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Is Japan still a homogeneous country? Not really—every year, a lot of Japanese mail order brides meet their foreign husbands and migrate to their countries. Who are these ladies, why don’t they marry Japanese men and how much does it cost to meet them? We’ll answer these and many other questions in this guide. 

5 best dating sites to find Japanese women 

Let’s start with the best websites that can really help a man find a Japanese mail order girlfriend and work better than most other platforms in the market. 

1. EasternHoneys

Best for Men looking for the hottest Japanese singles
Monthly visitors 270,000
Male to female ratio 35/65%
Free features Signing up, the People feature, contact requests
Mobile app No


2. AsianMelodies

Best for Men looking for a dating site that works like a social network
Monthly visitors 510,000
Male to female ratio 45/65%
Free features Basic and extended search, browsing profiles, browsing public photos
Mobile app No

3. TheLuckyDate

Best for Men who like Tinder
Monthly visitors 150,000
Male to female ratio 50/50%
Free features Browsing profiles, swiping feature, likes
Mobile app No


4. FindAsianBeauty

Best for Men who like conversations in video chat
Monthly visitors 760,000
Male to female ratio 45/65%
Free features Registration, greeting messages (limited), basic and extended search
Mobile app Yes


5. CuteAsianWoman

Best for Men who want to find an ideal match and like detailed profiles
Launched in 1998
Monthly visitors 670,000
Male to female ratio 40/60%
Free features Browsing profiles, Smart Matches, advanced search
Mobile app Yes


Who are Japanese brides you can meet online?

What do profiles on such websites look like? Here is an example of a profile created by one of the Japanese beauties. 

one of the Japanese beauties.

Name, Age Xuemei, 21
Location: Fukuoka
Occupation: Teacher
About girl: I am a piano teacher. I`m very kind, sincere, and positive. I always try to find good aspects of everything in life. And I always do my best to help people when they need help. As a teacher, I am really patient with my students and other people. And I like to finish things in step, just like playing the piano in step. Also, I like all kinds of music and reading a lot. Text me if you want anytime.
Site: AsianMelodies


Some Japanese brides provide more detailed information about the person they are looking for and their relationship goals, but still, you can expect to meet such a girl on any of the dating sites that we’ve listed. 

Top 10 things to know about Japanese brides: Popular questions with answers

There are many dating sites where men can meet a lot of single Japanese women. But is finding a Japanese wife a good decision? What’s the chance that she’ll make you happy? How to meet a Japanese mail order bride and isn’t it too expensive?

We answer these and many other frequently asked questions about Japanese mail order wives and ways to find them online below.

Japanese brides: Who are they?

To many people, the term ‘Japanese mail order bride’ sounds like an oxymoron—the thing is mail order brides are often seen as women who get married to get financial benefits, and Japan is definitely not on the list of countries where women look for foreign husbands to have a chance to live a better life in a more developed country. 

Well, it can be explained pretty easily. In fact, this old term still refers to foreign brides, despite the fact that the motivation of modern foreign brides is obviously different from the motivation the brides living in the 19th century had.

brides living in the 19th century had

In particular, Japanese women for marriage are single women who are attracted to foreigners and don’t mind migrating to a husband’s country if they meet him on one of the online dating sites. Why do they need it? Of course, every Japanese wife has her own reasons to look for an ideal man abroad, however, there are some social trends that make more Japanese ladies think about getting a foreign husband. 

In particular, more and more Japanese men abandon the idea of having a family—the so-called herbivore men aren’t interested in sex, dating, getting married, and having children, and the number of guys who choose this path is constantly growing.

So, a Japanese bride is just a single woman who wants to find a decent man abroad, marry him, and doesn’t mind migrating to his country, and joins one of the top online dating websites to meet this goal. Also have a look at ratings of top Thai dating or Filipino dating sites.

What makes a Japanese woman a good wife?

