10 Best BTC Mining Sites 2024 – Beginners Guide

Bitcoin Mining

Many people find crypto mining in the cryptocurrency business to be an attractive way to earn passive money. However, mining in the conventional sense needs a lot of electricity and expensive gear. Instead, more and more people are using btc mining. Btc mining is a simplified method for mining cryptocurrencies, enabling users to mine virtual money without requiring infrastructure of their own. This is precisely the reason why btc mining websites have become so well-known.

The top btc mining websites currently available will be reviewed in this guide, along with their features, pros and cons. We’ll also talk about the costs, potential rewards, and legality of btc mining websites. Our ranking of the top rivals for 2024 gives potential miners confidence in their investments.

  1. DigitMiner (9.8 points)
  2. Binance (9.3 points)
  3. Ecos (9.2 points)
  4. Kucoin (9.0 points)
  5. BeMine (8.9 points)
  6. Genesis Mining (8.7 points)
  7. Bitdeer (8.5 points)
  8. OKX (8.3 points)
  9. StormGain (8.0 points)
  10. BitFuFu (8.0 points)

1. DigitMiner- One of the best BTC Mining sites

(9.8 points)


Licensed btc mining business DigitMiner was established in the US in 2019. It is among the first businesses to offer btc mining services. DigitMiner owns industrial facilities with a sizable tech park full of expert Bitcoin mining equipment, just like any other licensed hash provider. There are mining farms in Kazakhstan, Iceland, Mongolia and Myanmar. Currently, DigitMiner is used by over 2,600K users worldwide to earn cryptocurrencies.


  • Register to receive $10 right away.
  • Automated payouts every day.
  • The free package can be purchased daily.
  • There are no other or electricity costs.
  • The affiliate program offers a commission of up to 5%.
  • A variety of cryptocurrency contracts available.
  • SSL and DDoS safeguard the network.
  • Constant 24/7 online assistance.

Packages Fees:

Contract Price Contract Terms Fixed Return Daily Rate
$10 (Free) 1 Day $10+$0.8 8.0%
$100 3 Days $100+$3.9 1.3%
$500 7 Days $500+$56 1.6%
$1,200 15 Days $1,200+$324 1.8%
$3,000 30 Days $3,000+$1,710 1.9%
$6,400 60 Days $6,400+$7,680 2.0%

For more DigitMiner details, please visit https://digitminer.com/

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2. Binance

(9.3 points)


According to daily transaction volume, international startup Binance bills itself as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange.The fact that you may mine directly from internet-connected devices, like as PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. The platform’s customer loyalty program allows you to grow your mining power, and every eight hours, mining sessions conclude with a potential payment. Joining is simple and hassle-free.


  • The biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world offers btc mining services.
  • An open method for calculating mining rewards.
  • A mining duration contract of 90 days.
  • Daily payouts for BTC prizes are made.
  • A component of Binance Pool, a platform that accepts a number of PoW coins in addition to BTC, ZEC, and LTC. 

3. Ecos

(9.3 points)


ECOS is an Armenian mining farm that was established in 2017. ECOS levies varying service costs based on the ASIC you use to mine your bitcoin. While ECOS may not offer precise yield estimates due to the many of variables involved, it does provide a useful btc mining calculator. This lets you estimate your possible return on investment by estimating the value of Bitcoin at the end of the contract.


  • A $500 minimum contract purchase amount.
  • A 30-month contract is the minimum length.
  • The mining incentive increases with the contract price.
  • The hashrate cost and the contract size are completely at odds.
  • The business focuses in developing mining farms and offers ASIC equipment.

4. Kucoin

(9.0 points)


With an emphasis on enhancing the security of the Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchain networks, KuCoin Pool aims to create the biggest Proof of Work (PoW) mining pool on the planet. KuCoin Pool is a full-service solution provider that provides consumers with a smooth experience by having a single platform that offers a variety of services. 


  • Inability to remove fiat.
  • Users in the US have few features.
  • Can mine Bitcoin exclusively.
  • Precise Hashrate Information.
  • Individualized customer support.

5. BeMine

(8.9 points)


BeMine connects data centers and equipment owners with its cutting-edge flagship service. Additionally, up to 0.1% of an Application-specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) can be purchased by users. Miners can be bought in segments or as btc contracts. Complete machinery can be delivered to your nearby farm or storage facility and are purchased for eternity. Contracts, on the other hand, are purchased for a set period of time and are not linked to any specific equipment.


  • High costs and no free mining option.
  • A calculator for profitability.
  • Reduces the amount of power used in mining.
  • ASIC miners can be partially purchased by users.
  • Gives investors a straightforward and convenient way to mine cryptocurrencies.

6. Genesis Mining

(8.7 points)

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining, one of the original Bitcoin companies, is still a top btc mining provider. The website is visited by about 300,000 people who mine for different coins including Ethereum and Bitcoin. Additionally, the site sells hash power without the need for complicated gear and software configurations. This means that by renting a mining rig from the platform, you may mine Bitcoin more profitably rather than shelling out thousands for hardware and upkeep.


  • Your assets are vulnerable to potential fraud and scams because the platform is centralized and entirely under the control of all owners.
  • A calculator for profitability.
  • You can begin trading right away without setting up a rig.
  • The ability to trade multiple coins and currencies with ease and freedom. 

7. Bitdeer

(8.5 points)


Bitdeer is a multifunctional btc service and mining platform with its headquarters located in Singapore. The company is committed to providing transparent, safe, and user-friendly crypto mining support. Experts and beginners alike can concentrate on expanding their cryptocurrency holdings, as the website handles all tedious and repetitive tasks for them. 


  • The cost of maintenance is additional.
  • No hosted miners; ideal for miners with substantial financial resources.
  • Contract payments can only be made with cryptocurrencies.
  • Fits both beginners and specialists.
  • Easily accessible in more than 100 nations, mining is quick and simple.

8. OKX

(8.3 points)


OKX is a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange that offers an extensive range of goods and services. You can identify trade and trade derivatives on it. That covers both options and futures. Additionally, you can profit from mining and staking bitcoins on the exchange.


  • A few geographical limitations.
  • Relatively expensive in relation to substitutes.
  • There are several coins to mine.
  • Available everywhere, save a few limited nations.
  • Payouts made every day. 

9. StormGain

(8.0 points)


This platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard that is straightforward and intuitive. StormGain doesn’t drain the power on your computer or mobile device because it can execute all the tasks associated with standard BTC mining hardware. From the platform’s user interface, users can monitor assets that are increasing or decreasing.


  • Difficult to figure out how much to remove.
  • No built-in trading automation bot.
  • Excellent client support.
  • Consistent payouts.
  • Offers bonuses of up to 20% on each deposit.

10. BitFuFu

(8.0 points)


BitFuFu is a btc mining and digital asset mining service provider with a broad range of offerings. With the support of well-known industry brand BITMAIN, BitFuFu has made a reputation for itself as the btc mining industry’s key partner. BitFuFu has a strong business plan that includes self-mining, miner hosting, and btc mining. It works with many well selected mining facilities in well-known places including Kazakhstan, the US, and Canada.


  • Not offered in the United States.
  • Just Bitcoin.
  • Self-mining, hosting miners, and btc mining.
  • Several incentives and coupons.
  • Payouts made every day.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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