How Much Do Cheap Furnishings Truly Cost Businesses?

Growing as a business is exciting but it also comes with its own share of challenges and costs, particularly when it comes to finding a larger workspace or furnishing your workspace for extra team members. Working comfortably has a direct impact on happiness levels and as a result, how productive your teams will be. Therefore, it’s important to get the right office furniture for your workspace and set it up in a way that promotes professionalism and comfort.

Sometimes, it can be tempting when doing anything with a quick turnaround to choose the cheapest option but in the long run this can have negative consequences that incur further costs, steal precious time and even increase staff turnover.

For example, you might have just expanded your team, adding a further 5 staff members that start in a week. Before they get started they need, a desk, a chair and the equipment to work. If each of these options are picked based on the cheapest option, you could end up with slow-working, inefficient work computers that make learning to do the job almost impossible, uncomfortable chairs that are likely to break after a few uses and a desk that doesn’t offer enough space or can’t be adjusted for comfortable working. After a week of working in these conditions, your new staff members may decide it isn’t for them and jump ship to the next opportunity, when the potentially costly hiring process must then begin again.

Here are some workspace furnishing essentials that you shouldn’t cut costs on and ensure a nicer working environment for all.


Office Flooring

It may not seem of key importance but poor quality office flooring can take away from the office aesthetic and even cause potential trip hazards when dealing with low-quality carpet tiles or cheap laminate office flooring. Instead, invest in quality flooring fitted by a capable and experienced floor layer who will ensure your floors look great for years to come without curling up at corners or looking tired after a few months of consistent or heavy footfall.


Desk Chairs

An office worker is regularly expected to spend a minimum of 7 hours in their chair as they carry out the responsibilities of their workday. This has been proven to take its toll on our backs, hip and posture and while sitting correctly can help, a proper office chair will help to ensure your staff are comfortable and don’t face any long-term consequences of working at their computer all day.

A quality office chair is adjustable, able to change the height of both the seat and backrest and often the angle or tilt of the backrest. This allows staff of any height to sit comfortably with their thighs at right-angles to their body and their arms able to rest on their desk without strain. Poor posture is often the most common source of back pain but you can help your staff practice proper posture and reduce the risk of injury.


Refreshment Facilities

A kettle is a necessity for office environments as tea and coffee are the staple of working life but a cheap kettle not only slows the team down but will regularly need to be replaced, turning a £5 cost into a £50 cost in a year or potentially shorter. Invest in a hot water dispenser that keeps a tank of ready-to-go hot water available and keep the time spent making a hot drink to the minimum. It’s more efficient for the workspace and can save on energy bills too as a quality hot water dispenser offers greater energy efficiency than a cheap kettle.

These are just a few examples of how a lack of investment can cost you more in the long run and it’s important to make a budget available to ensure a good working environment. The greater importance you place on ensuring the comfort of your staff from the get-go, the more likely you are to see loyalty from your staff, new and established.


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