The Quality of Working Life: Managers’ Wellbeing, Motivation and Productivity

The recent economic crisis has created waves of turbulence that have rocked and even sunk many UK organisations. This article looks at the effects of this turbulence on both organisations and, more specifically, on the managers who work within them. Les Worrall and Cary Cooper reveal that cost reduction-driven organisational change has ripped through businesses and that the impact of this change has worsened the quality of working life of many managers. More importantly, the authors identify that the gap between the perceptions of those at the top of organisations has widened from those at lower levels, providing an analysis that raises major concerns about how well UK organisations are being managed.






Since 2007, the UK economy has suffered the deepest, most protracted recession and period of no/low growth since the 1930s. In his 2007 budget statement the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, commented ‘And we will never return to the old boom and bust’ – never has a politician got it so wrong. Within a year, the UK’s biggest boom became its biggest bust. As the credit crunch was superseded by the euro crisis, the UK economy has suffered a period of protracted turmoil. But, how has this turmoil affected organisations? And, more important, how has it affected mana-gers’ wellbeing?

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