WordPress to Impress: How WordPress Can Efficiently Boost the Websites


As your business develops and the strategic goals change, you might be puzzling over the representation of your firm on the world wide web. Perhaps you might doubt whether your initial website keeps pace with the dynamic business environment? Or ask yourself if you should consider moving your site to WordPress? To help you clarify those questions and determine the principal WordPress` advantages, we have prepared an overview of WordPress’ perks. Additionally, we will mention what sorts of web pages one can set up with this platform. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that with competent WordPress development services from Flexi IT you will get the fastest assistance should you decide to start using WordPress.

We should begin with a small intro. Lots of people consider WordPress as a system for blogging. However, it is not entirely true. This typical misconception stems from the very WordPress` origins approximately 20 years ago. This system indeed started as a tool for blogging. Later on, it developed and became an influential system for websites` construction and a powerful system to manage contents (CMS).

Certainly, there are various reasons why WordPress offers an excellent solution for pages on the Web creation. The most important benefit of this complex is perhaps that it allows creating the sites of various types rather simply and independently. Probably because of this WordPress has been attracting so many users. Over almost 2 decades, it has grown from an innovative startup to a confident hub that powers each fourth website on the internet.

Thanks to its robust features, WordPress is actively used by many of the leading brands such as The New York Times Company, Mercedes-Benz, The Walt Disney Company, Quartz and many more.

Here we provide a sketch of the main arguments why WordPress` use can be beneficial for your firm’s website.

1. It offers free of charge software.

Yes, yes, you`ve read it well. First and foremost, WordPress offers software free of charge. What does it mean? It implies that you can download, install, use and modify it to match your needs without paying for all this. All this holds true and can be applied to any website sort.

It is worth mentioning that this free software is not all you need.

In addition to the programming you would require a certain domains` name as well as web hosting for its installation.

Let’s look in detail at the two latter components. A domain name is a website’s address on the internet. In other words, it’s what the users fill in the address bars of the browser`s if they want to access a site. Web hosting refers to the process and space where the sites files are allocated and stored. There are lots of companies offering hosting services for example DreamHost, Bluehost, SiteGround etc. We’d gladly assist you in selecting the optimal provider for web hosting and informing you on all the options.

2. It can be easily customized thanks to various plugins and themes.

As you might have already heard, WordPress doesn`t require specialized education or programming experience. One can soundly remark that most WordPress users in fact aren`t professional programmers or web designers. And continue with a rightful remark that the vast majority of people launch pages on this platform having close to zero commands of website design.

As said, those observations are valid. For those who are not technical gurus, WordPress offers an ideal opportunity to create a website and includes numerous themes and templates. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to set up a page for your new blog, refresh your business site`s look or create an online shop. WordPress has prepared an ideal template for all those sites` types. They are free of charge and all you need is to choose your favorite one.

What should also be mentioned is that those themes and templates are uncomplicated should you need to customize them. Most of them include an option panel where a user can upload logos, alter the color scheme, add background, and arrange wonderful sliding carousels.  Forget about writing some programming codes, you can efficiently customize your site on WordPress yourself given your preferences and requirements.

Furthermore, the site’s functionality can be endorsed thanks to the use of plugins. They remind the extensions on your Google Chrome browser and function as so called applications enabling advanced performances. For instance, they can collect and analyze comments and/or contact forms, facilitate news briefs sending, check on e-commerce trends, block spam messages etc. Similarly, to the themes and templates, there are lots of free plugins at your disposal. Next to that, WordPress offers premium versions of plugins with more elaborate capabilities.

Our specialists can help you to select the most appropriate plugins to increase site’s functionality and turn your website into a totally different platform.

3. It is SEO Friendly.

The core of WordPress is standard compliance high-quality code which results in producing semantic markup. In practice, it means that the websites set upon WordPress are easily traceable by the search engines. Those search mechanisms not only pick the WordPress pages at ease but also generally tank them higher than the other sites.

In its design, WordPress is very SEO friendly.  In addition, there are several SEO plugins that can be employed for further optimization of your website.

4. It is incredibly simple to steer.

Among the other built-in features of WordPress, we should not forget its built-in updates management complex. Because of this system, you can update web pages` plugins and themes without contacting a specialist in web design. This you can do on your own using your admin dashboard.

What’s more, is that you get notifications from WordPress once an update is available. Therefore, you can install the new version just by hitting one button.

If you aim to make your website accident-proof or protect it against hacking attempts, you might apply a WordPress backup plugin. It allows automated creation of backups and their safe storage on a remote location.

Additionally, your web page can be managed from the WordPress mobile apps.

5. It entails safety and security.

Of course, WordPress has been created to process and store your data and sensitive information securely. In general, it is perceived as a quite safe and secure complex supporting websites. But there are always exceptions to this generalisation as the world wide web turns out to be sometimes an uncertain place and malicious hackers or malware might attack WordPress based websites too.

If you’d like to protect your WordPress site against common software threats, you can do several things. For example, it is always a good idea to keep pace with the updates and install the backup option. You can also enable Web Application Firewall and apply other useful security plugins to make the web page even more secure.

6. It supports various types of media sources.

Admittedly, WordPress is traditionally associated with blogging. However, its current use and capacities reach far beyond this initial use. This system exceeds the mere text writing and publishing. Thanks to a built-in media uploader this platform allows the users uncomplicated employment of audio or video elements as well as images.

Featuring oEmbed enabled websites, WordPress gives an opportunity to display embedded content on the webpage for example photos on Instagram, audios from Soundcloud, and videos from YouTube. This doesn`t require a significant effort, it would suffice if you simply paste the corresponding URLs in the WordPress post editor.

What for can you use WordPress?

There are lots of applications of WordPress, from unconvoluted websites to eCommerce marketplaces and much more.

Here we list some of the illustrations of which sorts of websites can be construed based on the WordPress:

  • Launch a personal, family or business-related blog;
  • build a business website with professional look;
  • construct a page for non-profit, education or religious organization;
  • set up a podcast or photography website;
  • initiate an online store.

Hopefully this article informed you about the main advantages of WordPress use. Should you have additional questions, don`t hesitate to contact our consultants. We are always glad to help you in your WordPress journey.


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