Why do so many men dream of having Japanese wives? Here are the 4 most common reasons:

  • Intelligence. Japanese girls are some of the smartest women in the world. In this country, the number of female students is constantly growing, ladies are building careers and care a lot about self-development.
  • Looks. It would be just wrong to deny that the way Japanese women look attracts a lot of men. Beautiful Japanese women don’t need to do anything special to look good, but good is not enough for them. The beauty industry in Japan is on the rise because local girls believe that looking worse than you could look is nothing but disrespecting yourself.
  • Honesty and loyalty. It’s considered that in Asian countries, people are less direct mostly because they don’t want to lose face no matter what difficulties and problems they experience. In Japanese culture, that’s important, too, but Japanese women are more honest than many other Asian girls, and they do express their feelings and emotions if it’s necessary (not in public, of course). They are also incredibly faithful wives who believe that the family is the most important thing in life. All this together makes them great companions who know that mutual understanding, honesty, and family loyalty are the keys to a happy marriage. Read all about Asian mail order brides here.
  • Manners and femininity. It’s no secret Japanese girls have a special charm. They are hard-working and smart, but they remain feminine. They are well-mannered but way more emotional than women from some other countries. All this makes them even more irresistible.

Simply put, a Japanese bride is likely to be hot, smart, charming, well-educated, well-mannered, faithful, honest, and wise. No wonder men worldwide dream of meeting their Japanese mail order wives.

How much do Japanese mail order brides cost?

Question about the cost is actually a complex one—there is no fixed price you pay for your future wife. However, there is the cost you pay for online dating and the price you pay for trips to Japan (yes, meeting an Asian beauty in real life is a must for a man who marries her, and we’ll tell why it’s necessary below). 

Costs of credits and premium membership plans vary from site to site. For example, on AsianMelodies, you’ll pay from $2 per credit and spend 1 credit on 10 minutes in live chat. On EasternHoneys, you can pay from $0,20 per credit but will spend 20 credits on 10 minutes in live chat. On top of that, you’ll pay different amounts for using different features, so it’s hard to say how much you’ll spend. Still, most men spend $100 a month on such websites on average. 

month on such websites on average

Let’s say you’ve already found your future wife on the site. You’ll need to meet her someday, right? Hence, you’ll need to pay for plane tickets, accommodation, meals, etc. So, how much do Japanese mail order brides cost? Let’s take a look at all expenditures. 

Expense Average Cost
Online dating $1,200 (1 year)
Plane tickets to Japan $800
Accommodation  (2 weeks) $800
Meals (2 weeks) $300
Local transportation (2 weeks) $300
Entertainment (2 weeks) $200

So, the total cost for one trip to Japan is $2400. The cost of dating services (for a year) is about $1,200. If you go to Japan twice and pay for dating, you’ll spend about $6,000 “on a wife” in total. Find out how the mail order bride cost is calculated.

Where to meet  Japanese mail order brides?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to find a Japanese mail order wife—you can do it online or offline.

If you want to meet Japanese women in real life, you can just go to Japan or buy one of the so-called romance tours. There are individual or group tours—individual tours work better as one man meets a lot of Japanese brides and can choose a woman who seems ideal to him (note that can’t buy Japanese wife—it’s still about dating and authentic feelings) but they are more expensive, and group tours are cheaper but there’s competition between men. Tours are more expensive than dating sites overall, and dating agencies usually don’t give any guarantees. Still, there are men who meet Japanese girls, start dating them and then marry them due to such trips.

You can also meet Asian women online—a lot of beautiful Japanese brides use international dating services to meet their future husbands. This way is usually cheaper and more convenient for most singles. They can choose the site where all members have similar relationship goals (marriage), decide how much they want to spend on this site (due to the so-called credit system), and use various features to improve dating experience—make phone and video calls, use text chat, send gifts, and more. However, in this case, a member has no guarantees, too, and is responsible for his own success.

Is it difficult to date a Japanese mail order bride? 

It depends on whether you are ready to accept some national and cultural differences or not. There is nothing difficult about dating a Japanese girl if you are ready to learn more about Japanese culture (in particular, Japanese dating culture) and respect her values and views.

If it’s not a problem for you, you’ll likely enjoy dating a Japanese woman. There are no super strict rules (we’ll tell you more about some dating traditions in a bit more detail below) and in this case, the key to success is mutual respect.

What to expect when dating a Japanese girl? 

Knowledge is power, and here are a few most important things you should know about sexy Japanese women and their attitude towards dating and courtship:

  • Japanese women like confident men, but you shouldn’t think they like to be submissive to men. Being overly confident, masculine, putting pressure on a Japanese girl is a wrong strategy.
  • There is a stereotype according to which a Japanese woman is more rational and doesn’t care about romance. It’s just a misconception. Romantic dates, warm words, flowers, and cute thoughtful gifts will help you attract Japanese girls.
  • Declare your intentions—Japanese mail order brides aren’t looking for something casual, they want to date a man who knows exactly what he wants and who is definitely ready to settle down.
  • Forget about public displays of affection.
  • Listen to her closely, pay special attention to nonverbal signs—her voice, gestures, etc. It’s pretty common for Japanese girls to express their emotions through gestures and facial expressions, and that’s how you can understand what she likes or doesn’t like.
  • Don’t rush the physical.
  • Do your best to show that you respect Japanese culture and traditions.
  • Make everything possible to impress her parents—their opinion is incredibly important for all Japanese women.

