Viktar Prakapenia Emphasizes Fintech as a Benevolent Force in an Emerging Financial Democracy


Far more individuals are able to express themselves thanks to the growth of online trading and cryptocurrencies. Younger folks are leading this advancement because they recognize the positive changes that technology can yield about and the power it gives them.

Viktar Prakapenia, a London-based fintech financier and businessman, offers his perspectives on the rise of a contemporary financial democracy as well as how fintech may be applied for good in this article.

Human growth is not a straight line. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have experienced times of rapid progress followed by eras of devastation or stasis.

Great kingdoms have risen and fallen, the economy has experienced expansion and contraction, and conflict and scientific advancement have all been present.

I think that right now we are living in a new period of incredible expansion, where fintech is expanding our boundaries.

A new financial democracy is taking shape, with the growth of digital trading as well as cryptocurrencies enabling an increasing number of individuals to have their say.

Because of technological advancements and the daring youth of today, investment mindsets are undergoing nothing less of a tidal shift.

These newfound investors demonstrate how fintech-enabled investment may be a vehicle for societal transformation.

A Case Study of Tesla

Think about electric vehicles. Tesla’s instance will be viewed by historians as the beginning of a genuine worldwide financial democracy. They’ll see this increase in electric vehicle stock prices as a turning point toward the establishment of new global power.

A year ago, numerous seasoned investors made fun of the throngs of people purchasing Tesla stock. By selling the stock short, they hoped to profit if it dropped in value. But when the worth quadrupled and doubled once more and the prices of Tesla and NIO electric vehicles skyrocketed, they ceased grinning.

More than every other automotive company in the world, Tesla’s worth soared, and Elon Musk, the company’s creator, is currently among the wealthiest people on the planet.

This inspired other automakers, like BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche, to enter the electric vehicle industry instead of relying on fuel and gasoline. This will improve the ecology and aid our planet today.

The New Players

The ability of a younger breed of investors to outperform money managers was demonstrated as observed by Viktar Prakapenia. They understood from this that people worry about pollution and favor emission-free vehicles; it wasn’t a competition about winning cash to them.

It is likewise a valuable message in how younger folks may now influence society by investing. It served as a teaching about how conventional corporations are falling behind as a younger generation utilizes fintech to do better.

When the demands of actual individuals are linked to share prices via portable devices and trading sites, finance abruptly begins to emerge and a revolutionary type of worldwide democracy is implemented.

Because of prevalent concern over the environment, action has been taken quickly to pursue a solution that will be advantageous to all of us.

When people have access to funds and smartphones, one can link businesspeople with customers and leaders with the general public.

Online Trading

More individuals may now trade stocks, shares, or derivatives mostly from the convenience of their residences thanks to the growth of trading platforms and cryptocurrencies. A commission-free stock trading solution was just introduced by, a business I founded and one of Europe’s quickest developing trading and investing portals (AUG 2021). This is the most recent development to make finance accessible to everyone.

By organizing a mini worldwide referendum through trading stocks, everyone may decide things together and inevitably dominate the globe.

This development will increase societal effectiveness and resilience, resulting in a greater adaptive and flexible democracy. We currently ought to transcend national politics, as the world pandemic and environmental issues show.

The people’s right to total free trade is essential to this restructuring of the global order. is set up to generate profit, but it does so by developing different investment instruments instead of by charging a fee on trades.

The effects of this borderless, globalized democracy are immense, and I am fervently committed to the unprecedented kind of social activity it will foster. Since they fully grasp how technology may effect positive transformation and provide them with significant impact, young individuals are leading this trend.

Profound Improvements

Fintech’s contribution to bringing about good change is always changing. Consider Africa, in which a young population is adopting fintech on their cellphones to advance past the economic development phases we have witnessed in many nations. As a result, the continent’s economy is expanding significantly.

Contemplate Nigeria. Quick loan provider FairMoney just secured $42 million in a transaction headed by New York hedge fund Tiger Global Management. PiggyVest aids regular folks in saving money. Regardless of the unavailability of foreign cash in the nation, Bamboo allows Nigerians to invest abroad. Additionally, there are Paga, a digital payments firm, and Flutterwave, an online payment business that works in over 15 different African nations.

Additionally, consider how fintech is supplying safe payment options to support expansion while simultaneously fixing issues with counterfeit bills in developing markets. It goes without saying that fintech can facilitate fraud and extortion, which is why it is crucial that the industry is appropriately governed and monitored. Trading can cause someone to incur losses. Education is essential for smart investing.

Nevertheless, the advantages of this new democracy are obvious. As Viktar Prakapenya says, online trading will revolutionize society.

The youth of today understands that fintech is a special sort of force that is influencing the final global democracy and bringing about positive progress.

About Viktar Prakapenia

Viktar Prakapenia

Viktar is a seasoned investor and skilled entrepreneur in the IT industry. He founded the investment company VP Capital, which specializes in blockchain and fintech startups, as well as computer vision and artificial intelligence companies like Facemetrics and Banuba. Viktar Prakapenia is proficient in cutting-edge and highly inventive technologies. He has degrees in law, and computer science, and a doctorate in Business Administration. He has established several successful technology companies that he has since sold.


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