10 Pretty Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

Choosing a great name for your baby is one of the most enjoyable, sometimes challenging, but necessary aspects of becoming a parent. While many parents choose a name for their child before the baby is born, others wait until they are born to find the perfect name. Selecting a starting letter and then checking out all the names based on that is a popular and straightforward approach.

One letter you must not overlook in this procedure is ‘Q,’ which is a very uncommon letter. Names that begin with the letter Q are a little unusual and odd. You may also check out some of the most popular Irish names with beautiful meanings. Even your little angel, like a queen, needs a name that is special and unique. So, when it comes to naming the young princess, the letter Q is the most incredible option. 

Baby Girl Names Beginning With Q 

Girl names that begin with the letter Q are ideal for expressing your personality. The letter Q is the classic starting point for those who want to stand out. It’s funky, brave, and endlessly entertaining. Whether you’re seeking a regal name or something short and sweet, Q names for girls provide that distinctiveness. 

Here is CocoFinder’s list to find pretty baby girl names that start with Q from Quincy to Quinn.

  • Quinn

Quinn is the Anglicized form of the Irish patronymic surname Cuinn, which means “conn descendant.” The Old Irish cond, which means “intelligence,” or cenn, which means “leader,” are two possible derivations. County Tyrone in Northern Ireland was home to one of the most famous Quinn families. 

Quinn started seeking women in the mid-1990s, influenced by the popular show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Since then, female Quinns have appeared on shows like Daria, Zoey 101, and, most notably, Glee, which stars Quinn Fabray, a stunning blond cheerleader.

  • Queen

Queen is a girl’s name that is a variation of Queena (English) and means “queen.” The elegant and unique Queen name will likely offer your child a fiery start as she grows into a strong, influential female leader. Few namesakes include rapper Queen Latifah and Jordan’s Queen Rania.

  • Quiana

Quiana is a baby girl name that is primarily used in the Christian religion and has a Latin origin. The meaning of the Quiana is “living with elegance and divine.” Quin, Qiana, Queen, Qani, Queena, and Queenie are some other names that sound similar. 

The fabric brand name Qiana was used as a given name for females in the 1970s. Hannah or Ayanna could also be a variation. Quiana may have influenced the Kiana variations. In the United States, Quiana had initially been listed in 1970-1979, and it peaked at #1007 in the 1980s.

  • Quincy

Quincy is an English masculine name derived from Quintus, which means “fifth” in Latin. Throughout Antiquity, Quintus was a Latin name given to infants who were born fifth in birth order or, on rare occasions, in the fifth month of the year. Quincy is descended from the same source as Quentin. 

Quincy is also an English surname derived from a French place name from Cuinchy, Normandy. When used for a female, Quincy is a Presidential surname that sounds both adorable and forceful. Quincy is a suburb of Boston in Massachusetts.

  • Qiana

Qiana is the next name on the list of pretty baby girl names that begin with the letter Q. Qiana is an African-American name for a girl. The word Qiana means “silky.” It has a connection to the name Quiana. 

Quiana has a strong presence in both entertainment and gaming. In the entertainment industry, Qiana Chase and Qiana Davis are two namesakes. If you’re a cricket fan, you’ve probably heard of Qiana Joseph, a West Indian cricketer.

  • Queenie

Queenie is a name for girls that is a variation of Queena. Queenie means “queen.” Queenie is a pet name for the queen and is said to be derived from the Old English word ‘cwen,’ which means ‘woman.’ It is not a reference to the monarch or his wife.

It can also signify “Royal Lady” or “Ruler” when used as a first name. As a result, it was a popular name throughout the British Empire during the Victorian era. It’s also a popular gypsy name, with roots in London’s East End. One of the few namesakes are actors Queenie Chu, Queenie Thomas, Queenie Watts, and Queenie Rosson.

  • Queena

A person’s name is a unique identifier that allows others to recognize him or her. Naming a baby is a holy process, and every parent strives to give their child the most important name possible. Queena is a lovely Christian girl name that parents appreciate. This is not just a sweet name, but it also has meaning. 

Queena is an English girl’s name that means “queen,” which perfectly fits the name’s predicted impact on personality. In 2016, 50 newborns were given the name Queena, which was the highest recorded use of the name.

  • Quintina

Quintina is a Latin name that means “fifth” in English. The most elegant and approachable of the several Q names for a fifth child, now used for girls in any birth order. Quintina is a competent, caring, balanced, sympathetic, friendly, outstanding relationship builder, excellent parent, kind, sincere, Steady, Consistent, Loving, and Compassionate person.

With an estimated population of 748, Quintina is the 10712th most frequent given name in the US. This name is in the 96th percentile, implying that it is more popular than approximately 4% of all first names. It’s a wonderful idea to think about naming your baby angel. Charlie Quintana, a renowned US musician, Jesus Quintana, a character in John Turturro’s film The Big Lebowski, and Quintana Island are all notable namesakes.

  • Quianna

Quianna is an African-American name for girls. Quianna’s meaning is “silky.” Quianna is a trendy name that is a variant spelling of Kiana (American). Quianna is a name that is similar to Quiana (American). The original polyester name, Kiana (or, more accurately, Quiana), quickly loses popularity. Kiana Brown is an actress and singer from the United States who presently stars in the MTV series Scream.

  • Quincey

Quincey is a boy’s name that is related to the Old French name Quincy. It is also used as a girl’s name. Quincey’s meaning is “possession of the fifth son.” Quincey people are steady, peaceful, home-loving, specifics, loyal, reliable, rational, active, disciplined, professional and traditional.

In 2012, 12 baby girls were given the name Quincey, which ranked #3741 on the national girl baby name top chart. A few namesakes include James Quincey, the CEO of Coca-Cola, Kyle Quincey, a Canadian ice hockey player, and Thomas de Quincey, an English author.


The letter Q represents serenity, perseverance, and self-reliance in a girl’s name. Little ladies who start with this letter are bound to be confident and successful. There are several popular female names, the most prevalent of which is Quinn, an American girl name. 

Even though Q names are rare, there are plenty of traditional and unique options. This will ensure that your little one stands out in any gathering. This list will undoubtedly assist you in finding the most appropriate and adorable names for your child, regardless of which language you seek or which origin you prefer.


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