Generally speaking, you can expect Japanese ladies to be feminine, a bit emotional, a bit romantic, and they definitely have their views on ideal dating and courtship. The simple tips above will help you make a good impression on a girl from Japan, and well yes, get a Japanese wife.

Is there usually a language barrier with Japanese brides?

As for the language barrier, it will hardly be a problem. As we’ve mentioned before, a lot of Japanese women for marriage have university degrees, and most of them speak English pretty well. Still, there is a chance that you’ll meet an ideal woman who is only starting to learn English, and that’s why we recommend using the best dating sites. The top platforms usually provide translation services to help western men and Japanese girls understand each other and get closer online.

Does an age difference matter to Japanese mail order brides?

Does an age difference matter to Japanese mail order brides

Is it okay for Japan brides to marry older foreign men? Yes, and such marriages are socially accepted—in this case, Japanese society is even more liberal than other western societies. This, in part, is explained by the fact that it’s hierarchical, and when a Japanese bride marries an older man, it means that she’ll get a husband who works less and earns more, which is seen as a normal thing. On top dating sites like TheLuckyDate and AsianMelodies, there are a lot of young women and mature Japanese ladies, and most of them don’t mind dating and marrying older men.

Are marriages with Japanese brides legal?

Yes, they are, but there are a few important things to consider. All Japanese citizens (both Japanese women and Japanese men) who migrate to the US to marry a US citizen must apply for a K-1 visa (also known as a fiance(e) visa). The only exception is if they’ve registered their marriage in Japan (in this case they need to apply for a marriage visa for a foreign spouse).

Those who want to get a K-1 visa will need to provide pretty many documents, have an interview, and most importantly, prove that they have an authentic romantic relationship and that they have met in person within the previous two years, so we don’t recommend deleting photos or messages or throwing out old plane tickets. 

Note that a couple must get married within 90s days after a Japanese bride enters the US.

How to marry a Japanese woman?

Statistics show that 1,3% of Japanese women marry foreigners, and this number is expected to grow due to the reasons that we’ve mentioned above. We have also noted that most Japanese mail order brides find their foreign spouses online. But how exactly can men meet and marry their Japanese wives? Here is the most common (and effective) scheme:

  • A man joins one of the best sites for Japanese mail order brides and western men, completes a profile, and starts contacting Japanese beauties. Find more about Japanese brides here.
  • He meets his Japanese girlfriend and is dating her online using various tools like messaging, video chat, gift delivery, etc.
  • They decide to meet in person and a man goes to Japan using the services provided by the company or just arranges the trip himself.
  • They meet each other, keep dating, decide to get married, and a Japanese bride applies for a K-1 visa and goes to the US to get married.

Basically, that’s how the system works.


How to find a Japanese bride?

00, but airfares and staying in Japan are expensive. Online dating platforms, apps, and social media help establish first contact and get to know each other better before you invest in travel and meeting in person.

What makes a Japanese woman the best wife?

Japanese women possess strong family values, demonstrated by the relatively low divorce rate. Loyalty is also considered one of the national traits, along with beauty, patience, and honesty. That may not make a Japanese lady the best wife for every man, but she can be the best for you if that’s what you’re looking for in a spouse.

What to expect from marrying a Japanese woman?

Be ready for the effects of entirely different roots, upbringing, religion, philosophy, education, and even pop culture. It will take time to merge the Western and Eastern influences in a household, but the results will be unique and gloriously unexpected.

Why do foreign men want to date brides from Japan?

Japanese women have a unique combination of exotic beauty, advanced education, and family values many men find attractive. Aside from the common characteristics, each Japanese woman is special and comes with good and bad qualities, like any person.

Final thoughts on Japanese brides

Japanese mail order brides are real. A man who wants to find a Japanese wife only needs to know how to meet Japanese women online—it’s already half the battle. Just use the information and tips from this guide—knowledge about some dating traditions and the best websites with Japanese brides will help you succeed.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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