Yobit Exchange: Is It Legit & Safe in 2021?

yobit safety

In the physical markets, the share markets act as a place of exchange between the stocks, forexes and other services. This is the case of physical markets and following the footsteps of this market the digital market came up with the concept of its own exchanges. The exchanges provided a suitable platform for acquiring new services or digital assets along with investing in the same for revenue generation or other wealth-making activities. In the past when the concept of digital money aka cryptocurrencies was quite new, no such facility was there but as soon as people came to know about the benefits of this market they started investing in the market. Due to the increase in the volume of transactions, a need for exchange was felt and thus these were created.

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2015 by a group of European developers and has its headquarters situated in Panama. With the increase in traffic and volume, it has emerged among the top ten crypto exchanges of the world. It has the facility to trade between fiat to crypto markets or from the crypto to fiat markets. Its design is simple and convenient. Its user interface is very user-friendly helping a new entrant as well as a perfectly experienced soldier. The trading platform serves efficiently and fast. It also has security in its mind by keeping the coins in the wallet secured from the attack of hackers. It is only because of this that the ratings of the dedicated application have over millions of downloads with more than four and a half star ratings. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit https://cfds-trader.com/

YoBit cryptocurrency exchange was developed and founded by the European group of developers in the year 2014 and officially was released worldwide in 2015. Though the company is located in Panama it is available in many languages like Russian, English, and Chinese. It also has a dedicated chatbot that can interact with the user in Russian, Chinese, English, and Arabic languages. It is registered by the name of YoBiCrypto Corp. due to a team of dedicated developers it has served for more than 5 years now and guarantees a legit operation in exchange-related projects. In recent times there was some news but they turned out to be mere hoaxes and rumors. The company has kept its employee details secret and very little is known about them for security purposes. Well, it is necessary too because in the recent thefts it was due to the revelation of the details that led to some of the biggest thefts in the history of mankind of something that is more valuable than a physical asset but does not exist physically. They also guarantee that just like very little is known about them, similar will happen with the customers. They guarantee that nothing will be revealed about their investors and that is a plus point if the question of security is concerned.

Some of the remarkable features of the exchange are as described below. 

  • It has more than 600 crypto-supported capacities with over 9000 active markets worldwide.
  • It has nominal fees for trading on the platform.
  • It promotes private trading so is a win-win condition.
  • It is considered the easiest platform for listing a coin.
  • It has its own tokens in the form of YO tokens and YoBit IEOs.
  • It has YoBit games and a dedicated facility of InvestBox.
  • It offers free coins in exchange for some tasks to complete.
  • Fiat to crypto and reverse capability.

In short, it can be referred to as a remarkable and robust trading platform. Though it is suited to experienced traders, newbies can also try this software and earn according to their desires.

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