Top Wooden Products and Furniture to Find in Vietnam

best wood products furniture vietnam

Vietnam is a country that has a long history of manufacturing wooden products as well as furniture for various purposes. The Vietnamese are known for their skill in crafting wooden products and furniture with the use of simple tools.

Wooden products in Vietnam are made from different types of wood, such as pine, teak and bamboo. In this article, we will gather all the types of Vietnamese wooden products that you can find in Vietnam.

Most of those end products will be sold overseas in major importing countries such as USA, Europe as well as new Asian countries like Korea, Japan or even India considering importing Vietnam-made furniture.

Furniture is one of the major industries of products to export from Vietnam among other categories that Vietnamese manufacturers are very skilled and experienced.

This in-depth guide will illustrate the best wooden products and furniture made in Vietnam that foreign buyers can manufacture in Vietnam and export. It has been written based on 2023’s trends and the main informations from this video below :

Indoor Furnitures

furniture vietnam

Vietnam’s furniture factories have seen outstanding expansion and excellent development in their wood items. However, it appears that Vietnamese furniture manufacturing companies are ignoring their domestic market in favor of overseas competitors. Although, in recent years, this market has flourished. Currently, Vietnam is the world’s top exporter of wood goods and manufactured furniture goods. However, the foreign “major companies” control the domestic market in Vietnam. Germany, France, Japan, China, Malaysia, and Thailand are among 

Furniture for both indoor and outdoor use can be made by Vietnamese manufacturers using a range of materials. However, the indoor sector predominates as a result of the popularity of these goods in the key export markets. As Vietnam’s real estate market is expanding, interior furniture should be your first choice if you’re wanting to source any kind of wooden goods. Particularly for tables, chairs, TV seats, beds, sofas, casegoods, and other wooden interior items, demand for interior furniture in general and wooden interior products in particular is rising. So now is a fantastic time to invest in the interior design sector. Armchairs, sofas, beds, and office desks account for 70% of the production of Vietnamese furniture makers’ interior furniture.

If you want to learn more about furniture made in Vietnam, you can get some insights and updated information on these additional resources.

Currently, bedroom furniture is the trend. With the rise of independent housing, rising household incomes, and economic expansion have encouraged customers to spend more money on high-end bedroom furniture. Customers are increasingly looking for small, portable furniture as rooms get smaller in order to make the best use of the available space. Therefore, it is anticipated that during the forecast period, demand for bedroom furniture will increase dramatically.

Wooden Toys/ Figurines

wooden toys figurine

Toys and figurines are another common kind of wooden goods available in Vietnam. The traditional craft towns of Hoi An and Hanoi account for 70% to 80% of the goods on store shelves. Even though costs have gone up by about 5%, customers still think they’re fair. Due to their use of safe and sustainable materials, domestic toys have become more and more popular in recent years. Manufacturers of high-quality children’s toy lines can be found in Vietnam, and one advantage is that wooden toys are safer for children and can better safeguard their health than those made of plastic. Wood is a smart choice because people all over the world prefer eco-friendly materials.

Quality toy lines for children in Vietnam are produced for educational purposes. That toy can help them develop their intelligence along with the mandatory requirement of being adorable, creative and inspired. For each growth period, those toys offered kids toys that are not only for playing but also for bringing the right education, boosting creative thinking ability through every wood-based product.

Baby and children’s products are a perfect fit for regional producers. Baby mobiles, diaper changing tables, high wooden chairs, Montessori game trends to produce premium wood, high cost, and demand from overseas purchasers are all items for babies.

Children can be entertained with a wooden baby gym, a play kitchen that can be customized, and a set of Montessori games that involve stacking and sorting wooden toys, blocks, or playing cards. Young children can store some of their games or utilize rattan bags, storages, handbags, and pots as organizers.

From children’s toys to the cutting boards, or kid furniture like table and chairs set, there are various types of children’s wooden products that are available on the market and the feedback on those products are often positive. With high-quality products, Vietnam toy lines have successfully expanded to big markets such as Europe, Australia, and America. Bringing the soul of different countries’ culture, and traditions, together with its unique characteristics, into products. 

