What is OKCoin and How Many Types of OKCoin Accounts are There?


OKCoin is a popular exchange that has become the largest bitcoin exchange in the world. This crypto exchange based out of Beijing, China was established in the year 2013 by an experienced person in a highly technical form, which we now also known as Star Xu. It transacts with over 16 million bitcoins per month. Talking about the OKCoin exchange, it primarily serves all its users in markets such as Asia and China, as well as being accepted by merchants around the world. OKCoin is one of the trusted fiat-to-crypto companies, with this exchange combining all of the high liquidity trading offered by Hot Wallet and simultaneously expanding the platform to include multiple altcoin markets. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check what is a ripple in the crypto world .

What Is OKCoin Exchange?

OKCoin has become one of the best digital assets trading platforms, offering fiat deposit trading along with other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum classic, Litecoin, Ethereum, and bitcoin cash. The exchange is supposed to be professional and user friendly. One of their goals is to build an efficient and reliable exchange to remove all trading barriers with margin trading on a global scale. Their major target for all users associated with the global Okcoin in this market which is connected with Asia and China. The main feature of Okcoin is that it is accorded priority to customer satisfaction and reliable support and transparency. They are offered products and services such as withdrawals, security encryption, cold storage and regular monitoring of deposits, etc. It is designed to meet all kinds of needs of specific customers, you can also use this exchange on your mobile app. In addition, it also provides a wide range of options for all advanced traders and users to trade with OKCoin, including margin trading, futures, iceberg orders, trailing stops, etc.

Types of OKCoin Accounts

There are two types of accounts with an OKCoin account, Funding and Trading, with OKCoin providing access to these accounts. You can use these accounts on the OKCoin app, which can prove to be very beneficial for you to trade. If you are connected with the OKCoin app or you are new to it then you may see an account type account in it. If you want to log in to your OKCoin account or have participated in the OKCoin app beta program, you will see the two types of accounts that you will see in Funding and Trading. Along with this, we will know the difference between both trading and funding accounts.

  • Trading account

Using a trading account, you can actively trade and can start crypto easily. You can also easily deposit funds into your trading account for buying and selling or you can transfer your funds through your Funding account. When you are ready to withdraw, you will need to transfer funds to your Funding Account.

  • Funding Account

You can use a funding account to receive, send and store your assets. You can also deposit your funds into the Funding account, as well as use it to buy or sell cryptocurrencies that are transferred to your trading account, for which all withdrawals must first be made through this account.  


OKCoin has provided one of the fastest account setups and has leveraged the low transaction fees, its real-time crypto trading makes your transaction secure and reliable. Also, it offers an advanced order type and an on-one-stop solution and learning platform for all the custom price-related alerts and Real-time crypto charts with a complete batch of full suites. Apart from other things, it has also provided better customer support and 24/7 support is available to solve any problem.

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