The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Data Room Providers and Their Ratings

Data Room Providers

An online data room is a secure online platform for storing and exchanging data. When a business has to analyze and exchange information with experts outside the organization, a virtual data room is a must for complicated transactions.

Due to their benefits, virtual data rooms are quite popular among business world participants.

  • The avoidance of corporate data leakage;
  • Adaptable data management, independent of the location of the data.
  • Workflow is sped and made more straightforward with integrated corporate solutions.

Online data room services are most frequently used for securely exchanging documents during M&A deals. This is different from traditional file hosting services (such as Google Drive or Dropbox). Data room software is being actively used by businesses to safeguard their internal documents and sign contracts and agreements with third parties.

A digital data room is considered more secure than a physical one, since there is little chance that files will be lost or destroyed. Additionally, a virtual data room (VDR) protects the files from breakage and reduces the danger of a data breach thanks to its numerous security measures. Check more details in this data room review.

Common VDR Features

Viewer history—Would you like to know when people clicked on documents the most? Or how long does one spend working on documents on average? Or other locations the team members have visited on the protected platform? You may accomplish all of this and much more using this function of the program.

View-only access—Administrators may choose who can access these private files and who

Security and encryption—When it comes to offering a safe platform and end-to-end encryption, VDRs surpass project management software. VDR providers can give document authorization to select users. Additionally, watermarks and remote shredding boost security.

File-sharing—The ability to share files is the primary benefit of the best data rooms. This improves engagement at work by streamlining the process of virtual meetings and cooperation.

Bulk upload—Managing a lot of data is challenging. Utilizing cloud-based solutions has therefore made it simpler. Businesses may now easily and without delays upload massive volumes of data.

Live chat—You may discuss papers and other crucial meeting details with remote users using the live chat tool.

Best VDR Providers and Their Ratings

With so many VDR providers on the market, it might be difficult to choose the ideal one for your company. So let’s consider the best ones in the market according to

1. Firmex offers an intelligent user interface to help customers operate quickly and effectively. Each year, Firmex clients open more than 15,000 data rooms.


  • Verify what users see immediately
  • Secure user access and entrance
  • Comprehensive User Management
  • 24/7/365 seamless auto-indexing expert assistance

The price starts at $ $55./per month.

2. Intralinks

The most cutting-edge data room vendors in the world, Intralinks, expedites your big deals easily and quickly. This uses a completely automated approach to carry out the tasks accurately and without making mistakes. It has several features and offers round-the-clock professional help.


  • Expert Deal Prep
  • Rapid VDR Configuration & Deployment
  • AI Detailed Reporting Redaction
  • M&A Process
  • End-user assistance is available 24/7/365 with video integration.

Intralinks pricing starts from $25.00/month.

3. EthosData

To make it simple and safe for you to execute your transactions, EthosData offers online data room software. It forces you to concentrate on the agreements, and they will handle all the paperwork and business dealings involved. It maintains the secrecy of your deal information and specifics. Furthermore, it designates specialists to manage the VDRs and offers continuous assistance.


  • Eliminate the complication.
  • Experts manage data rooms.
  • No plug-ins or applications to install Platform approved by international third parties
  • Unlimited Training sessions are offered around the clock.

EthosData pricing starts from $180./month.

Virtual data room providers are regarded as secure cloud software producers. They adhere to the required digital standards to guarantee document protection in any office setting. What counts, in this case, is that there are a huge number of online data room services being marketed as a result of the expanding global consumer base.


Finding the ideal electronic data room solution requires significant time and effort, which should come as no surprise. You must first determine your goals to choose which VDR platform is appropriate for your company.

You need to concentrate on data area suppliers that are relevant to your sector, and search for customers who have used services that are quite comparable to yours. On their websites, the majority of data room providers often feature client testimonials and portfolios. The quantity of virtual data room rankings is another quality to look for in an info room professional. Some of the most significant businesses have improved ratings and are frequently suggested by independent review websites. The ratings are determined by features, usability, and general performance.


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