Hottest Makeup From the 80s Trends You May Want To Try

For the young generation, some makeup from the 80s trends will amaze them. These trends were all about the expression of beauty and fashion. Though some of the makeup done nowadays began in the 80s, makeup today has evolved considerably.


Here we have compiled some of the hottest makeup from the 80s trends to know where it all began. From this list, you will realize some makeup from the 80s is making a comeback to beauty and fashion while others disappeared completely.

1. Foundation

To open our list of the hottest makeup from the 80s is a heavy foundation. This trend was one of the most expensive in terms of money and time. Layering the foundation was tedious and the worst experience regarding the base.

However, the real nightmare in this foundation was that it used only two colors that were much lighter than the natural skin color. As such, it didn’t maintain a natural look. The foundation created a black surface that would be hard to apply makeup.

2. Blush

The makeup from the 80s trends normally included cheekbones. It was mandatory to use blush during this time, and in most cases, women used deep plum or colorful pink.

When you weren’t confident, you would apply as many colors as possible to those cheeks. Regardless of the tone of your skin, the cheeks became the areas of attention of your manicure, with a colorful streak of blush. This is something that women would find funny nowadays; however, for the 80s women, it was all about using colors to express themselves and their uniqueness.


3. Eyebrows

The bushy blow was common in the 1980s and the decades before. A naturally thick shake became quite common in the 1980s and beyond. However, during this time, there was n much attention on the brows, so if a woman didn’t have full brows, this would be a great manicure to choose. At this time, the product in the brows was brow gel, and if you applied only this, you were ready to rock.

4. Eyeliner

In the 80s, ladies used heavy eyeliner, but not as the one used nowadays. Just think about the raccoon, and you will get a clear picture of the eyeliner used during the time. 

To apply the eyeliner, you would start by tracing the bottoms and the tops of your eyelids using matte (black eyeliner). After locating them, you would then smear the liner up, and you are ready to rock. A great vibe during that time, but today it would appear strange.

5. Eye Shadow

Regarding the makeup from the 80s trend on eye shadow, the most used colors were pink and purple. Anything bright on the lids could do, and applying these colors every day was a trend. And if you needed to take things to the next level, you would come up with an appearance incorporating all the bright shades but adding more neon.


As a result of the high popularity of colorful shades, the more colorful the look you create, the more popular that shade becomes. However, if you don’t like bright shades, you could opt for less bright ones like bronze. This was normally the second option after pink and purple. So, you could recreate your goddess look with bronze color.

6. Mascara

You might not believe it, but it is for sure. Mascara was a great trend in makeup from the 80s, and if you highlighted your neon eyeshadow appearance with a colorful lash, you are the real deal.

As we said, it wasn’t easy to achieve a natural look in the 1980s. So, you need to obtain your colorful mascara and start the morning. Bright blue mascara dominated the beauty shops, but that doesn’t mean there were no black mascaras. However, there were various colors you could select to add to your look. 

7. Lip Liner and Lipstick

Bright lipsticks also characterized the makeup from the 80s trend as we see it today. They used lip liners to make the application perfect. The most preferred colors were dazzling shades, such as oranges, reds, and pinks. Usually, the liners were darker than lipsticks since they were essential in emphasizing the lip shape without overshadowing it.


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