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Employee monitoring had a boost in popularity back in 2020 when the pandemic happened because of COVID-19. It isn’t just a statement, but some research shows the graph of the increased number of Android monitoring apps in demand. Many businesses around the globe have started working from home, which made it difficult for owners or managers to keep up with employee performance. 

They weren’t able to check the progress of their employees in person. And that wasn’t good for company success, so there had to be a solution. Well, of course, things are coming back to normal, but the global pandemic we’ve faced in the last two years has been mortifying. So that’s why companies are making wise decisions for the future. 

They are turning to advance solutions such as employee tracking software to keep a closer eye on their team workers. However, people should not get carried away with just the idea of keeping control over employees because this software is more than that. Of course, there comes baggage along with it. That’s why we will talk about everything an employee spy app contains. 

You will find many options in the market, but you’ll have to choose wisely after researching everything. This article contains the types of methods an employer can use for monitoring employees, the app usage, drawbacks of the software, and much more. In the end, you will surely understand the need for the monitoring app and how you can choose the best Android spy app.  

What is an employee monitoring app?

You might have a small business, remote workers, or a big commercial building where you manage your employees. As the leader, you would want every employee to put their 100% and benefit the company no matter what. 

But sadly, you can’t get that from every individual; that’s why you need an extra helping hand. Employee monitoring app offers services for the user to spy on the digital activity of the employees. You can check their emails, social media usage during work hours; either they’re manipulating company resources or harming the business status. 

You will have control of your company in your hands no matter where you go with the help of remote features. It is the best way to record employees’ progress so you can plan something better for future projects or fire disloyal employees. 

Types of employee tracking methods

You must explore different methods that you can use to ensure that your employees are working fine without cutting any slack. 

  • Video surveillance

On top of the list is video surveillance or, in other words, CCTV cameras that are used in almost every office. You can use this option to provide safety, protection and prevent harmful incidents. In addition, it helps you view where your workers are during office hours. 

You can install it in public places, offices, and common areas so you can keep an eye throughout the office. However, it has drawbacks: you can’t measure the productiveness of employees with this tool. Although you can provide a safe place for your employees so that if someone misbehaves, you can take legal actions quickly. 

  • Network monitoring

You can also use a network monitoring system to analyze the network traffic within office space. It helps to detect harmful viruses, and most importantly, inefficient use of the internet by people around the office. Companies provide internet so employees can work by researching correctly and meet the project demands. 

But some people use it for unnecessary purposes, such as visiting entertainment sites and social media platforms for fun. When it comes to remote employees, it can come in handy. It may also include email checking so employers can ensure there is no company data leakage. 

  • GPS tracking

You might have a business where your employees need to go on business trips often, and you can’t go with them all the time. They might misuse their privileges and spend their time on personal stuff. Instead of going with them, you can use GPS tracking that will help you track their every location 24/7. 

You won’t have to worry sick for your clients and continue working with ease. And if you have a remote employee, then it works the same; you can monitor the location of your worker. And if they aren’t working, then you would know. 

  • Employee tracking software

A helpful way to track an employee is by a mobile phone tracker. It contains various features that you can get combined in one place. For example, you can monitor their emails, track location, and monitor their internet usage, and track so much more. In addition, you can use this software for in-office monitoring when you’re there or while you’re in a remote area. 

You can ensure that your employee is working without slacking off under your nose. That’s because you’ll get a detailed report on the daily progress and information they share with other people. All you have to do is find a perfect mobile phone tracker and use it for your tracking purpose. 

Why do businesses need mobile tracking software?

Now here comes the interesting question: Why does a business feel the need to go a long way to track their staff activity? It has multiple aspects that can lead a manager to take this step. The goal of a business owner is success of his business. That’s why business owners invest their money and efforts in it. But you can’t trust people to respect that; an employee doesn’t put their 100% in work but pretends to do so. 

Businesses use the mobile tracker to boost up the productivity in the office. Apart from that, managers face particular challenges while managing remote employees, such as communication, understanding of the project, and poor knowledge of technology. That’s why they use the mobile tracker to monitor the working and other aspects closely. 

Key benefits of mobile spying app

There are tons of benefits of employee tracking software that would justify its need in the first place. We have seen old monitoring methods that weren’t good enough for companies that came for digital help. You will see significant changes in your office after using a spy app. without a doubt, you’ll have difficulty monitoring them, but it is all worth it in the end. So here are the benefits you’ll be getting from a tracking app. 

