The Advantages Of The Twin Frecciarossa Filter Press

Twin Frecciarossa Filter Press

Producing high-quality products is no longer enough to guarantee business success. Today, you need to be thinking about the waste that a business produces and how to handle it while protecting the environment. It can be difficult to balance everything, especially when you’re trying to extract water from sludge: that’s where the all-new twin Frecciarossa filter press steps into action.

How The Filter Press Works

The aim of a filter press is to extract water from sludge. It’s an essential piece of equipment in mines, quarries, and similar environments. The machine’s job is important as both the solid particles in the sludge and the water are valuable to people and the planet.

The typical filter press works by collecting the sludge in a sealed chamber. The chamber is sealed by plates. Once the chamber or chambers a combination of sludge being pumped in and hydraulic pressure plates separate the water from the other particles in the sludge.

As soon as sensors recognize all the water has been removed, the machine stops working and the dry lumps of clay will fall out of the now-open chamber.

The Arrival Of The Twin Frecciarossa Filter Press

The principle has been in existence for years. It can be hard to redesign something that works, but the Italian company Matec has managed to improve on the original design to create a filter press that can do the job of two filter presses.

The new machine was introduced to the market in 2022 and has already proved a hit with a selection of mining plants.

Benefits Of Using This Press

There are several benefits to using a twin Frecciarossa filter press.

Speed & Size

The sheer size of this machine means that it can handle larger loads of sludge than anything else. It makes it more suited to large jobs as waste can be quickly moved, sorted and disposed of correctly.

The machine has been over-engineered to ensure reliability and this also allows it to work quickly, increasing the amount of sludge or similar material that can be processed.

Improved Productivity

Because the machine is fast, efficient and can handle large quantities of sludge, it will reduce the time spent dealing with sludge and improve the productivity of the business. That means more manpower available to deal with the business operation and improve profits.

Although workers may feel the efficiency of the machine could threaten their jobs, it is designed to help improve the potential of any business, increasing the need for labor in other areas of the business.

More water removal

The twin Frecciarossa filter press is designed to extract every drop of water from sludge and similar materials. It’s fast and efficient, but, more importantly, water is an increasingly precious resource. Extracting every possible drop means there is more for humanity and less damage to the environment.

It could be argued that this type of advancement in technology is essential for the future of the planet.

Independent working

This machine is designed to run smoothly and efficiently and it needs very little supervision. However, the most important element is that it is designed as two machines in one. This is part of what makes it so efficient.

It’s also a clever design ploy that allows both sections to work independently if the need arises.

An Array Of Accessories

Despite being new to the market, there is already an impressive array of accessories, such as a tough protective shell and specially formulated protective solution when the machine is being used in harsh conditions.

In short, the machine is designed to withstand any environment and you can choose the accessories that best suit your needs. In effect, you can personalize the machine to get the best possible performance.

Summing Up

Choosing a new filter press isn’t the most glamorous decision you’ll make, even when looking at this machine and its typical Italian styling.

However, it’s being marketed at an attractive price, is well-built, and is highly likely to improve the efficiency of your business. It will also boost your bottom line and your environmental credentials. That’s not something which should be overlooked in modern business.

The twin Frecciarossa filter press does exactly what it says, that’s its biggest advantage.


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