How Can You Gain Citizenship by Doing Investments?  

Bitcoin Investment and Citizenship

A person who possesses two citizenships can derive many benefits such as movements in terms of countries, enhanced security, superior standard of living and business opportunities. To gain citizenship of a country the primary factor that is considered is residence, and acquiring citizenship is often a lengthy process. To gain hassle-free citizenship, the most usual trick applied by the business persons and the investors is investments migration which is relatively much easier.

Numerous countries throughout the world are providing citizenship through some investment initiatives that are comparatively much faster to grant nationality of that nation. In exchange, you only need to make some contribution for better advancement such as economic, social and cultural. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may visit bitcoin bot.

Below we will provide a rundown of all those schemes that can enable you to get the nationality of a nation of your choice.

1. The United States of America

The famous investment initiative that the USA has designed to gain its citizenship is the EB-5 investment visa. Getting a green card in this country is the most rapid way that you can gain citizenship. By contributing to the schemes of the government that are running across the country you can easily avail nationality for you and your family members. If you get a green card there, it means that you can work, establish your own business, live or even retire in any place in the US. Along with that it also enables you to get access to the world’s best education as well as health facilities.

2. Portugal Citizenship With Investments

There is a famous investment initiative that the Portuguese government launched back in 2012 which is “The Golden Visa Permit Program”. This initiative was taken to attract investors to the country and in return grant Portugal nationality. Such persons can live, work as well as move in the European Schengen Area without any visa. Two-year temporary residency status is given to the holders of a Portuguese Golden Visa. Its renewal is also allowed till two years then you are eligible for permanent residency as well as citizenship after five years.

3. Montenegrin Citizenship Through Investment

To gain security, standards and freedom in movement, Montenegro is one of the most preferred choices of its investors. It is not just the natural beauty of the country that is attracting people to settle down there but it has become amongst the world’s leading economies due to the Balkans. In Europe, Montenegro Citizenship is the most cost-effective.

4. Obtaining Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship Through Investment

This destination is often said to be the precise place that one can choose for holidaying or after retirement. There are four types of Investment possibilities that you can opt for to gain antigua and barbuda citizenship there. By making donations to its non-profit organization which is the national development fund. Then real estate investment is one other option that allows you to take citizenship. Through investing in a startup. This is one more option provided that its minimum requirement of investments shall be fulfilled.

The last such option that we will discuss is through investing in the funds of the university of west indies. At least a family with six members is allowed to invest in this initiative to gain its citizenship.


People nowadays are attempting to obtain citizenship in other nations to enjoy benefits such as mobility, security, and liberty. If you’re an investing addict or otherwise interested in obtaining citizenship in another country, you’ve arrived at the correct place. This will walk you through the simplest technique for obtaining citizenship in any nation through investing.

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