‘Luxury’ Definitely Has a Major Role to Play in Fashion- Why Luxury Apparels Have Become a Preferred Choice among Individuals

By Koyel Ghosh

Gone are those days when people used to look for only economical ways to sustain- be it about buying clothes or anything else. Nowadays, we have become more interested in clean living. When our viewpoint has changed significantly, we have also started preferring quality over quantity. The penchant is now to invest a little more money on something that will last for long as to wipe out the need for buying the same product again anytime soon.  And, when it comes to clothing, this concept goes gaga!

At the same time, good investment in quality attires is not only about longevity, but there is also the much-needed appeal that takes along a sense of self-worth and esteem that’s absolutely necessary today. Nowadays, people are keener in self-care while becoming more engrossed in maintaining wellness. How a person looks does raise a mixed feelings of joy and happiness, and clothing tends to play a major part in that. Dressing in below average clothing can drag one down just in a jiffy and portray a bleak picture of him/her in front of their peers.

With luxury clothing on board, it is pretty much evident that you are filled with a greater sense of energy, cheerfulness, and confidence, especially when you are going to a social event. Spending money in luxury articles is not only about the emotion and sentiment that comes with it; the item is also worth the money. Luxury clothing is, similarly, made much better and ensures a longer lifespan. And, the benefits are countless indeed.

Apparels made of upgraded fabrics, quite undoubtedly, will last for a longer stretch of time, when low-cost fabrics can just handle one or two washes and then start developing unwanted fleapits in the material. When it comes to luxury clothes, the stitching is definitely more significant so as to clutch pieces together for long.

If probed deeply, luxury clothing saves ones money in the long run. One happens to come out as way more creative and artistic in crafting new looks with the items they have, since they purchase less. When it lets in nominal space and less stowage, it also costs considerably less for your wardrobe too. Just with a few key pieces, one can create the desired mix and match instead of investing in a huge supply of cheaper yields.

Simultaneously, as the fabric is of greater standard, one would feel more contented putting it on. It takes in air well since the natural fibers let one stay cool or warm. Most importantly, it also maintains its original texture even if it’s been washed frequently. 

Last but not the least; the problem with cheap ordinary trendy clothes is that the trend tends to pass within a very short span of time, and you get stuck with the items up until the air comes back again. And, at times, it takes up years.  

The sizing of a luxuriously crafted attire does matter a lot. These should be precisely custom-made to befit the specific measurement of the users. This means when they try something on, it will not only add more to their style and beauty, but would also make them feel great. And, this is exactly where the wow factor peeps in along with the much needed self-confidence, letting one stand out in the crowd.

Here, it’s worth mentioning that investment in luxury clothes is wise indeed. Cheap apparels made of low-cost materials that degrades after a single wash or two naturally ends up in the garbage bin, simply because no one else can actually use it. Thus, it’s always suggested that one should always put money in something that can hold out the test of time, save energy & money, and rejoice in clean living. And, it is needless to say that luxury clothing does have its own way of doing this for individuals. As a bachelor’s degree in fashion design explains, this industry strives to marry a true sense for the classics with the extremes of experimentation to satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

Cotton is widely considered as one of the most preferred fabrics used in luxury clothing. As natural fabrics, use of cotton has now become quite prominent in the textile industry. Pure cotton is always deemed to be the real luxury for the simple thing that the type of weave is used in the making of these apparels is compared to none. A number of surveys have been conducted and it’s revealed that more than half of the consumers across the world choose cotton tops, shirts, and dresses over their other counterparts, due to their exceptional cooling ability and durability. This is the main reason why the cotton fabric material segment happened to garner the highest share in terms of revenue in the past years.

On the basis of sales mode, offline sales channel that takes in franchise outlets or mono brand stores like punkrave is regarded as the ideal platform to get through the customers and cater to their needs. By evaluating consumer behavior and their purchasing patterns, manufacturers have become able to perk up their existing products and innovate new products. Nonetheless, online platforms have also turned out to be a popular medium to procure designer attires among consumers. Rise in inclination of consumers toward luxury clothing through online mode has stimulated many new market competitors to set up their own e-commerce sites.

According to Allied Market Research, the global luxury apparels market is anticipated to register a significant CAGR from 2017 to 2023. In the last few years, there’s been rapid urbanization across the world, which led to surge in disposable income, changes in lifestyle patterns, and increase in e-commerce sales in the regions like LAMEA and Asia-Pacific. These factors have worked as the major drivers for the growth of the market in more than one way.

Although the outbreak of the pandemic gave way to shortage of raw materials and dearth of adept workforce needed for manufacturing luxury clothing during the initial phase of the lockdown, the eased off norms issued by several government bodies are expected to ameliorate the global situation and the market for luxury apparels is projected to recoup soon.

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