needs. Their insights can guide you to potential gold mines for quality backlinks, ensuring your efforts are optimized for the best results. By partnering with an SEO consultant, you not only benefit from their wealth of experience but also stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of SEO.

4. Skyscraper Technique

This technique involves finding popular content in your niche, creating something even better, and then reaching out to those who linked to the original content, suggesting they link to your improved version.

5. Be Active on Social Media

While most social media links are ‘nofollow’ (meaning search engines don’t consider them for ranking purposes), being active and promoting content on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can increase its visibility. Often, content creators and bloggers discover resources via social media and then link to them from their sites.

6. Testimonials & Reviews

Many businesses offer the opportunity to leave a testimonial or review, and in return, they provide a backlink to your website. If you’ve used a product or service and genuinely liked it, why not leave a positive review and gain a backlink?

7. Broken Link Building

Websites hate having broken links as they degrade user experience. If you find a broken link on a website, you can notify the owner and suggest your content as a replacement if it’s relevant. Use tools like ‘Broken Link Checker’ to make this process seamless.

 8. Engage with a Link-Building Agency

If you’re looking to ramp up your backlink acquisition efforts, consider partnering with a professional link-building agency. Such agencies have established relationships and outreach strategies to garner organic backlinks from good websites. But always do your research to ensure the agency uses white hat tactics.

9. Build Tools or Free Resources

Who doesn’t love a free tool or resource? If you can create a helpful tool, template, or resource, it can act as a backlink magnet. Think along the lines of calculators, templates, or e-books relevant to your industry.

10. Engage in Communities and Forums

Participating in online communities and forums relevant to your niche can help establish your authority. While most of these platforms offer ‘nofollow’ links, the exposure can lead content creators to your site, and if they find value, they might link to you organically.

11. Webinars and Live Streams

The current digital landscape is ripe for live content. Hosting webinars or live streams can establish your brand as a thought leader. Once your live content is over, you can repurpose it into blog posts, infographics, or snippets, all of which can attract backlinks.

12. Get Involved in Round-ups

Many bloggers and content creators regularly do expert round-ups where they collect insights from industry experts. By contributing to these round-ups, you can often get a backlink back to your site.


While the strategies above can significantly aid in obtaining organic backlinks from good websites, remember that authenticity is key. It’s crucial to seek backlinks that offer real value to the users and not just for the sake of improving rankings. Approach backlinking with a mindset of providing value, and the rewards, in terms of both traffic and reputation, will surely follow.


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