Physical Benefits of Running and Exercising with Weighted Vest For Women


Weight vests have recently gained popularity among those who regularly perform weight training and cardio. It is considered a resistance training tool and seems to be everywhere. The weighted vests for women are ideal for most physical activities, from running, weight training to core exercises. Wearing a vest during activity can improve workout performance and also prevent post-workout soreness. These can be bought at online sporting goods stores. 

Running with a weighted vest is more often performed in armed forces combat training, and that’s why it is sometimes also known as military training style. It is helpful for both men and women to train using these vests. 

Let us get deeper into the physical benefits of using these vests. 

Perks of running and working out with weighted vests 

Running with additional weights can help improve body posture. Women’s weighted vests might also increase your running speed. A brief study performed on 11 long-distance runners showed a speed increase of 2.9 percent after training with a weighted vest. 

Are you wondering how it works? Weighted vests train your body to put more force into running and exercise sessions. After you get used to training with it, your body adapts to exert the same force for running at your normal pace, even when there’s no vest on. You will start running with the same force as you do with the weights. Some runners also find it very helpful to cut down the pace. 

There is enough medical evidence that using these vests is highly efficient and works for many exercises. However, there is still a lack of research to know the working of weighted vests and ideal ways to use them.

Cardiovascular benefits 

People believe that running and exercising with weighted vests can improve cardiovascular health by spiking heart rate. It can be true because your body has to use extra strength to run when extra weights are added. The heart pumps blood by working a little harder through the veins with the vest on. 

Another small study showed that there was a significant rise in participants’ intensity and lung and heart efficiency when they trained while wearing vests. Weighted vests for women can turn out to be highly efficient tools for cardiovascular conditioning. 

Musculoskeletal benefits

When you run with the added weights, it might help in increasing your bone density. A study performed on menopausal women showed that there might be a decrease in hip bone loss by regularly exercising with a weighted vest. Furthermore, weight training exercises can be most effective in preventing osteoporosis. 

Balance improvement

Since you have to take care of the posture and body form when running with the vest on, ultimately, it may help in improving balance. A study proves that regular exercise with added weights decreases women’s risk of falling after menopause. 

Where to get it

Weighted vest CrossFit can be easily found at online fitness stores. You can look for comfortable vests ideally made according to the female body. You’ll find a lot to choose from. 

Hurry up and shop now.

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