10 home business ideas to make some money in 2021

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As more home business opportunities come into the mainstream in 2021, it’s hard to decide which one to follow. It can be very rewarding to be one of the early adopters of a business trend that allows you to make money. If you choose well, you stand to make a good income if you match the best of your skills with the amazing modern technology around us. Many home business ideas are new, but some have been around for a while and have gained fresh popularity in our changing world. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Online store

Online shops are opening up like never before. With the rise of e-commerce and an increasingly developed supply chain in many parts of the world, you can easily get your online shop off the ground. With a range of online platforms to choose from, you could soon have your own e-commerce store to sell your home crafts or designs. In terms of creating the website, there is no need to worry about not having coding or web design skills. There are so many amazing e-commerce website templates out there to start from and all you have to do is customize one to fit your brand and preferences.

2. Print on demand

This type of business continues to flourish. If coming up with great designs to print on a range of merchandise is your thing, but you don’t want the hassle of handing the printing and logistics, then print on demand is just for you. There are so many online platforms that will house your designs and print your art on a mug, a t-shirt, or a face mask. They’ll even package and deliver the item to your customer. There are many companies who offer print-on-demand services but you need to choose the company with high quality materials and fast delivery. For example, Printify, PrintBest, CS Town can help you make a good choice for your business.  

3. Translation

If you are fluent in a second or third language but never thought much about it, think again. In the gig economy, multilingual people are in high demand as ever-growing trade and travel around the globe requires the services of capable translators. What’s more, there are already a number of online platforms where you can register your services and build up a portfolio. These platforms will even put you in touch with paying customers so you don’t have to go looking for them yourself.

4. Virtual Assistant

The physical secretary is a thing of the past. In today’s hyper-connected and fluid world, the virtual assistant is on the rise. Busy people within large corporations or independent entrepreneurs could use day-to-day help with managing their affairs. If you have great organizational skills and you are conversant with many of the latest productivity and conferencing tools, you can be of great service to a busy businessperson.

5. Online Tutoring

There is a large global demand for extra lessons in a wide array of subjects. Whether it’s art, accounting, or languages, there is likely someone around the world who wants some of your knowledge. If you have teaching experience and the qualifications to back up your skill, you can register with one of many online tutoring platforms. Most platforms will source the students on your behalf. You simply need to teach.

6. Dropshipping

This option is a slight variation from other aggregator e-commerce platforms. If you want to sell products but cannot afford the high cost of inventory and premises, then dropshipping could be your answer. Unlike print on demand, which has a narrow range of products, dropshipping allows you to sell a vast array of goods like massage belts, glowing lamps, and even office furniture.

7. Online bookkeeping

With so many new home businesses out there, how about stepping in to help them with the important administrative stuff they will have to take care of? As most home businesses are run by people who started looking for a second income, their focus is often trained on product creation and sales, with bookkeeping being an afterthought. If you are a qualified bookkeeper with provable skills, you can use modern technology to sell your bookkeeping services.

8. Personal Shopper

Do you have a great eye for the hottest trends? There could be a career for you in personal shopping. Personal shoppers source garments and looks for clients who can’t find their best outfits on their own. Using technology, you can perform virtual client consultations and source all the hottest looks online.

9. Career Coaching

With so much change happening in the working world, there are many people who are transitioning between careers. What many of them need is someone who can give them clear and authoritative advice on how they can best put their skills to use in the next section of their lives. If you have career coaching experience, and you are able to spot skills and talent in people, then this could be a viable home-based career for you.

10. Home based catering

If your food has always been the talk of your family and friends, then you could consider starting a home-based catering service. You might only have paid passing thought to use your passion for food as your source of income, but it could really work if you try. If you keep your sights low and merely supply food to small gatherings, the initial investment is minimal. However, as you scale up to cater for larger events, you will need to start investing in more professional equipment.


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