Top 10 LLC Formation Services According to Reviews

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Despite rising inflation and the toll of the pandemic, the US market is maintaining itself steadily. Not only is unemployment down, but average earnings are up. This is an indication that the US economy is starting the initial phase of recovery. Many businesses are beginning to form, and this will only contribute to the growth and expansion of the market and economy. 

Many businesses choose to structure themselves as an LLC. When forming an LLC, it is often beneficial to enlist the help of LLC formation services. However it can be difficult to decipher which service is best for a new business. It is therefore important to access the benefits, and downsides, of the variety of LLC formation services out there. 

Top 10 LLC Formation Services


ZenBusiness is a platform that attempts to allow businesses to start, and grow. The platform is frequently considered the best LLC formation service, as it is not only effective, but socially conscious. The company has partnerships with charities, and contributes to their community.

ZenBusiness has a variety of packages, but their starting package is a bestseller. For $39, the company will provide all the basic essentials for forming an LLC. This includes LLC formation, a registered agent service, and an operating agreement template. This is an incredibly affordable rate in comparison to other LLC formation services.

Another selling point for ZenBusiness is their customer service, and dedication to their clients. The company has over 8,000 reviews online, and the majority are positive. 


Northwest places an emphasis on customer support and service. The company ranks highly amongst business formation services. 

Northwest charges $225 for LLC formation. This includes a registered agent service. The company works hard to ensure that the LLC formation process is smooth, and simple. Northwest has well regarded customer support, and is always available for clients to contact them. This is their selling point. 

Inc Authority

Inc Authority offers LLC services in conjunction with other packages. It is to be noted that these packages are paid, and the LLC services are free when packages are bought.

Unlike ZenBusiness and Northwest, Inc Authority’s platform is not as user-friendly and easy to use. This option is slightly less affordable, as their cheapest premium package is $399. The company has over 10,000 reviews, and like ZenBusiness, they are almost all very positive.


IncFile is an LLC formation service that only requests that clients pay their state fee. The company offers a variety of services and customizations to help form and grow new businesses. 

The downside to IncFile is that, given the no-cost nature of their LLC formation service, they will try to upsell. However, the company has been praised, with significant amounts of positive reviews. A notable selling point is their customer service and support. 


LegalZoom has an appealing LLC formation service as a result of their widespread influence in the US. Similarly, the company has tremendous amounts of experience in the LLC formation space.

Their customer support is not up to par with ZenBusiness, and they are less affordable. In the same way as IncFile, LegalZoom will also incorporate upsells into their experience with clients. 


MyCompanyWorks is an LLC formation service that is more affordable than others, despite costing more than ZenBusiness. For $59, clients can expect decent customer support, as well as the basic necessities for forming an LLC. 

MyCompanyWorks does not necessarily provide registered agent services to all clients, as this is frequently positioned as an add-on service. 

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is unique as it offers legal services alongside LLC formation. This makes the company a great choice if specialized services and legal advice are required. 

The company charges a legal membership fee of $39.99, and included within this membership is LLC formation. For clients that are not members, LLC formation can be very expensive with this company. As a result, customers can expect to pay $99 for a basic LLC formation package. 


Filenow is a relatively new LLC formation service. The company charges $49 for their basic LLC formation package, in addition to state fees. 

Filenow offers more premium services, but at a much higher cost. Within these premium packages, customers can expect registered agent services, EIN applications, and more. The company is also known for great customer support and services.


BizFilings has been operating as an LLC formation service for over 20 years. The company offers a number of services within this space, and although not a top choice, has additional services that are valuable.

BizFilings offers registered agent services, monitoring tools, and a wealth of information regarding LLC formation. In addition to this, the company works to provide free access to resources and information on their website. 

Final Thoughts

Forming an LLC is a big step for any up-and-coming business. Whilst it is cheaper to initiate the LLC formation process alone, it is often easier and more efficient to enlist the aid of LLC formation services. It is important to choose the right LLC formation service, as there are many available, and each offers its own set of pros and cons. 

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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