1. Minimum wastage of time

Time wastage in an office is considered stealing, and employees do time stealth. Instead of working in the office, they do personal chores or waste time on social media. Some people have a minimal distraction span, and they start to ignore work. It can be something happening in the office or over social media, and that affects their office. 

And you wouldn’t want to pay someone so they can waste time in your office, right? That’s why you use the mobile tracker to ensure they’re working on their projects without wasting a second. You can propose some solutions for the worker’s problems and even ensure productivity in future. 

2. Increased transparency in work

It is not easy to manage a large office alone so you can’t expect to know every little detail about the employees. For example, when do they start their work, how often they skip their duties, and how much do they spend on breaks or social media platforms? In this case, either you or your employees can justify a delay in the project or work as you’re not sure.

But with a mobile phone tracker, you can cover it all. So, for example, you can know the amount of time spent on the working tools, their digital activity during office hours, etc. The employers will have increased transparency so they can make the right decisions.

3. Close insights on employee progress or work

No matter how much you try to be updated with your employee’s work progress, you will skip things. That’s because it isn’t humanly possible that you can constantly concentrate on an individual. That’s why an employee monitoring app can help you keep track of yourself. So instead of bugging your workers during office hours or tiring your head, you can get all the information on your device. 

The more information you’ll get, the better you’ll tackle office problems. For example, you can identify productive employees and use them in future for essential projects. And you can plan something to either get rid of lazy employees or how to make them excited for work. It is so far the fantastic benefit of employee tracking software. 

4. Reduced micromanagement

It indeed is as hard for you to micromanage an employee as it is for them. Because you’re in constant stress and your employees will lose respect for their work or you. It is essential to supervise the work your team members are doing, but at the same time, you can’t bug them. 

They won’t be able to perform well under pressure, and in the end, it is a loss for the company. So, you can use a monitoring app instead of micromanagement. It offers the same services, but the results are better with the tracking app. 

5. Catch deceiving employees

You will always have a worker that does suspicious work or shows disloyalty. And that is fine because you can’t expect everyone to work hard in the office. But the question is how you can identify such employees, and if you do, how can you catch them red-handedly? 

Now employee monitoring software is the best way to do so. You can check employee’s emails, chats with other people, and even bank statements. With remote features, you can record their real-time conversations as well so you can prove their crime. 

6. Protect company data

A business’s most important asset is its private data, for example, client information, project details, etc. Imagine if your personal data gets in wrong hands, then you can get in trouble. That’s makes it essential for you to secure it in advance. 

You can install spy apps on all company devices, and the minute someone manipulates the data, you’ll get alerts. You can check timely how things are doing by monitoring different apps and stored data on these devices. 

Drawbacks of employee monitoring software:

Android spy app provides lots of benefits, but some drawbacks come along. 

1. Privacy concerns of people

Some studies on employee monitoring have stated that while the software helps in increased productivity, it also raises the issue of “invasion of privacy”. Some employees work better when they know someone is constantly monitoring them, but at the same time, it badly affects their morale and motivation. 

 There are two solutions to this drawback. First, you include the tracking practice in the employee’s contract. And the second is you choose sensible software that is legal. 

2. Legal issues for the company

If an employer secretly monitors his employee or, in other words, without someone’s consent, then the target person can take legal actions. They can file complaints against the company, and you can get in serious trouble. 

Now here is a critical thing to notice: you must choose a legal spy app for your monitoring. Many unethical apps offer the same services but won’t back you up when you’re in a legal problem. So, choose wisely so you can protect your company and not get in trouble. 

How to choose a quality app?

You have to be careful when you research spy apps to identify the best Android spy app. You should choose software that is suitable for your business, and you can reach your spying goals. So, the first step is to figure out your business needs and then look for an app that provides such features. 

For example, it should offer quality results, and it must have remote features that can help you fetch digital information and vice versa. Another essential thing to consider is the price plans of apps to compare them and select the most affordable one.

Top android spy app in 2021

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. XNSPY
  3. mSpy
  4. Spyera 


You can find several quality spy apps that can help you track employee’s digital activity remotely. The spy apps mentioned above are proven to be number one worldwide, so you can review their features in detail to decide. We recommend you TheWiSpy mobile phone tracker that has more than 30 tracking features that you can use smoothly. You can find affordable pricing and a flexible user interface.

Remote employers need to think about how they can progress their business, and spy apps are one of the best ways to reach that goal. You will see increased productivity and will understand your workers better.


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