Top 4 Uses of Timber- One of the Most Coveted Woods in the World 


If you thought that all the woods have almost similar properties and there is a thin line of difference between them then you have come to the right place.

The list of woods is long and over time, new types of woods have made their way to the industry, widening the options for customers. This has made the wood market the most gigantic and profitable market in the world. You will be surprised to know that the global wood-based panel market reaches a soaring figure of $144.67 in 2019 and it is expected to grow at a much faster pace in the near future. 

Although, discussing all the woods available in the market is not possible in a single blog and that’s why we are going to confine our discussion to the most sought-after wood- timber. The global timber market was estimated at $591.34 in 2021 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.11%. 

This clearly shows the proliferating demand for timber in the market. But before delving into its advantages and evolution, you must be clear about its uses and that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog post. 

Top 4 uses of timber 

Source of fuel 

Timber is the most important source of fuel. The combustion of timber can provide enough energy for cooking, heating houses and heating water for domestic purposes. The most important part of timber that is used as a source of fuel are the wood pallets and all other remnants obtained during timber processing like biomass. online timber supplies is used as a reliable wood-based fuel for both heaters and stove. 

There are a couple of estimates that suggest almost 40% of the timber harvested is used as fuel source. The dependency on timber as a fuel source varies from one place to another and also on the availability of other fuel sources like electricity, gas, oil and much more. You can say that the primary use of timber is for fuel. 


Next to fuel, construction industry is the biggest consumer of timber. Even in an era where most buildings are made from concrete and steel, there is a considerable use of timber for not only houses and buildings, but even for gigantic constructions like bridges. 

The proliferation of population has increased the demand of construction all over the world and this has catapulted the demand of timber as well. From matches and crated to boxes and furniture, the use of timber in construction is ubiquitous and it is only going to increase over time. 

Almost all the timber harvested from tropical forest is hardwood and the three most common ways timber is used in the construction industry are-

  • Plywood 
  • Fireboards
  • Swan wood, and
  • Venners

Synthetic textiles

Rayon is a type of wood cellulose that forms the basis of the entire synthetic textile. When this cellulose is mixed in carbon bisuplhide and caustic soda, it yields filaments of viscose rayon. But just mixing of cellulose with these two chemical is not enough as the use of spinnertte is also necessary. 

The final product of this process is the rayon filament and it is used to manufacture artificial silk and is later cut into staple lengths. The bes thing about this artificial silk is it can be woven, dyed and even processed like original silk and that’s what makes it so demanding in the market. 

Some countries that are currently leading the market of rayon production are USA, Japan and many European countries. 


Different types of hardwood are considered valuable because of their natural grain pattern and higher density and this makes them the ultimate choice for construction of cabinets and other furniture items. Such kinds of woods are more durable and heavier but at the same time, they since they take a long time to grow, they are a bit expensive. 

When it comes to opulent furniture pieces, carpenters usually prefer cherry, walnut, maple and oak and in the case of budget-friendly furniture, spruce, pine and redwood become more obvious choices. 


Apart from furniture, fuel, and textile timber is also used in all those applications that require the support of loads including piers, railways, docks, utility poles, telephone poles and much more. Also, the broad use of timber in house construction cannot be overlooked. 

In many cases, while being used in houses, timber is left in its natural condition as many people find the natural look of timber to be more appealing and it adds an aesthetic touch as well. 

Timber might belong to the most valued natural resources since over time, its application has widened and over time, its demand has increased at a very fast pace. So the next time you buy timber, remember how vast its usage is and on which scale it is being produced.


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