The UK Has Been the Benefactor of Rapid and Sustained Growth in Technological Innovation

Startup Innovation

The number of startups that are changing the UK landscape is increasing year on year. From change of address platforms to neo banks, there are significant developments. In this article, we’ll cover 5 innovative and promising startups changing the UK.

Innovative start-ups changing the UK

As we know, the United Kingdom is one of the most reliable countries for start-ups. It has produced 91 unicorns (companies worth 1bn or more). Not surprisingly, there are many start-ups growing directly from there or using the country as a launching pad for commodities, ideas, and operations. Here are 5 innovative start-ups changing the UK.


SlothMove is the prop-tech start-up you might not have heard of. Their mission is to change the way the UK moves home. They do this by providing an online change of address service which allows users to update their address with multiple services. They have won British Business Bank’s annual Small Business Advice Week mentoring competition. This service lets users update their address with TV Licensing, loyalty programmers and all their utility companies in one go by filling in a simple online form, you can learn more on their website.


You might have heard of Zoom or Team, but how about Hopin? Hopin is a virtual event management platform. They specialize in managing virtual conferences. Having raised over £400 million since 2020 their value has sky-rocketed during the pandemic. Hopin has managed to secure clients such as Slack, Pepsico, and even UPS. With a focus on event marketing, their platform is one to watch over the next year. Interestingly, Hopin has performed strongly in a competitive niche.


Deliveroo is a fast-growing business in the UK which many readers will be familiar with. As we know, their state-of-the-art app allows customers takeout from thousands of restaurants, many of which had never attempted home delivery before the start-up exploded onto the scene. Deliveroo is now worth just under an eye-watering £2 billion.

Behind the food order platform, Deliveroo has made many subtle differences to the UX journey. Its inclusion of Deliveroo Plus allows users to cut down their delivery fees if they pay a small fee. The small fee is netted out if the user orders at least once a week.


From moving home to home food delivery, now we take a look at a fast-growing international bank. In essence, Revolut is an application developed for keeping your finances in check. They have surmounted an outstanding 10 million personal customers with strong business customer growth to boot. What’s unique about Revolut is the number of solutions they support from budgeting tools to analytics. Revolut makes transferring money internationally simpler, reducing fees and reducing the friction of borders. All of this has led to Revolut becoming one of the biggest neo-banks operating in the UK & Europe.


Another technology start-up hailing from the UK is Regnosys. Their primary technology is something they call ‘Rosetta’. REGnosys, in their own words, looks to implement the Common Domain model. They do this across the financial sector where compliance is extremely important. What makes REGnosys a unique start-up is that they have developed a way to significantly reduce costs and risks based on different product life cycles.


Technological advancements are changing industries from prop-tech & food to banking and conferencing. There are a growing number of start-ups who are trying to open new horizons of business and ways of customers across the UK. Now the world is at your fingertips, the internet has allowed online services to work globally.  From moving home to your next virtual call, who will be the next start-up to make an impact? 


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