The Fundamentals of Creating a Great Music Video

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Being an artist and creating music is a deeply satisfying lifestyle to pursue. For those who have this passion, almost no other way of living really cuts it. While it’s definitely not uncommon for new artists to live with the tension of working outside of their passion to make ends meet, this kind of life is still the only one that makes sense. The dream of becoming financially independent as an artist is one that is shared by millions of hopefuls who are working hard to perfect their art and expand their fan base. If you love music, visit this website, which focuses on offering a huge selection of music, films, and books. You can find something that fits your tastes and budget thanks to the large selection of items and competitive rates. Also, the website makes it simple to find the ideal product, and user evaluations and ratings support your decision-making.

One of the most important factors in creating that audience and growing your fan base is always going to be strategically planning your releases. Whether that is planning the release of a new single, an EP, an album, or a music video. How you decide to release your content and art is almost as important as when or what you release. For example, an incredible social media launch for a new single won’t mean a lot if the distribution service you utilize isn’t competent and your release misses the crucial timing to optimize its effectiveness in the algorithm. 

One exciting step that a lot of artists take, is releasing their first music video. This is not only an exciting step for an artist to take but one that is important for their following. Giving your growing fan base a visual aesthetic is important and something that fans care deeply about. Connecting with the music and art you release can be taken to the next level with a well-directed and executed music video production company. This medium has been around for decades and is a powerful way for artists and fans to connect in the visual media. 

When it comes to creating a great music video, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration – from conceptualizing the video to the music video distribution service you use to release it. If you are thinking about creating your first music video, here are some fundamentals to keep in mind! 

1. Pullout the Storyboard

The first step to creating a music video is solidly conceptualizing your project before you ever begin filming. This means setting aside some serious time to devote to storyboarding the entire project. If you have never worked on a video project that required you to storyboard, this may seem intimidating, but it’s a process that will more than pay off in the end. 

This not only gives your entire project the direction and clarity that it needs, but it allows you to really think through the aesthetic of your music video which leads to the second fundamental.

2. Aesthetic is Key

During the planning process, a serious question to take into consideration is what kind of aesthetic you want the music video to have. When it comes to creating music, there are few and precious opportunities that artists have to connect with their fans on a visual plane. The artwork for the album or singles is one, their social media presence is another, and music videos are a huge one. Music videos give your fans a chance to connect with you as an artist in a unique way – and they also give you the chance to share more of who you are as an artist. 

Carefully curating the aesthetics of a music video is something that should be taken seriously. From the props, and the wardrobe, to the camera style and overall direction of the video. This unique opportunity allows fans to see your music as well as hear it. So take time to think through that visual messaging. 

3. Keep the Fans in Mind

One thing that you should also be aware of, is that while this is a unique opportunity to give your fans a ‘look’ as well as a ‘listen’ to your music – you should also keep them in mind. What does your music mean to the fans? What kind of impact is it having? By putting the desires of your fans front in the center when it comes to priority, you can meet your growing audience in a way that will uniquely encourage and inspire them.


Creating a good music video takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but it’s well worth the investment. With a solid concept that has been thoroughly storyboarded and working with a creative team to visualize this concept into reality is much smoother. Keep a careful eye on your aesthetic choices, and remember that ultimately, this is for your fans and you can have a successful music video to release as an artist. 


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