Maxwell Drever Shows how to Convert a Hotel Into an Affordable Housing Unit

Housing Unit

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus worldwide, governments took measures for curtailing the spread of the disease. By imposing lockdown, social distancing, restricting travel, governments have tried to limit the spread of COVID-19. These steps have emptied hotel rooms because of the halt on travel and tourism. Hence, it has prompted few jurisdictions to shelter individuals who are experiencing homelessness. These efforts are not only limited to a few areas of the western world. They have taken a global stand and are affecting almost every section of society. Protecting this vulnerable population requires a combined effort of government and private sectors. Importantly, different panel discussions and research articles have tried to examine the disadvantages and advantages of transforming hotel rooms into permanent shelters for the workforce population. They have established that it is a worthwhile strategy. That will help solve the problem and add to the returns of the hotel owners.

Hotels have transformed into emergency shelters

Various initiatives have been launched ever since early 2020 for providing temporary shelter to individuals suffering from homelessness. These individuals who are always at a high risk of developing the disease need proper protection by higher organizations. It is essential to furnish them with emergency housing close to their work centers and affordable, indicates Maxwell Drever. As established earlier, employers are finding it difficult to get workers for their industries. These individuals get forced to stay on the outskirts of these cities as they cannot find affordable options in the city centers. More so, the increasing cost of transportation is adding to their burden, making it difficult for them to meet both ends. Hence, hotel owners have come forward to transform their existing hotel rooms into permanent housing to provide shelter to these homeless individuals.

These projects represent a coordinated and state-wide effort that uses funds from governmental organizations and non-governmental agencies, states Maxwell Drever. They try to repurpose hotel rooms in various parts of the world to provide the vulnerable section with a temporary shelter. Moreover, governments have introduced several policies to ease the process of conversion. With tax aviation and fee waiving, the transformation of hotel rooms into affordable housing units has become easy.

Make hotels into housing estates 

As discussed earlier, the conversion of hotel rooms into residential units requires proper planning. Geography plays an imperative role over here, whether in the rural or the urban area. Converting hotels which are close to the job location have more chances of getting a workforce population. Hence, it adds to the revenues of the hotel owners. Thus, it is well-established that the conversion process is not only a solution for the problem. It also adds to the gains of the hotel owners.

These individuals who are suffering from a deficit of financing are now building on strategies to come up with permanent housing in no time. It has helped in the quick supply of affordable housing to homeless individuals and contributed to the overall resources.


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