The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

LinkedIn Automation Tool

Expandi allows you to automate the process of contacting potential customers through the social network LinkedIn or email and performs a myriad of other useful functions. It’s fast and efficient!

How to find new clients quickly?

This tool allows you to automate all your prospecting activities on Linked In. If you want to generate sales for your product or service, find new customers, recruit, find a job or simply increase your profile ranking, linkedin automation tools are the perfect solution.

Expandi creates individualized touch points with your audience

This linkedin outreach automation allows you to create your peronalized cold outreach campaign just for 15 m.The importance of automation has been growing steadily in recent times. Perhaps even more so after the last viral pandemic, when people were almost completely paralysed. Process automation has already come to areas such as recruitment, B2B sales and marketing. In this article, we take an in-depth look at how to automate tasks related to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a popular social network for professionals and certainly a goldmine when it comes to attracting clients. But are you making the best use of this tool and, more importantly, your time?  If you want to save time and effort on your LinkedIn outreach and still personalize all of your cold outreach campaigns, automation is just what you need.

LinkedIn’s automation tools are specifically designed to simulate human behaviour on the platform. These Linkedin tools will not only save you time, but also help you easily connect with potential customers and attract leads.

With automation tools, you can easily connect with your individual audience via LinkedIn or email from any provider . Moreover, LinkedIn’s automation tools simplify customer acquisition, which ultimately leads to more referrals and sales.

Find the most promising clients through LinkedIn and relevant contact information. Get leads with ease. Whether you’re making a cold call or researching a previous record, expandi allows you to engage with customers more effectively, connecting you faster and easier and allowing you to send automated enquiries and contact messages. Expand your lead list and automate individual LinkedIn messages and contact requests with follow-up actions.


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