What is Bitcoin? A guide to the cryptocurrency


The present age is the age of smartphones and digitization. Every family in the world holds at least one smartphone and is involved in the digital procedures involved directly or indirectly. The authorities over the world are trying to kick up their services through the digit channel as it saves a lot of economy and time. There was a time when people used to do work manually, be it the banks or simple ledger-related works. With the advent of computers and dedicated software, the workload has reduced and the work is more efficient and freer from errors.

One of the fruits of digitization was the invention of cryptocurrencies. The digital gold or digital asset revolutionized the economic sector and changed the always followed rules and regulations. Moreover, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and is used in place of cryptocurrency many times. Both terms have become interchangeably true and widely used over the globe.

Bitcoin and its functioning

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and holds a major share of the digital market as far as the volume of transactions and holdings is involved. The form of Bitcoin is digital and is intangible. It has no form of its own and is purely an algorithm but can change the market hierarchy and control its ups and downs. It was invented in 2008 by an anonymous person or group of techies called Satoshi Nakamoto. It was released in a white paper and people took it as an amateur entity at first. The investors who believed it poured some resources and made it work for the market. After a decade everything changed and Bitcoin emerged as the king of the digital market. The trade of Bitcoin is purely over the cloud and has no relation to the physical market conditions.

  • It has no mediators like banks to control its movement over the network, making it anonymous and fluid money.
  • Nothing like a central control authority that maintains or regulates the movements. It knows no borders and no community.

It has the unique capability to operate globally using the P2P mechanism and depends upon several nodes. Nodes basically store transaction values and their addresses for the efficient working of the system. If you want to invest in bitcoin, then you can read about How bitcoin trading works?


It is an indispensable part and parcel of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Just like an accountant maintains the record of transactions between several parties in a ledger, in a similar manner over the network this technology helps to maintain the record of all the transactions happening between buyer and seller. The buyer and seller are people just like you and me. The blockchain consists of several blocks of information that consists of the nature of transaction, purpose of transaction, address of buyer and seller itself. The blocks when spread over the network are finally compiled and grouped before coming to the target point. The compiled blockchain transaction has digital signatures of miners and both parties involved. Miner while checking and authorizing the transaction through bitcoin helps to maintain the integrity, security and reliability of the system.

Decentralized nature

Just like in the physical world division of organizational powers are spread in a centered and decentralized manner similarly the nature of bitcoin is decentralized. Thus, the power of authority is not limited to a particular entity or organization. In the physical world the control of economics rests with the central economic authorities, mostly the financial institutions but nothing is true about Bitcoin. It’s the users that make the network and it is again the users that control the network in the form of miners. Bitcoin is a golden chapter in the history of mankind and is truly referred to as the digital gold.

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