Optimize Website Performance by Checking Its Traffic

Optimize Website Performance

Self-assessment is needed not only for a person but also for business projects. In the era of e-commercialization, one of its important components is the analysis of website traffic. It allows invisible visitors to become visible to webmasters. As a consequence, better mechanisms for website promotion could be found. Online content production and distribution platform PR Post shares secrets on how to increase website traffic to convert potential customers into real ones.

Why Analyze Website Traffic?

In terms of e-commerce, a website is equivalent to the building of a store or company’s office. In real life, you can easily see how many people entered the store and how many of them purchased something.

  • If the number of visitors is extremely low, it is not advisable to continue working in this location.
  • If the number of visitors is large, but only a small part of them buy the goods, this is a sign that something must be changed in the store’s policy.

The same goes for analyzing the number of visits to your website. If the traffic is high, but there are too few orders, this is a signal that something should be changed:

  • Website content or its presentation
  • Pricing policy
  • A range of goods or a list of services provided

If the traffic is generally low, this is a sign for webmasters that the website promotion mechanisms are not working well. You need to add advertising, open referral programs, and apply different marketing approaches.

Useful Tools for Checking Website Traffic 

If you have not previously wondered how to check website traffic, start with Google Analytics. It is a free and efficient tool that offers a number of indicators that are important for any marketer. There is also a paid advanced version called Google Analytics 360. But for ordinary tasks of small and medium-sized businesses, the indicators that are offered in the free version will be enough:

  • Bounce rate: people who only looked at 1 page.
  • Conversion rates: the number of potential buyers who turned into real ones.
  • What sources does the traffic come from?
  • Pages that are viewed most often by customers.
  • Geographical and demographic indicators of visitors.
  • Website return frequency.

If these indicators seem insufficient for the purposes of your marketing strategy, or if you want to analyze the traffic of competitors, you can use the following paid analytical programs:

  • SimilarWeb
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs

Thanks to traffic analysis, you will find out how well your marketing strategy works, which sites are best to advertise your services, what content attracts the most visitors, and much more. When your visitors turn from invisible to visible, you can easily understand what needs to be changed on the website to increase sales and make their visit worthwhile.


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