Top 5 A.I. Innovations in HR

A.I. Innovations in HR

In the past few years, a rapid acceleration in the interest and availability of Artificial Intelligence AI-centric solutions to complete Human Resources (HR) tasks has occurred. AI-based HR tools are available in a wide range of types and functionalities that aim at taking on some particular aspects of the Human Resources operations like benefits, training, employee engagement, and hiring. AI in Human Resources is an incomprehensible and all-powerful solution to an average individual. Let us help you enlighten some top AI innovations in the field of Human Resources.

What is HR Innovation?

HR innovation can be regarded as the implementation of new methods, ideas, and technologies to effectively meet the ever-changing requirements of the entire organization and its workforce. It is also concerned with anticipating the future circumstances and needs than simply coming across a response to the changing situation of the present. 

The future of HR is both human as well as digital as HR leaders tend to emphasize the optimization of the combination of automated and human-related work. This has driven an all-new priority for Human Resources -one requiring teams and leaders to develop ample fluency in Artificial Intelligence while they continue re-imagining Human Resources to be more intuitive, personal, and human. 

Top Applications of AI in Human Resources

As we enter an all-new digital era, it is the combination of human element and Artificial Intelligence that will help in transforming work as well as workers as we know them currently. Some top AI-based innovations in the Human Resources department are:

Recruitment Innovation

Effective recruitment is crucial to the success of any organization out there. This is why we observe a number of innovative technologies in the given aspect of HR. There is a dedicated solution for every section of the recruitment funnel.

  • Job Adverts: As far as HR innovation is concerned, job ads tend to be not the primary thing that will come to your mind. With the help of Augmented Writing technology, it is now possible to estimate whether or not a specific job advert you will write will help you achieve the desired outcome.

    Towards predicting whether or not a specific job ad that is aimed at a specific type of candidate will attract the given group of candidates, the technology makes use of Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning. 

  • Sourcing: Program-based job advertising is an aspect that spans everything -right from HR to marketing. It is the targeted and automated placement of job adverts. Recruiters can go ahead with specifying exactly what skills, characteristics, and demographics they are searching for in a specific candidate. The software solution ensures that the job ad is presented before the right candidates, at the right time, and on the right platform.
  • Chatbots: A chatbot technology is capable of handling a number of tasks. You can think about screening, sourcing, and scheduling candidates. Most chatbots feature NLP or Natural Language Processing capabilities such that they are capable of understanding human language.
  • Preselection: This high-end AI-centric technology allows organizations to hire candidates selectively. It also enables organizations to bring individuals on board who continue adding value. Therefore, selective hiring can be regarded as the best practice for Human Resource methodology to improve the profits of the organization. 


Onboarding is also an integral component of recruitment. However, as a candidate is expected to be hired to ensure onboarding, it is a separate entity in HR innovation. There is the presence of advanced AI-based HR technology that helps in managing the entire candidate onboarding process. There are some solutions that take over as soon as candidates will sign the respective contract. A dedicated onboarding application can go ahead with organizing virtually almost everything linked to the joining of a new employee. 

Learning & Development

Another core aspect in which you can observe AI-based HR innovation is employee learning and development. Organizations are nowadays in the position to offer the respective workforce real-time, on-demand learning. A dedicated L&D program is customized to the preferences of every individual employee. This implies that employees are capable of accessing the L&D content on any type of device while learning about things that remain in line with the personal career goals. 

In the modern era featuring an increasingly mobile and diverse workforce, it is a vital development. Moreover, it is a must-have technology innovation to retain talent.

Talent Management

With respect to HR innovation and talent management, one of the first aspects to consider is the TMD or Talent Management Dashboard. A TMD is responsible for offering recruiters as well as hiring managers a detailed overview of the respective talent pool. It allows them to communicate with while nurturing the respective talent for planning the entire future. 

A talent management dashboard will feature core functionalities as:

  • Performance management
  • Reporting
  • Talent pipeline
  • L&D 
  • Talent engagement

Performance Management

The modern performance management technology allows organizations to enable the respective employees as well as managers give & receive continuous, relevant feedback. The AI-enabled software solution is capable of tracking the overall progress of the individuals while offering valuable insights into the overall progress. This will help managers to support the respective employees as per the requirement. Moreover, it also helps in the creation of a culture of coaching between different peers. 

Importance of HR Innovation

Soft skills and human interactions are important for HR departments across the world. Human Resources can indeed significantly benefit from the use of Artificial Intelligence and processes related to knowledge management. 

If you are searching for innovative ways to support the HR processes of your organization, FutureSolve brings forth a revolutionary range of AI-backed HR solutions. With the delivery of HR-centric solutions, FutureSolve offers access to AI-powered HR applications that suit the overall style and culture of your company. Right from AI engagement bot to performance index with the help of AI, AI talent sourcing, and AI predictive assessments, FutureSolve has a diverse range of AI-backed solutions to elevate HR performance and organizational success. 


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