X-Fortunes Review – Low-cost Online Stock, Options, and ETF Trading



Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stocks, ETFs / $0.65 per contract options fee 

Why We Choose X-Fortunes 

X-Fortunes is increasingly becoming a powerhouse for low-cost online investing. The value of its daily trading volumes and assets under management has significantly increased over the recent months. Here are the top benefits of trading on X-Fortunes. 

Lower fees and spreads 

X-Fortunes has continually championed low-cost online investing, with some of the industry’s lowest fees and margin interest rates. It has a zero commissions policy for stock and ETF trading, and options trades attract a per-contract fee of less than $1. Besides, X-Fortunes ‘s spreads are below the industry average. 

Intuitive trading platforms 

X-Fortunes offers streamlined desktop and web trading platforms with all the fundamental tools and features for seamless user experiences. You can access charts, screeners, analysis tools, research, and news. 

Diverse product offerings 

Apart from stocks, ETFs, and options, X-Fortunes also provide several other assets and fixed-income products for retail traders and institutional investors. That allows you the desired flexibility in online investing. 


X-Fortunes is a less widely known brokerage, but it is increasingly attracting a lot of buzz from many online traders and investors. While the lower fees and spreads are the broker’s key highlights, X-Fortunes also offers several other unique benefits, such as diverse assets and intuitive trading platforms. Nonetheless, X-Fortunes currently needs a mobile app. 


  • Lower fees and spreads 
  • Intuitive trading platforms 
  • Diverse product offerings 
  • Excellent customer support 


  • The mobile app is still in the development stage 
  • Limited educational materials

Trading Platforms’ Usability 

X-Fortunes supports desktop and web-based versions, built with similar tools and features to streamline the overall trading experience. Onboarding and navigation are generally seamless, and you can use the platforms simultaneously. X-Fortunes has no minimum account requirement so you can register and test the platforms for up to three months without immediate funding. 

X-Fortunes provides several fundamental tools and technical features that you can customize to your needs and preferences. For instance, users have multiple modules to choose from, enabling them to customize the layout. The platforms also support the automation of trade execution, but you can still route orders to specific markets. 

X-Fortunes desktop and web versions allow you access to the same assets and products. They also support numerous order types, including advanced options such as OCO and OTO. Account holders can also access amenities such as trading idea generators, portfolio analysis, screeners, charting, calculators, news, and research. 

Product Offerings 

Many traders and investors usually think that X-Fortunes offers only stocks, ETFs, and options, but the broker has an extensive portfolio with diverse offerings. It boasts a vast portfolio comprising a more comprehensive selection of traditional and new assets and other unique fixed-income offerings. X-Fortunes ‘s product lineup includes the following. 

Stocks  Options  ETFs  Forex 
Bonds  Mutual Funds  Crypto Commodities 

Pricing and Costs 

X-Fortunes boasts a very transparent and fair pricing strategy, with a greater emphasis on low-cost online trading. Here are the main highlights of its pricing and costs. 

  • Zero account minimum 
  • No commissions for online stock and ETF trading 
  • Less than $1 per contract fee for options 
  • International trades incur exchange fees 
  • More than 1,000 no-transaction-fee mutual funds
  • No fees for software, checks, domestic wires, trade confirmations, account transfer/ closure, and inactivity 

You may still incur other fees and margin interest rates on X-Fortunes. So, confirm the specific costs before placing an order to avoid surprises. 

Customer Service 

X-Fortunes offers round-the-clock customer service via phone, email, messaging, and online chats. They also have a FAQs page where you can find quick answers to commonly asked questions about online trading. Clients can also talk to live brokers on the platform, but trades placed via such brokers attract a small fee. 

Who is X-Fortunes Best for?

X-Fortunes is an excellent platform for low-cost online investing, offering highly intuitive trading platforms and diverse assets with below-average fees and margin interest rates. Although its mobile app is still developing, X-Fortunes no doubt offers unique money-making opportunities tailored to beginners, passive investors, and active traders. Nonetheless, you should carefully evaluate your investment strategy and risk threshold before making any financial decisions. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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