The Best Caviar From the Caspian Sea | Best Types of Caviars

Caspian sea caviar

For a typical connoisseur of food, it behooves him to know the specialty each food holds. A person with quite a sharp sense of taste for gastronomic delights wouldn’t be satisfied in trying only one type of food per category. If you love seafood, you would definitely have heard about the roe or the caviar composed of unfertilized sturgeon fish eggs. And if you have heard about it, you might also have tried any of its types. And now You certainly want to explore more about its best types. Your urge for finding the Best caviar in the world has gotten you to the right place! I am going to jot down a brief review of each of the caviar types to help you pick the best for yourself. I bet; you’ll end up confused once again as you will find all the types of sturgeon caviar so tempting!

Where to Find theBest caviar?

To find the best caviar in the world, you should know about the specialties of each Iran caviar driven from the Caspian Sea. There are many platforms where you can find the sundry caspian caviar but the Persian caviar is best sold in London, UK. You can find Caviar for Sale and get the best of these globules.

How are Caviar Types Ranked?

There are some factors considered by which caviars are ranked. One among these factors is Egg Uniformity which indicates the visual appearance of the roe. It further dives into other factors including The size of eggs, their color, and their shape, all are considered precisely during the preparation of caviar. The size of the egg depends on the type of fish it has come from – Beluga caviar’s eggs being the largest one. The color of the egg indicates caviar quality. They vary in color depending on how old the sturgeon is. For an instance: the color of eggs in Osetra Caviars faints with the maturity of sturgeon fish.

Other factors in the Caspian sea caviar ranking include caviar’s fragrance. Fresh caviar is supposed to smell fresh with an ocean scent. Egg lucidity is also one such factor that confirms its freshness. Next, after the ranking the caviar is also graded as top to low, depending on its quality and price concerned.

Among the grades, Beluga tops the rating in the matter of pricing. It is the most expensive one than other types of caviar because the number of sturgeons caught is slightly lower – approximately 100 a year. Besides that, it has an oceanic taste and bigger pea-shaped eggs. Its price keeps on elevating depending upon some factors. In caviar ranking, Osetra Caviar stands to be the second one. Its taste is akin to walnuts. And the ranking goes on for other caviar types this way.

Why Caviar is so Expensive?

This luxurious food is brought to you after waiting for too long for sturgeon fishes to breed and produce eggs which are further processed to enhance its fine aroma and taste. You’ll be amazed to know that it takes around 10 to 15 years to complete the process! This is why the Iranian caviars are expensive and their royal taste is worth spending on. 

The Best Types of Iranian Caviar

1. Beluga Caviar

As stated earlier, Beluga has gained importance over other caviars due to its high-quality taste and texture. Unfortunately, the population of Huso Huso sturgeon that give eggs for the beluga roe has decreased, due to which the caviar has become rare and more costly.

2. Osetra Caviar

Driven from Persian Osetra Sturgeon, these eggs are smaller in size. It has a different taste from Beluga. It is smooth and holds a nutty and buttery taste.

However, there are also other caviar types with exceptional taste, caviar Almas being the one among them. You can pick any of the caviar, all the caviars have a classic and different taste. Along with that, you can also read more about how these caviars are nutritionally good and how they can be complemented with other foods.


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