She Leads: Women’s Impact in Business 

By Stacey Karlsson

Women in Leadership  

I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable strides women have made in business leadership over the years. By bringing my unique insights and managerial approaches, I have contributed to reshaping industries. In the modern business world, traits like strength, empathy, collaboration, sustainability, and a multidisciplinary approach are highly valued, which I and many other women naturally integrate into our leadership styles. 

Evidence suggests that companies thrive under diverse leadership. In fact, The Credit Suisse Gender 3000 report found that companies with higher female representation in leadership roles consistently showed superior returns on capital, better stock performance, and higher Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores. Specifically, the report highlighted that companies displaying above-average gender diversity generated 200 basis points of alpha compared to those below the average. 

I’m Stacey Karlsson, founder of Goho. I turned my back on traditional methods, prioritising billable hours over customer satisfaction and creative output. Instead, I have forged a path that values impactful, client-centric strategies. My approach challenges the norms of the Events, PR, and Marketing industries, illustrating how women like us can be strong leaders.  

Challenges Faced by Women in Business  

As a woman, I face many challenges. From unequal pay to a lack of women in leadership, these issues are not unique to any industry – they’re everywhere and deeply ingrained in our society. Women have also faced fewer opportunities for mentorship and networking, which are crucial for career growth. 

When I share my experiences from different sectors, you’ll hear a similar thread of battling gender bias, facing discrimination, and juggling professional demands with personal life. These stories show us that women like me are incredibly resilient in adversity. They also remind us that there’s still a lot of work to be done to create environments where women can thrive in their careers and businesses. 

I wanted to create a workplace that helped women thrive in leadership. I mentor women and offer a wide range of training for employees within my company while also opting to take on women business owners as clients to support them through to success – all things companies can do to benefit from the impact of women in leadership roles. 

Women use innovative storytelling, problem-solving, and risk-taking approaches to inspire and motivate their teams to succeed in business. For instance, women leaders like me are experts at crafting compelling narratives that capture the hearts and minds of their audience. We tell stories highlighting our company’s journey, emphasising the triumphs and the challenges along the way. This helps to create a strong sense of purpose and connection among employees, customers, and investors alike. 

We women in business are also great at creative problem-solving. We encourage our teams to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges. By nurturing a culture of creativity, we empower our team to navigate difficulties with agility and confidence. 

We are strategic risk-takers. We’re fearless in taking bold steps to drive growth, yet we always make sure we’ve done our research first. This helps us to make well-informed decisions that set our organisations or teams up for success. In short, we are making a real impact in the business world. Our innovative approaches to leadership are setting new standards for success and inspiring those around us to reach greater heights. 

Strategies for Empowering Women in Business  

Empowering women in the business world is crucial; we can take meaningful actions to support and promote their leadership roles.  

How can you enable us to impact your business? First, establish mentorship programmes where aspiring female leaders connect with seasoned professionals who can offer valuable advice and support. These mentorship relationships can be game-changers and provide insights and networking opportunities that propel women’s careers forward. 

You must invest in tailored education and skill development programmes for women, focusing on leadership, negotiation, and strategic decision-making. Equipping women with the right tools and knowledge empowers us to thrive in leadership positions. 

Then, implement policies that promote gender equality and remove barriers to women’s advancement. Equal pay, fair parental leave, and flexible work arrangements are just some of the policies that can level the playing field and support women in balancing their professional and personal lives. 

Cultivate inclusive and supportive workplaces where women feel valued and respected. This means addressing biases, fostering diversity and inclusion, and providing opportunities for women to contribute their ideas and perspectives. At Goho, gender does not interfere with leadership positions, promotions, or opportunities; I actively mentor all of my team members and will support any woman in a leadership role if that’s what they want. 

It would help if you also encouraged advocacy and networking efforts that amplify women’s voices and create opportunities for collaboration. Supporting women’s networks and professional development groups can develop a sense of community and solidarity, empowering women to succeed in business.

About the Author

Stacey KarlssonStacey Karlsson, the founder of Goho says, “A business doesn’t fail for a lack of trying, it’s usually a lack of creativity. Everyone has a story, it takes the right minds to find it, and use it in a captivating way – whether through PR, Events or Marketing. We’ve helped 100s of businesses tell theirs reaching millions of people”. 

Goho is a female lead agency specialising in Events, PR & Marketing. Stacey started Goho after becoming disillusioned with the industry and how clients were treated, focusing on how many hours were billed rather than creative output, customer service and results. Armed with just a Macbook and a bucket load of positivity, she started Goho, and never looked back. Stacey and the team have 16+ years of award-winning marketing campaigns and events, working with many from small businesses to large-scale firms.  

Creativity and strategy is their forte and what they’ve become known for.  


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