How To Increase Your IG Followers From 100’s to 1000’s in Months – [FollowFox Review]


Business success certainly means something quite different to what it used to. The days of door-to-door sales, trying to capture people’s attention via storefronts or pamphlets are essentially obsolete. There are new ways to advertise your product or business to your target audience, and they involve quite a bit more specialist knowledge than the old methods.

Instagram Businesses: From Zero To Hero

You’re reading this online, so it’ll no doubt come as very little shock to know that advertising online is pretty much the only way to ensure your businesses success nowadays. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are the most competitive yet pivotal ways of promoting your business and/or product. The problem is knowing what steps to take in order for people to actually notice. 

In this blog, we’ll focus on Instagram. Instagram is all about the followers. Followers are how your account gets noticed and being noticed leads to more sales. Yet the question on everyone’s lips seems to be how can one obtain more followers, legitimately, and ones that are interested in your product or content? And doesn’t this prove especially difficult for those unfamiliar with this way of promotion and selling? Luckily, there are some companies around who specialise in assisting you to make sure your Instagram account reaches its full potential and as many people within your target demographic as possible.

What Is An Instagram Growth Agency?

Since Influencers have become a massive IG-based hit, it’s all been about the followers. Both the number and type. I’m sure you’ve all heard of bots – which consist of generically made accounts that don’t have real people controlling them. These accounts don’t interact with your product or content and don’t really don’t get you anywhere. They can also put your Instagram account in jeopardy. 

Manual Instagram growth done by you or I can be a painstakingly long process. Especially if you’re trying to build your followers based on a specific demographic. It’s specifically because of this that there exists a number of companies that you pay to get followers for you. FollowFox is one of these companies and so far, they seem to have received nothing but praise from their many clients. 

What Is FollowFox?

Follow Fox

As we mentioned, there is an increasing number of Instagram growth agencies appearing online. While the information they give you on their modern, ultra sleek sites may seem impressive, be careful. A lot of them are all smoke and mirrors and will NOT give you the results you are looking or, indeed, paying for. 

FollowFox, however, seems to be the real deal. They pride themselves on the fact that they only generate organic growth, meaning real followers, no fakes or bots. While this can sometimes take a little longer, especially as FollowFox will only bring people to your IG who are actually interested in your content, it’s the safest and most effective way of increasing your Instagram following. 

How Does FollowFox Work?

The majority of the Instagram growth agencies work, at least seemingly, in the same way. At least at first. FollowFox is no exception. They have a choice of three different packages, very much based on the specific type of growth you are looking for. Once you have chosen your package (more info about this below), you’ll be put in touch with your own personal account manager, who will go through your growth strategy with you and you’ll discuss your target demographic. After this, he or she will communicate all of this information to your growth expert, who will start work on your account. Companies that claim to grow your IG by hundreds within days tend not to be legitimate, as the majority of these accounts, even if they do start to follow you, will either be bots or fake accounts. Neither of which will help you achieve your desired, organic growth. 

You will have access to your own personalised dashboard that will offer you weekly, monthly and annual growth reports. This way, you’ll always know what progress you’re making in terms of growth. 

The accounts that start to follow you will really interact with your content, too.

Follow Fox - Followers

FollowFox: A Case Study

Let’s take a look at a specific example of a company that went from a little to a lot in terms of Instagram growth by using FollowFox. 

Follow Fox - Case study

Complete Keto Diet ( is a company that will keep you updated with facts like how much weight you’re able to lose on the Keto Diet, how it works, success stories, the newest Keto recipes and more. Like any new online business, they needed a bit of help at first, especially as the Keto and diet fields are so saturated. Before choosing FollowFox to help them achieve their growth goals, Complete Keto Diet had less than 300 followers in total. After choosing the Influencer package, they went from 300 to 2,000 (yes, two THOUSAND) followers within the space of 3 months. Subsequently, their sales increased by an incredible 34%. This is the perfect example of how a company’s success is inevitably dependent upon Instagram success. The two are inextricably linked and businesses are really starting to take this fact seriously. 

FollowFox’s Pricing Plans

FollowFox has three different pricing plans available to choose from. Even the most basic of their services can yield really good results, it all depends on what your specific goals are. 


This is designed for those who aren’t necessarily trying to promote a service or business, but simply want their own personal Instagram page to gain in popularity. At $59 per month, you’ll still receive:

  • Guaranteed Growth
  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Accounts
  • Monthly reporting


For people or businesses who are trying to achieve ‘influencer’ status on Instagram, this is the plan for you. This costs $89 per month and they will work harder to gain you targeted, relevant followers who will interact with you and your product. You’ll also get:

  • Super Growth
  • Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Accounts
  • View Stories
  • Like & Comment
  • Weekly reporting


If you already have a business but are perhaps new to promoting it on Instagram and need help, fast, then this is the package for you. This costs a little more, at $229 a month. With this, you’ll get:

  • Ultimate Growth
  • Premium Account Manager
  • Target Hashtags
  • Target Accounts
  • View Stories
  • Target Location
  • Like & Comment
  • Custom Reporting
  • Priority Support

How Can FollowFox Help YOU?

We realise that it’s all very well and good reading this and thinking “well, good for them” – but not entirely seeing how you could benefit from this. Sometimes it’s about doing as much research as you can, and taking a little leap of faith over the rest of the distance. Whether you’re trying to gain some extra followers to make your personal account a little more active, want to move ever closer to becoming a successful Instagram influencer, or are trying to make your business a success, FollowFox really can help you achieve your dreams. We’re not sponsored by them and this review is totally unbiased – but based on all of the available options, we think they’re your best choice in terms of online Instagram growth agencies. 


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