Sabine Eckhardt, Chief Commercial Officer, ProSiebenSat.1 Media Group

All that procrastination and weighing up doesn’t get you very far in a male-dominated business world. ‘Just get on with it’ is sometimes the line you have to take.
Sabine Eckhardt is the Chief Commercial Officer of the ProSiebenSat.1 Media Group and responsible for three of its companies. At Seven One Media, the group’s sales subsidiary, she is responsible for both classic sales and for the development of new business areas. She also manages the Seven One Ad Factory that handles the development and marketing of 360 degree communication concepts, content marketing and specialty advertising at ProSiebenSat.1. She is the Managing Director of ProSiebenSat.1 Licensing, the license company of the group. Sabine gained a masters in German Language and Literature with Philosophy at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.


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First of all, I opted for a degree in a subject that continues to be dominated by women: German Language and Literature. I did so out of a huge interest in literature and stories. My minor in Philosophy still benefits me greatly in my day-to-day work: the ability to explain complex issues clearly is a skill that helps me a lot. An eight-month stint at the University of Pisa in Italy was important for my own personal development. That was an extraordinarily enriching experience.

As a highly communicative, creative type, who values sharing views and ideas with others, my career turned more towards business. That’s something I’ve never regretted, as today I earn my money by creating and realising innovations, dealing with stories and in some cases even making up stories myself.



I was always curious when I was young and was constantly encouraged to try things out. I’ve had plenty of positive experiences with this and know no fears – not even of making mistakes. I really like holding conversations with other people and find different perspectives both interesting and enriching. And I’m a good decision-maker – which has made many things easier in my (working) life.

Anyone assuming responsibility will sooner or later reach the point where he (or she) is confronted with risk. Some risks have such a long-lasting impact that it would be dangerous to talk about them today. But what I can say is that it always pays off to actively assume responsibility.  



I like to go jogging to unwind and collect myself. When I’m running, my thoughts take off, if nothing else, and loads of ideas begin to form. I also love art. New ideas come to me pretty quickly when I’m visiting galleries and exhibitions. Travel is another of my key sources of inspiration and relaxation: other countries, different customs and traditions, interesting people, good food, new impressions – all of this enriches me and helps me deal with new challenges.



Data and technology will be the predominant topics over the next few years. They are changing products and offerings profoundly – as well as what is known as the ‘customer journey’, of course. To stay on the ball, it’s worth holding a conversation with others – even internationally.

The media industry is highly dynamic; the ability to develop new products and respond flexibly to changing conditions has always been a key factor in this sector. The only new aspect is the speed with which things are changing.



Who today can say what the world will look like in five years time? For me, it’s important to have an exciting job that challenges me and allows me to make decisions and shape things. And nothing will have changed in that regard in five years time.



I believe that women should be braver and demonstrate more staying power. All that procrastination and weighing up doesn’t get you very far in a male-dominated business world. “Just get on with it” is sometimes the line you have to take.


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