Things to Know When Styling Curtain Bangs

styling curtain bangs


cutain bangs

Curtain bangs are a way of styling medium and long hair effortlessly. All you have to do is to ensure that the hair is well straightened and neat at the top. You then part it at the middle of the head and let it flow on each side of the head. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to wear as a lot of styling is not required for you to rock perfect curtain hair bangs. This makes certain hair bangs an everyday style for many women.

The good thing about bangs is that they fit everyone well regardless of hair type and face shape. This is because the bangs can be styled to fit every face by concealing or highlighting certain facial features. The following are some important things to know when styling curtain bangs.

1. Always Choose a Face-Framing Style

When it comes to rocking a curtain bang style, the shape of your face takes center stage thanks to the sharp front edges of this hairstyle. People usually have different face shapes, and not every style of curtain bangs suits them perfectly. This means you must identify the different styles of curtain hair bangs that blend well with the shape of your face and your general complexion.

There are many ways of wearing curtain hair bangs, depending on whether you want to conceal or highlight your facial features. Therefore, always take time to decide on the best way to style your curtain bangs, considering your face shape and your complexion. These two comes in handy for a great hairstyle choice.

face framing

2. Use The Right Hair Products

The use of hair products to style your curtain bangs is very important. This is because the products help to put the hair in the way you want it to. It is important to always use a protective hair spray before you use heating tools. The spray helps reduce the damage caused by blow driers, curling irons, or flat irons.

Using the right application method when using hair products is also important. The first thing is to ensure that the hair is well hydrated before using hair mousse. Use a soft hair brush to help spread the product from the hair roots to the edges. Let the product sit for a while before blow drying the hair for you to attain the best results.

3. Blow Dry The Hair Correctly

Blow drying your hair does not simply mean straightening the hair using a comb and a blow dryer. Ensuring that the hair is blow-dried correctly usually helps to ensure that your hair is kept neat and that the roots and edges do not fall off. Always ensure that the hair is blown in the opposite direction from which it is supposed to lay.

This usually helps to ensure that the hair does not have tangles which could cause a lot of difficulties when styling. To ensure that your bangs are not oddly shaped after drying, you should blow dry them while still wet.

After you are contented with the blow-dried look, pull the hair back into the style that you want it to have. Here, you can use gel or hairspray to ensure that the bangs remain in the right position. We prefer you use gel for a perfect look.

blow dry

4. Create a Long-Lasting Hair Volume

 The volume of the hair plays a very important role when styling curtain bangs. The secret to outstanding curtain bangs is having a large volume of hair. Adding curls and layers is one of the best ways to add volume to your curtain hair bangs. Hair products and heating tools are some of the best ways to add volume to your hair.

If you have waves or curls on the bangs, using hairspray helps ensure that they are neat and bouncy. Ensure that the hair volume you get for your curtain bangs can last a long time without needing to redo them. This will help to reduce the amount of time spent styling the hair. This will also help reduce the money and time used to maintain the bangs.

How to style bangs?

  • Each type of bang will require a different styling technique.
  • One thing that is true across the board is that you should keep your bangs looking fresh.
  • Dry shampoo can help if you don’t wash your hair every day.
  • However, if you have time, washing and drying your bangs keeps them looking their best.
  • Depending on the type of bangs you have chosen and your personal style, you can use different styling techniques.
  • For regular bangs, if you want a more modern look, you can keep them straight by ironing them.
  • For a fuller, more voluminous effect, use a round brush to style it.
  • For side bangs or a side sweep, you can use a flat brush with the blow dryer to sweep them across your forehead.
  • You can also brush this type of round bangs to give it more volume.
  • If curtain bangs are your bang of choice, it’s important to keep your curtain bangs looking fresh and stylish.
  • You’ll want to get really good at blow-drying them in the direction you want them to extend – curling them apart with a part in the middle is the best way to style this type of bang.
  • Another option is to carefully use a flat iron or curling iron to tell your hair what to do.
  • Baby Bangs are best styled using a flat brush while directing the air from a blow dryer downward to help keep them flatter and in place.
  • To style the frame of your face, you can curve your hair towards your face or wear it straight.
  • To curve it towards your face you can dry it like this with a round brush.
  • A curling iron or flat iron can also help you style a curve in the front of your hair using the tool to direct the hair inward by “framing” your hair.
  • Maybe the fact that I give my clients a hard time when they ask for bangs is my personal PTSD.
  • I want everyone to know that I am only looking out for you.
  • All I want is for you to be happy.
  • I don’t want you to regret it, I don’t want you to spend the next 6 months trying to grow them out long enough to hide behind your ears so they’re less obtrusive and less obvious.
  • Maybe it’s due to my own personal commitment issues.
  • That’s probably why my hair is two feet long, one length, and no layers.
  • Before making a serious decision like getting bangs, consult a professional.
  • I beg you, don’t finish reading this article and jump over to YouTube for DIY “how to cut my bangs” videos.


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