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Software Development

Software Development is a big and important task and before diving into Development you need to ask yourself a few questions like, Do you need a few developers for software development, or do you need a team of developers?  When you make a choice on this then take the next step and connect to PROFESSIONAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT POWERHOUSE consultants who specialize in providing outsourcing for business and helps you in any business challenges.

For accomplishing in your business it’s essential to have the best team of professionals who provides you with the best consultancy and suggests you the best Software Development Model. People often get obscure–when choosing the model for their software Development if you have no experience with it–Professional Agency makes this easy for you to make a choice between software Outsourcing or software Outstaffing. If you’re at the startup of your business, Outstaffing Development would be the right choice for you because it’s relatively cheaper in costs than outsourcing.

There’s no need to worry about hiring Developers, your remote team will do everything for you. In nutshell, When you choose an Outstaffing Development  Service Provider, you get a trustworthy partner who is always there for you and helps you build more, Outstaffing Development goes through the process of hiring an outside team of developers that provides the cost benefits of Outsourcing while providing you with a high degree of control over the Development process.

If you’re at the startup of your business Outstaffing Software Development would be the right choice for you because its relevantly cheaper in costs than Outsourcing software Development, when your costs will be reduced it will free you and enables you to reinvest funds into your business, enables the opportunity to grow your offerings and service, in short, helps you with working on your business rather than in your business. 

Difference between Outstaffing Software and Outsourcing software:

For better understanding let’s look at them individually but before that, we need to understand that they both are offshore Development and both have their benefits and pitfalls.

What is Outstaffing Development?

One of the kinds of offshore Development is Outstaffing, where a client hires a niche Employee from a software Development Outsourcing Company to accomplish Development tasks, it is best for those clients who have a solid in-house team—they want to find an expert in a certain area or save some money on hiring new employees, we can say that he is a temporary part of your in-house team.

Below listed are some benefits of Outstaffing:

  • Hiring an IT Outstaffing allows you to work with super-talented developers,  without getting perplexed employee management
  • Cheaper than an In-house team
  • It is lower in cost as compared to complete outsourcing
  • It minimizes your human resources staff
  • Best for companies who wants full control over the Development procedure, ensuring that the remote team executes the project according to the project scope and timelines
  • No need to provide equipment, infrastructure
  • Simple and fast Hiring
  • You’ll have complete control over the development process

 The pitfall of Outstaffing Development:

  • Liability of choosing Developers
  • Liability for Management
  • The customer is accountable for the development process

What is Outsourcing Development?

Another kind of offshore Development is Outsourcing, where a client hires another outsource service provider company for any short time project, which is signing of an agreement for the whole project it includes –From planning to Development and testing it when a company has no in-house Development team so it gives his software production idea to another outsource software  Development team which develops your final product.

Below listed are benefits of outsourcing:

  • The quality and delivery are the responsibility of the Outsourcing company
  • No management effort
  • Outsource  provider company is fully responsible for all the equipment, software needed to complete the project
  • The agency commits for results

The pitfall of Outsourcing:

  • Outsourcing the project management costs relatively higher than outstaffing
  • Project managing ability is limited Simple and fast hiring
  • Ambiguity in the process can  make problems down the road which aren’t caught earlier
  • Project delays are anticipated

What does a Offshore Outstaffing Development company do for you?

Offshore Outsaffing Development company provides their professional consultants, IT-specialists, they help you in finding talents suitable for your project. Therefore, don’t only get employees for your project although you get a dedicated team of experts, who will take the Development process to success. They can construct your Development team directly proportional to scratch based on your requirements and make your business grow successfully.


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