How to Determine and Research the Value of Crypto?


When investing in crypto, the first and most important step for investors is to thoroughly research all investment projects, as this market is unregulated. This market has also been compared to the Wild West, and it is struck at gold. To avoid weak projects and scams, the first thing investors need to know is how can they identify viable projects related to crypto. So, first of all let us know how to research crypto projects and also how much the project is worth or not. To reduce the risk and safety associated with the investment, one must ensure scrutiny of the projects before buying them. If you want to get started with Bitcoin mining, check the Bitcoin Clever.

Research and determine cryptocurrency value

Here are the important metrics for cryptocurrency:


When the crypto market is mature enough it needs to have crypto utility. Utility means that a crypto business must have a practical purpose:

  • Gives a product
  • Adds functionality
  • Problem-solving
  • Provide service

Coming to meme coins, are created as a joke but as a result, can be quite a high risk as they are not used after being hyped, for example, Dogecoin or Shibu Inu is one of them.

WhitePaper —

Whitepapers are considered the best way to learn about the crypto project, scope, business plan, and technology. You have to document the project:

  • Strategies
  • Target
  • Technical Specifications
  • Project Utility
  • Marketing Plan
  • Technology Differentiator

The white paper hints at some weaknesses in the project if you can’t overcome them.


It is a successful crypto project with some important elements including milestones and a transparent road map. On the other hand, it has some strong projects that outline quarterly deliverables and targets for its associated investors. It has some strong projects which regularly update the roadmap and deliverables along with the roadmap so that they can communicate their progress to the investors. The roadmap can also help you to know how long these projects are going to be viable, because if the project is carried out then it has to be used for the initialization and development of the projects as a way of getting the funds.

Community —

If you also want a strong community, then for this you need to know about a crypto project. The first thing to do is to evaluate how active it is to interact with the community and society:

  • Interacting with the community?
  • Communicate regularly?
  • Receive a response to news and updates.

If it’s a blockchain platform, you should look at a developer community and dApps. The forum and developer toolkit must be included in the project.

Market Metrics —

Just like with traditional stocks, there are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating and examining crypto market metrics:

  • Market capitalization: With this, the value of all those coins can multiply many times and this high market cap is considered a very safe investment. Maybe this low market cap can be risky for you as well which can provide you with high returns.
  • Token Supply: There are two different token supply numbers involved that you must first understand. The supply is issued for crypto which provides the total amount of tokens. The number of coins referred to by the circulating supply varies. These are some of the coins by which the supply of tokens is released, and it is released in a layered manner to control the scarcity of other tokens.
  • Trading Volume: Trading volume is indicated like a stock, with tokens being traded in a specific time frame. When the token volume is high, it has more liquidity, price stability, and more investor involvement at that time.

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