10 Things To Get Your Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day


When it comes to valentine’s day, it pays to be prepared. You don’t want to wake your girlfriend up on this special day with a poorly thought-out gift that you could have got from anywhere. Instead of leaving it until the last minute, why not plan a little and make sure you get here a great gift. Here is the run-down of our top 10 valentine’s day romantic gifts for your girlfriend.

Silk Lounge Wear  

When it comes to rest and relaxation, nothing says high class quite like silk lounge wear. It has an air of elegance that can’t quite be matched and isn’t something that your girlfriend would spend out on herself. So why not make her feel special and like her downtime is a 5-star resort and invest in a set for her?

Calligraphed Names

If you want to immortalise your love for one another in a piece of art, why not get your names and a meaningful date calligraphed? The artwork is beautifully written and will be a statement piece in your home. You can choose the colour and the date and make sure that you get the product you want.


If you enjoy making overly grand gestures of appreciation, then why not opt for 10 things I love about my girlfriend lightbox? These are stylish and come with cute messages as to why you love her. It is an ideal fit on the dressing room table or even in the lounge!

Star map

If you don’t want anything as overt as calligraphed names, why not opt for a star map? These are beautiful and are a very subtle homage to your love. All you need is the co-ordinates of a place that is special to both you and your partner. The company will then look at these coordinates and give you a printout of the night sky at this location. The print is beautifully mounted, and you can even put your own text at the bottom.

Cashmere Sweater

There is something timeless about a cashmere sweater. Not only are they long lasting, but they also never ever go out of style and just demonstrate quality and class. Cashmere sweaters come in an array of colours and styles, but simple is always best, you can be sure that this will make a statement.

Donut Bouquet

If your other half has a sweet tooth and you don’t want to get normal chocolates, a donut bouquet is a very good way of saying I love you whilst going that bit further. This is also better than a bouquet of roses ever could be, why have roses when you can eat the bouquet instead?

What I Love About You

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift this year, why not invest in a what I love about you book? There are a hundred blank pages where you can fill out what you love about your girlfriend. Be sure to order this well in advance! You don’t want to be giving your girlfriend a half empty book as a gift!

Standing Vanity Mirror

You might be in lockdown, but your girlfriend may still want to put her face on and feel good about herself. Why not upgrade her dressing table experience and get her a standing vanity mirror that lights up all the way around? These mirrors come with an array of light settings, from daylight to studio light and the brightness can be adjusted. Elevate her makeup game for valentine’s day!

Ticket Stub Diary

If you and your girlfriend use to go to an array of shows, locations and other events, why not make a project and go through your ticket stub collection? There isn’t much else to do at the weekends at the moment, so now might be the time to get organised. You can also win bonuses online.


Nothing says I love you quite like a bottle of expensive perfume, whether you go for the tried and tested Chanel, or you change it up to another brand, you will always be onto a winner when you bring home an expensive signature scent.

Wrap Up

When it comes to romantic valentine’s day gifts, a little fore planning and consideration can go a long way. Whether you are looking to add some lovely art to your home which features important milestones in your relationship, or you want to spoil her with elegant loungewear, you can be sure that there will be a gift for you to give to her! Don’t just show up on the day with flowers you picked up en route, make sure you spend some extra time in planning the gift that you want to give your girlfriend.

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