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This month was the third year since Canada legalized marijuana. Individuals 19 and older may purchase and use cannabis (up to 30g), except in Alberta and Quebec, where the age limit is 18. The legalization has created economic growth, according to Bloomberg, growing over 200% since. All individuals in Canada may order and receive cannabis via the Canada post, given they meet the age requirements.

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Inside Dank

In Canada, people can have a similar experience as in California by visiting dispensaries in Canada such as the Dank dispensary.

The Dank cannabis store can meet all of your cannabis-related products, including bud, pre-rolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, seeds, and accessories. Everything from THC to CBD, glassware to rolling papers, all of your weed nap dreams have come to flower, at Dank dispensary.

Dank Dispensaries

Order Weed in Canada

There are 2 Dank dispensaries, one located in Ogden/Lynnwood (Calgary, AB) and the other coming soon in Dover (Calgary, AB). Becoming a loyal member gets fans the best perks of course! Perks include exclusive merch, special offers, points every time you shop, awesome coupons, and 5% off always! They have a vast selection of THC and CBD products to choose from.

Many Types of Marijuana Products For Sale

At Dank dispensary, the names for the weed are fun and descriptive, and they provide the customer with a nice breakdown of the CBD and THC percentages so you know what you’re buying and what to expect when you use the product. They also provide some varieties of Indica and Sativa.


THC is Tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD is Cannabidiol, which are just two cannabinoids of many. According to medical news today, THC may contain psychoactive and stimulative properties, which is what gives the user a “high” feeling. CBD is more commonly accepted as “calming” instead of the “high” feeling.

Indica vs Sativa

According to talk around cannabis, Indica is a pain relief strain while Sativa is more energetic and creative. According to science, there’s not a difference. This description is based more on stoner relatability and experience rather than facts.


For their customers that like it ready to smoke, or their customers that don’t have much experience with cannabis, Dank dispensary provides a great option! Pre-rolls are available in a variety of volumes, strengths, and strains.


At Dank dispensary, customers may find disposable vaporizers as well as cartridges. Sleek, mobile, and indiscreet, finding exactly what you need is easy at the Dank cannabis store. Filtering through the vaporizers is as easy as selecting which strain and how much THC or CBD is desired.


All concentrated cannabis products can easily be located at the Dank dispensary. Wax crumbles, shatters, dabs, oil, resin, and kief are all readily available in a variety.


Chocolates, Hard Candy, Gummies, Drinks, and more. It’s discreet, it’s probably sweet, and it’s CBD or THC. Some tips are: watch the THC percentages because some are stronger than others. If you’re unsure of the strength, consume small amounts at a time.


A customer can find topical solutions in the form of bath bombs, lip balm, bath fizz, and creams. Topical solutions are available in THC, CBD, or both. Topicals are generally used for localized relief rather than psychoactive euphoria, and can help alleviate a variety of small ailments like cramping, tension, and inflammation.

Cannabis Seeds

Individuals with a green thumb and a love for all things green may purchase seeds at the Dank cannabis store. Seeds from a reputable source are more likely to produce a healthy plant, and the information on the strain, the content, and the plant’s identifiers.

Smoking Accessories

The Dank dispensary has an impressive array of accessories. Whatever tool one prefers using to enjoy the company of THC or CBD, Dank dispensary has probably got your back on that, too. They carry glass blunts, rolling papers, bubblers, mods, pipes, one-hitters, dab rigs, stash jars, and that’s not all!


The Dank dispensary also has weed-related merch available. Hoodies, shirts, and hats are available, and “comfy af.” The collection includes the design “Pot Girl Summer” and it comes on a hoodie or a t-shirt.

Customer Support and Experience at

Canada Weed Store

The customer support at the Dank cannabis stores in Canada are phenomenal. Upon opening the chatbox, it reads “we reply immediately.” Tested, true, and an amazing team! The experience at is tailored to the customer and the customer experience. They encourage you to reach out with any of your cannabis needs, with their support team ready to help and very knowledgeable.


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