Kitchen furniture

Additional fitted kitchen appliances and wooden furniture are included in the topic of kitchen furniture. The growth of urbanization and the increasing need for kitchen renovations are driving the business for kitchen furniture. Many people are getting interested in investing in kitchen furniture and equipment as a result of the tourism and travel sectors’ rapid growth and the hotel industry’s continued expansion. Due to trends in modular kitchens, there are more investments being made in kitchen furniture on the Vietnamese market for home furnishings. Hoi An is well recognized in North Vietnam for its high-end, hand-crafted kitchenware products, including cutting plates, wine holders, plate mats, coconut bowls, and porcelain spoons made of bamboo or coconut.

There have been between 400,000 and 500,000 townhouses and villas built in Vietnam during the past five years as real estate prices have increased. The Vietnamese kitchen furniture market is anticipated to expand during the forecast period as a result of rising urbanization, the building of homes, apartments, and other structures, as well as government efforts to improve the quality of the nation’s overall infrastructure through investments in housing projects, tourism infrastructure, and infrastructure construction nationwide.

Over the course of the projection period, the government’s efforts to close the affordability housing supply and demand gap in Vietnam are anticipated to assist the market’s expansion. The desire for higher-end residential real estate has expanded in Vietnam as a result of the country’s robust economic growth, and the remodeling of domestic kitchens, particularly in crowded urban regions like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, has raised the market’s demand for kitchen equipment.

Wooden handicrafts

wooden handicrafts

One of Vietnam’s most successful export industries is handicraft, which is available in all markets from Asia to Europe and America. Vietnam handcraft has steadily confirmed its solid place in the global market despite numerous ups and downs in its formation and development.

In reality, there is a global trend among consumers to purchase more goods that are environmentally friendly and made of natural materials. That presents a significant opportunity for the development of Vietnamese handicraft goods, particularly given our advantage in raw resources and skilled artisans.

Apparently obsolete trunks have been transformed into fruit plates, flower baskets, flower bowls, baskets, trays, vases, lampshades, and salon sets, as you might know, as a result of the skilled hands of craftsmen in Vietnam’s many famous handicraft villages. And compared to other wooden products, these ones are frequently lightweight, portable, strong, and less vermiculated.

Combining the materials can result in distinctive objects produced from two materials that can be found in Vietnam, such as a bamboo bowl for home décor with a hardwood foundation or a wicker basket made of rattan with a wooden base. Another is a baby product.

The US, Japan, and the EU are currently Vietnam’s top three export destinations. The lack of tariffs imposed by the US government on the handicraft sector allows for the development of commercial ties between the US and Vietnam. The US has continued to be the top importer of Vietnamese handicrafts and interior decorators for the past three years, thus Vietnamese authorities have taken action to capitalize on this fact. To address the rising demand for furniture in the US, several US businesses are looking to cooperate with Vietnamese furniture manufacturers.

Wooden stationery, case-goods

Case-goods is another noteworthy category you ought to take into account. Case-goods include a wide variety of items, including bookcases, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, chests of drawers, and more. Case goods can be made from a variety of materials, most commonly MDF that has been extensively lacquered, plywood that frequently has a veneer applied to give it a more costly appearance, or solid woods, which tend to be more expensive but tougher and more durable. Due to their popularity and extensive use in this business, you won’t have any trouble finding various varieties of wood in Vietnam.

The Vietnam stationery and supplies market can be divided into office buildings, schools, hospitals, government organizations, and other categories based on applications. The office buildings sector held the largest proportion of the Vietnam office stationery & supplies market as a result of rising FDI flows in the nation. The total productivity of a company can be significantly increased by investing in stationery supplies. If businesses use these office products more effectively, they can achieve their future goals more swiftly and easily. The demand for increased productivity, along with expanding startup ecosystem investments and government initiatives, have been pushing the Vietnam office building segment, which is in turn having a favorable impact on the country’s market for office supplies and stationery.

Vietnamese producers may create a variety of stationery items, including wooden desk organizers, pens and pencils, office cases, and shelves.

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